Tuesday, August 08, 2023

August Quiltvillians - It's A Wrap!

There were many heartfelt goodbyes this morning as folks filled up their cars with all of their belongings and headed off -

Some having to double back for things that they forgot, which gave more opportunities for more goodbye hugs and more laughter.

It's been a great week!!

Just check out these 3 baby bear, mama bear and papa bear Chilhowie finishes by Tonni, Kaye and Meg!

They even ended up in bedroom #1 together!




I love the variety of projects worked on and shown - the only ones I know the names for are Becca and her mini Jacob's Cbain, and the Quilts Beyond Borders finish that Kathy and I worked on together.

Grassy Creek, a beautiful redwork, Chilhowie and Indigo-a-GoGo from String Frenzy .

En ProvenceSugar Grove, 2 more cool ones that I don't know the name of and Meg's Chilhowie.

Tonni & her Chilhowie and Sue's apopliqued Dresden fan finish!

Over the rail photos happened on Saturday afternoon as we were trying to beat the rain, so MORE photos were taken as more finishes happened. This is Tonni's Jacob's Cbain.

And Becca's Jacob's Cbain mini - quilted and bound!

And one more for the road - this was a mystery finish.

It was a wonderful retreat - I'm so glad I had time to spend with this amazing group of women.

I mean, wouldn't YOU have a great time with this bunch?

Y'all come back now, y'hear??

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Share this photo with a friend today!
Vintage signature quilt circa 1940 found in Virginia.

You know how my Tuesdays go - this post is late due to all of the goodbyes and getting laundry going.

The Tada Quilters of Erie, PA arrive tomorrow afternoon!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. So glad the rain stopped for over the porch time. Great show around that beautiful house. Wasn't it Jed Clampett who said, Ya'll come back now, ya hear"? Thanks for that memory. Happy Tuesday!

  2. All beautiful ❤️ quilts.
    Have you started a Halloween quilt? I know you said you wanted to. Your brown and white units have me pondering.
    Don't know if I will get to sew today. Busy Day.
    Have a good day

  3. No It was not Jed Clampett, I think it was Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction. Toot, Toot! Just a throwback memory.

  4. The tiger quilt is a Shannon Brinkley pattern found in her Meander guild.

    1. Yes! Scrappy applique. It's a really fun technique. Shannon has wonderful animal designs, skylines, maps and just last week released a huge collection of dog patterns.

  5. The mystery quilt is from Carole Carter at My Carolina Home. Love the mini Jacob!

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM EDT

    Does anyone know the name of the brown and tan rectangles quilt? It’s in the first over the rails pics. TIA. Cheryl Brown

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM EDT

      It’s called Peaches and Dreams. It was a free pattern from Judy Laquidara of patchwork times blog. Not sure if it’s still available.

  7. Kathy Franklin3:19 PM EDT

    Thanks so much for such an amazing retreat location! These ladies were warm and welcoming to this newby!

  8. well now that was a scary one, thought i was banished from comments! but just hadda reinstate my google account... so...loving the many many quilts and wishing my vision would improve just enough pleast to allow me to continuestitiching... sigh Thanks you for sharing, what fun all these quilters are from near and far, xo xo Cats in CarlsbadCA

    1. So glad to see you back , was worrying when hadnt seen any comments from you in awhile I always look for yours love to read them your insight always makes me smile. Heres hoping all is well with you .

  9. Love all of the different Chilhowies!! I am just starting mine. I might get it done before the next one starts! HA! Also, the mini Jacob's Chain is just adorable!! Great job! :) That group did look like a bunch of fun... I can only imagine the next bunch!!


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