Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shirt Fetish!

I have an addiction to second hand stores....not for anything for ME really, not in the sense that alot of people shop thrift shops! I haunt the men's shirts aisles and look for mark downs, bargain of the week, 100% cotton shirts in plaids and stripes!

The Good Will that is near me has a 'sale tag color' of the week sale, so any shirt with the color of the week is 1/2 price. At this price most shirts run me about $1.99. There is quite a bit of fabric for $1.99 if it is a long sleeved size XXX Long men's shirt!

It got so bad, this shirt collecting, that I've got about 3 bins full of shirts that I've taken apart. I've made a couple of quilts with them...and I love how soft the fabric is, and the look of all the plaids mixed together. I have really had to BAN myself from going to G oodWill, because I know if I go I'll come home with yet another bag of plaid shirts!

This is the latest creation from them. Just a little stretched stars quilt that I drew up in EQ5....it's on the floor, all ready to stitch everything together into the top. When did I start cutting and sewing this thing? LAST NIGHT! *LOL* Gotta love it when the push to sew kicks in and takes over!



JoAnn said...

I love your site but I have one question......Do you ever sleep? LOL

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh Bonnie! How cute is this! I can't believe you did the whole thing last night! I was up late purusing the group also - at least you were being productive!

Finn said...

Great looking scrap quilt Bonnie..absolutely the best kind!

I think there are many who feel as you do about those thrift store shirts...LOL.

Friend Betsy and I were hust having a discussion on Friday about using plaids and stripes to do the Pineapple Blossom, and what that might look like..*VBG*

It's fun to have a bin full of plaids to play with...*S*

Carolyn said...

Bonnie, I love this one. It looks vintage. How do you make time to do all that you do??? :o)

Holly said...

Oh Bonnie! I'm a frequent thrift store shopper and do the same thing. I'm always looking at clothing with quilting in mind. I absolutely love your stretched stars quilt.

Tonya R said...

Holy Cow, Bonnie. You got all that done in an evening? How much sleep DO you get every night?
Love the stretchy stars. I'd have lots more plaids and stripes in my collection if they'd just print them in my colors...

Darcie said...

Your Stretched Stars are great, Bonnie! And all out of shirt fabrics...so cool!

You certainly are going to town with your sewing! Good for you! But remember to save some for your Christmas getaway!!! ;-)