Thursday, August 24, 2023

Welcoming the Stitch Mob Home!

It's always a mad rush - but a "feel good" one - to take the time between one group leaving, and the next group arriving the following afternoon and make everything as fresh and nice and welcoming as things can be.

Do I have time to do this at my own house? NO!  LOL!

Yesterday the finishing touch was to switch out the quilt hanging in the foyer and hang my Amishy Baskets.  I'm so happy it's done, and it's just the right size for that spot.

The fold lines will hang out - 

I think my favorite "accidental" thing about this quilt is the barely-a-shade-darker setting triangles.

This all happened because I ran short on the fabric used in the setting squares.

I like how it makes a "shadow frame" as the center gets ready to meet the inner border.

There were questions on how to end the quilting when working from the outside edge in toward the center.  They just end with partial fans filling the space. Somewhere in here.

Fans are my favorite hand quilting design - and yes, I'll do this again. I need to find a top first!

That's not the only quilt that got a chance to shine -

This is the upstairs foyer.

I finally got my Tentmaker Applique from Cairo hung!

And it fits the spot just perfectly.

I wanted to hang it in a place where it was protected from sunlight - and I think this is the right spot for it where it can be seen and closely appreciated by those who stay here.

In between the polishing off and hanging of quilts I had a little visit to my local health center.  Tri Area Community Heath is a tiny little clinic with all of the basic needs and even better, tremendous care.

I went in just to go over the results of my bloodwork from the previous week. (All is great!) and I was so captivated by these banners I had to ask the receptionist about them.

They were painted by the staff!

This is such an affirming space!

More on the bulletin board.

"You are loved, worthy & enough."

Such a great message.

There are many things you can find in a big, bustling city.  But there are wonderful things and people that you can find out in the middle-of-nowhere.  This is home to me.

And I got this far on putting things together before folks started to arrive.

And boy did they arrive!

And I think they bought out Hancock's of Paducah on their way! LOL!

We had everyone in the house by the time I headed out at 6:30pm to take care of my own dinner.

There is abundant creativity ahead! I just know it's going to be a great week.

And guess what time it is?  It's time to draw for the winner of our Round Fabric Art Bowls Gift-Away!

Round Fabric Art Bowls is Kirsten's second Art Bowls book - and if you want one, you may as well pick up both as the options are endless!

This is a book you’ll want to add to your personal library. There full-size templates for all six fabric bowl designs including many great tips and tricks on selecting fabrics and even fussy cutting them to create amazing designs.

I loved our conversation on the phone - and she personally sent me both of her books AND a template for the quilters to enjoy at Quiltville Inn.  Thank you, Kirsten!

You can purchase either or both of Kirsten's books and the template tool from her website.

Today we are drawing for a winner who will receive her newest book, Round Fabric Art Bowls. 

We have 2087 entries!

Who is entry 995?

Doris A. Smith!

Doris, please find the email I sent you announcing your win, and reply with your mailing address.

Kirsten will be sending you a hard copy of Round Fabric Art Bowls - not an e-book.  Congrats!

I just love days that start out on a good note like this.

Thank you all for participating, and thank you to Kirsten for her generosity with my readers.

There has been such an incredible response to my new PDF pattern for Morning Glories and the Gift-Away entries are going wild!

Did you get your entry in? Visit the Gift-Away post.

The PDF pattern for Morning Glories is currently 25% off through 8/31/23 in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

The finished quilt measures 84'' X 84''.

No coupon code is needed, but if you are purchasing paper or notions and wish to save the 15% you do need to use the code NOTIONS at checkout in the Quiltville Store.  The Etsy shop ONLY carries the PDF patterns, not merchandise.

I'll be drawing for TWO winners on Thursday, 8/31/23 and each will receive a Morning Glories PDF pattern from me and a Facets of Green color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

However you dare to do it, make your mark!
You choose the legacy you leave behind.
Vintage tulip quilt found in Virginia.
Happy Thursday, everyone!



  1. Your quote today spoke to me...our Bonnie sure has left her mark on the world! What a legacy you have!!
    My son is my mark and legacy.
    Your quilts Are beautiful ❤️.
    I have Managed to make 15 Bristol blocks so far.
    Have a great day 🔆

  2. Aby Dolinger9:19 AM EDT

    Wow, the brown and ecru quilt design inspired by floor mosaic tiles is fabulous!!!

