Thursday, December 29, 2005

Website Update!

If you've been peeking in here over the past couple days, you can see I've been messing around with changing the look of things. I finally got the bug and decided to do the same thing to my Website!

Let me know how you like the new look :c) I'm still working on it....(but heading off to do some hand quilting in a few minutes!)



JoAnn said...

I like the calendar and the clock.
sewing room JoAnn

JudyL said...

Bonnie, I always love your website and every time you change it, I always want mine to look just like yours! Yep, no creativity here!

I love your background and the calendar (since I rarely know what day it is anyway!)


Sandra said...

I love the little tags "mom 2 sons" and "I love to sew". Where do you get them from and how do you get them into the sidebar? I've read the help section but am at a loss LOL.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hi Bonnie - your changes are great. I am always amazed at how computer techno-savy quilters can be. Through you I discovered blogging. With Judy's help I now have my photo on my profile. I am getting there - maybe creating a super blog page or website is a bit like the making of a quilt!

Only 1 itty bitty comment - you might want to consider using a bigger font for your machine quilting services as that is part of your business.



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Me again! I forgot to tell you that last night I did a search for photos on Webshots. I searched for quiltville and a ton of your quilts came up! Thanks for sharing all the fun patterns - so many people are using them and I love to see all the different variations.



Laurie said...

This is AWESOME! I have looked into changing my blog background but the directions aren't clear enough for me! LOL...this looks nice and feminine!

LNLisa said...

I really like the background! I would have expected stars like that to be busy, but with the watermark appearance, you've created a really charming look for your blog!

Dawn said...

Love your website changes Bonnie! I think I recognize some of those cliparts!

Cafe24 Screenshots said...

I saw the website already and I love it :) I appreciate the website update very much!