Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Sew Long, Farewell!

And just like that - in what seems like a mere blink of an eye (even though it was 6 nights...) they are off and on their way home - 12 different directions it seems from Connecticut to Canada to Florida and all the way to Los Angeles.

This group of ladies who met as strangers through my Open Studio group on Facebook - are now sisters by choice, in every way that matters most.

And I feel so lucky that I get to be part of this wonderous thing that happens during quilt retreat.

There have been joys and sadnesses over the past year.  Challenges and accomplishments. Ongoing struggles and progress.

And when folks gather the next year from whence they came - they get to share all of this and more.

And s'mores too - because - just because!

And as the sun sets, Tula Lou watches on!

Before I went home for dinner this happened-

What an array of inspiration!

Spider & The Fly and Punkin Patch from String Frenzy  and a Triple Treat variation made with rectangle blocks instead of four-patches (because when we have leftovers from other projects we find ways to use them. YAY!) and Chilhowie in beautiful blue and burgundy.

Disappearing nine-patch, Playing with Jacks from the Free Patterns tab. Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures With Leaders & Enders and another gorgeous Chilhowie.

The Santa quilt still grows! (I love the presents border!) followed by Garlic Knots, Kansas Dugout, and Crown of Thorns.

Punkin Patch Variation and unknown star.

There were so many quilts we had to double back!

Gail's quilts include Rhododendron Trail!

Easy Breezy and Sandcastles from String Frenzy 

Snowflake and Spools!

36 patch!


And two Punkin Patches from String Frenzy together!

Beautiful sampler in pastels and Jamestown Landing from String Fling.

There was even time to make a petal hat taught by Emily!

They are all so cute!

Thanks for the wonderful week, July Quiltvillians!  I wish you all the best over the coming year, and we'll see you back here next July for another reunion!

Folks are leaving as I type these last sentences from my office at the QPO.  Laundry is running.  24 hours to flip the house until the August Quiltvillians pull in tomorrow afternoon.

It's Tuesday.  You know my drill - and I'm grateful for every load I get to switch from washer to dryer.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Ingredients for a happy life.
Which one of these will you work on today?

Welcome to August, everyone!



  1. Thanks Bonnie for the over the rail pictures. There was a great deal of inspiration. I feel like I have been to mini quilt show so much color, workmanship, problem solving, gorgeous quilts.

  2. I just read it's National Girlfriends Day! What a way to celebrate with friends at Retreat. The quilts are full of memories. Today I will be Grateful for my friends! I count you as one! Love and Quilty hugs from across the miles!

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM EDT

    Fascinated by the Disappearing 9-patch! Can't figure it out .... hh

  4. What a beautiful array of inspiration! Someday I hope to be hanging my quilt over the rail.

  5. Anonymous2:10 PM EDT

    Over the rail pictures are always such a treat!!! Thanks for inspiring all of us.

  6. Tula Lou, you are a lucky cat to have so many quilters love you.


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