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM EDT

      Yup, hope this one will get to a pattern at some point! I can see this in any two color scheme.

  3. where? oh where? do i find those spritzer bottles and ironing board holder items?? searched, albeit sporadically, but couldn't find... Loved all the "new" hangings and wished again to be able to navigate stairs and airplanes in order to fully participate in being a Quiltvillian... love love love all your gifts to us, glad your "blood" is fine, and isn't that the most appealing health care (yes CARE) enviroment... thanks all y'all... Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. Meta Bonnell11:03 AM EDT

      Cats--on my laptop I clicked on the tab at the top of the blog labeled Quiltville Amazon Store. Then picked All things Quilting. Scroll down and keep hitting the "see more" button until the the ironing board spray holder appears.

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM EDT

      Cats, I'm not sure if it is the only place, but I found the holder w/spritzer bottles in Bonnie's Amazon affiliate store under the heading "Quilting Every Day" (I think). I had to click on "show more" several times before it was revealed. Good luck!! ~~ Valerie in sunny Phoenix

    3. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

      Cats, I don't know if it is the only place, but I found the ironing board bottle holder with spritzer bottle in Bonnie's Amazon affiliate store under the heading "Quilting All the Time" (I think). I had to click the "show more" button a few times before it was revealed. Good luck! ~~ Valerie in sunny Phoenix

    4. Anonymous11:21 AM EDT

      Hi Cats, I checked on Bonnie's Amazon Affiliate link and it was listed but out of stock. The IronEz is made by Game Products and they had it. You'll see the two versions on the link I attach- with regular spray bottle and mist spray bottle. https://agameproducts.com

    5. IronEZ. Search for this. I found them at quilting sites as well as amazon. Different bottles with some, but the same holder. Prices from 15.99 to 25.99. Good luck. Kathy

    6. Hi Cats! I always look forward to your comments. They are on Amazon - They ones Bonnie has featured are IronEZ -

      If you go to the little square at the top left corner of Bonnie's blog (above) and type in IronEZ and enter, it will take you to her blog page for December 8, 2022 when she had a Gift Away - there is a link in the blog posting.
      Good luck --

  4. So wonderful that somewhere there is someone who is working on quilting instead of trying to finish replanting the perennial beds in my garden. As much as I have loved doing the gardening work. I am ready to be done and get back to the quilt that is percolating in my head. It's a fun one about my son and his family's RV adventures. Hopefully, next week which has been my mantra all summer. Your work is so beautiful. The tentmaker from Cairo is glorious!

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    I have enjoyed all of your blogs and lessons over the years and I just finished the puzzle and framed it. ! Eek!, 1000 pieces it took a month to do with 2 of my granddaughters, my husband and a neighbor to do it. I wondered if you have done it. I would appreciate a video of you doing the fan pattern I’m really frustrated in knowing where to start, how big to make the fans etc. Thanks❤️

    1. Look up the top under tips and techniques

  6. So glad you can spotlight your recent finish at the Inn. The Gift from Cairo is awesome. Congrats to winner of the books. I hope my name comes up someday. Winning is fun. It's the day to turn in Quilts at our Local Fair for next week. Glad I don't have to sit all day there, like when I was the Superintendent of the Handcrafts Dept.

  7. The brown tile-inspired quilt is looking amazing! I can definitely see why, in the middle of mishap and injury, you still made the effort to photograph the bathroom tile. If it was the basis for that quilt pattern, it must have been something!

  8. Anonymous11:52 AM EDT

    Yes, great quote! Your accidental shading on the Amish Basket quilts is perfect! Thanks for your blog which continues to be awesome. Susan in Iowa

  9. The Amishy Baskets is the perfect welcome in the foyer. The tentmakers wallhanging is beyond words. So beautiful! The newest brown mosaic quilt is stunning. I love small towns. Those affirmations are so special! Glad you are all good to go after your checkup.

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM EDT

    Love your new quilt! Can’t wait for pattern, tiles are such great inspiration! Hey Cats in Carlsbad, you are looking for IRONEZ spritz bottles available on internet with holder. Saw them advertised this morning. Great product. Dawn, Central Valley, Ca

  11. That definetly is the perfect spot for both wallhangings! I'm sure they will be oogled quite a bit!


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