Friday, December 02, 2005

Crazy-Puss Border Pre-View!

I am tearing my hair out at this border trying to get it to turn the corners right. I should have just done the Maverick "whack it off wherever it ends" thing, but I really like how it does the 'partial star' thing in the corner, and at the center of the borders where the diamonds change directions :c) SO...I will press on! (and curse on and swear on and cry on and on and on...) Three sides have borders with one more to go.

But you know what? Another reason I think I need one more outside border (have found a black print that I think will work great) is to kind of re-square and ease in any wavy-ness from this pieced border. It ruffles just a bit, even though I've worked really hard with it. Sometimes pieced borders are stretchy and wobbly and have a life and a mind of their own, so adding another border to anchor that free edge can tame the whole thing back into behaving. So that's the plan so far.

I'm planning on quilting spiderwebs in the plain blue squares. Not sure about what is going to go on in the pieced blocks, but it will be a fun one! I have fabric in here from the 1980s! And you can't miss those little heart and paw prints.....those were so popular when I first really was getting into quilting. Amazing that there are still pieces in my scraps from that long ago. I gag when I see alot of them, but still, I like remembering what I made with them originally, where I bought them, who the quilt was for....and the scraps...how MANY scrap quilts have been a method to use up the leftovers from 20 years of quilting? This kind of quilt really does contain "pieces of my life."



JudyL said...

Bonnie, that border looks like a whole lot of trouble but it is pretty and goes so nicely with the blocks!

Yep, I have a few hearts and paws in my stash too. One of them that keeps surfacing is the most hideous shade of pink/peach with hearts. I rarely throw fabric away but that one might be destined for the trash.

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Bonnie your going to hate me. When I read your earlier post this morning my first thought was - oh don't add another border, I"d live with the chopped off part where the binding goes, but a border just didn't seem right.

Well now I see it - OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT! But now I really feel you shouldn't add a border. But I did change my mind about chopping off the points with the binding - so you can't have both!

It is perfect! I don't know, I'd still say no outside border.


Bonnie said...

I'm not sure yet about an outter border...just that this one has some wonky fullness to it because pieced borders are just stretchy and wonky. I'm afraid it will really flare if I don't do SOMETHING to tame it! Maybe something NARROW..that the binding could mostly cover, just with a bit peeking out?


Finn said...

Love what you have decided to do with the puss in the corner blocks. The blue looks great!!

And my 2 cents worth about those funny little odds and ends of long, long ago...? If it wasn't for the having of them, I don't think quilt making would be any fun at all. It's too easy, and too "pat" to just have everything matchy-matchy and current. Like you, I love remembering which Ben Franklin I got that crazy santa print at back in the early 1980's..and I dread the day when there isn't even ONE scrap of it left.

And yes..my most favorite of all time christmas fabric is lime green....I'll post a scan or photo of it...it goes waaaaaay back...LOL.

Tracey said...

Bonnie, I LOVE that quilt. That border just adds SO MUCH to the quilt. Great job!

Dawn said...

Bonnie, that may be a good idea - just a narrow strip that will mostly be covered with the binding. And make it the same color as the binding - that might be a good idea!

Holly said...

Oh Bonnie! That quilt is like eye candy - I love it! Love the border, the blue, everything about it.

JudyL said...

Or, make the narrow border something different from the binding and it could give a look of piping??

Judy L.

Tonya R said...

Well, I'm glad the border is punishing you for not adding it maverick-style. ;) Love how this has come out. How big is it right now anyway?

The Calico Cat said...

Very cool - you always come up with the "right" pieced borders!
I wonder what you will do with the stretched stars?