Saturday, August 26, 2023

This Is How We Do It!

I found some Stitch Mob gals relaxing, stitching, reading and enjoying the comforts of the Hen Den yesterday afternoon.

It's just what is needed after hours of pushing fabric through machines.

It's a bit quieter in here.  Until the laughter starts, and that's what clued me in that this space was being occupied.

It's mostly a cold weather space - during the warm summer months the porch is much preferred and there are places out there for stitching too.

But Hen Den it was yesterday - and it does my heart good to see it being enjoyed.

Of course, while spaces are unoccupied with stitchers hanging out elsewhere (Maybe even taking a blissful much needed nap after late night sewing?) I an come in and sneak better views of design walls and projects in progress.

Unity quilt is nearly a top!

Halloween table runner season is nearly upon us!

Are you thinking it's time to pull out all of the spooky fabrics?

This is a giant disappearing four-patch made from a gorgeous blue batik layer cake.  It will be a gift worth receiving!

I spy some Garlic Knots blocks - super-sized!

And Celtic Solstice in lovely late summer/early autumn tones.

Karen, sharing her Sugar Top! finish made with her son's shirts - and even boxers!  She gave it to him as a gift - and her message on the label is so touching.

What do you do with orphan blocks?

Make a wonderful Grand Illusion tote!

And tun the leftovers into a fun runner!

I see Bear Branch under way!

Which makes me laugh because-

Bear Branch is the first quilt I made with the never-ending brown/neutral strips that have also become Silk Path.  And I started in on the quilting yesterday.

I've chosen a lovely leafy design (Name escapes me now, but I'll find it when I go back to work on it some more and make note of the name and designer.) and I'm quilting in a lovely golden sand color.

At first I thought I scaled the design too small - but when working with small pieces in a quilt, I want the quilting to cross each piece so no square is left unquilted.  The whole thing needs to be anchored. So - this is just right for THIS quilt.  Maybe not a different one with bigger pieces.

And that backing fabric? Perfect!

And a dark chocolate stripe for the binding win.

Will I be binding by tonight?

Doubtful - it's a fire pit night!  But I'll definitely be binding that quilt edge by evening on Sunday.

But by early afternoon I hope to be doing much of this - just hanging out on the back porch with Tula Lou and enjoying the last Saturday of August 2023.

How about you?

Last night's video chat with my dad.  We talk every night.  This is the kind of technology I am so grateful for.  

It's just like we are there with each other.  Well, almost.

But we talk and laugh and conversations go every which way and I look forward to evening chat time every night.

There has been such an incredible response to my new PDF pattern for Morning Glories and the Gift-Away entries are still going wild!

Did you get your entry in? Visit the Gift-Away post.

The PDF pattern for Morning Glories is currently 25% off through 8/31/23 in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

The finished quilt measures 84'' X 84''.

No coupon code is needed, but if you are purchasing paper or notions and wish to save the 15% you do need to use the code NOTIONS at checkout in the Quiltville Store.  The Etsy shop ONLY carries the PDF patterns, not merchandise.

I'll be drawing for TWO winners on Thursday, 8/31/23 and each will receive a Morning Glories PDF pattern from me and a Facets of Green color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

I leave for NYC on Friday and on to Poland and Italy on Saturday! I'm not ready!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This I believe! Abundantly.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. SEW many fun quilts on the go! Your posts are a great reminder of my time at the Quiltville Inn. Looking forward to next year's visit, Bonnie!

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    sigh i wish i didn't have the abundance of my belly!!! it's one of those things! Glad you get to visit w/dad, love the short hair!! and Tula looks like she's the queen of the porch no question. Can anyone tell me where to purchase those ironing board "caddy" for spritzer bottles, along w/the bottle???
    Love and well ness from Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. It seems Amazon is out of stock. Here's another store: https://inspirefabrics.com/products/iron-ez. Hope this helps.

    2. IronEZ available on Amazon

  3. Brown Season is coming. Earth tones are comforting. My Yard is still green thanks to a little Rain. Glad the retreaters enjoy the Porch and Hen Den. The weeks fly by. Safe travels to Polamd. Love that you chat with your dad every night

  4. What a joy to visit with your dad and see him, too. Yes, there are advantages to some technology, isn't there? Such variety of projects in progress. And so many of them are your patterns! I would love to hear what prompted the name you chose for this newest quilt.

  5. I look forward to my morning visit with your blog and your "sayings" are wonderful!! Love your newest brown chevron quilt! I'm ready to make it!! Do you have the pattern?

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM EDT

    Bonnie, love to hear you chat with Dad very evening. Brings me fond memories of chatting with my Dad every evening, no FaceTime available 20 years ago but we had some lively chats! His favorite thing to do was called “What did I accomplish today?”. We would listen to a few of my work voicemails…..variety of when will my parts arrive to we’ve design a new aircraft part and need a meeting with engineering to thanks the AOG (Airplane In Ground) urgently required parts arrived in Miami at midnight, just in time, THANKS! He loved hearing all the details in between. He was a retired aircraft mechanic and never stopped living the details. Love your new quilt and the binding is truly the icing on the cake! Blessings, Dawn, Central Valley, Ca

  7. Love how you talk to your dad each night. The ladies sure look like they are enjoying themselves

  8. I see a beautiful Roll Roll Cotton Boll!! And that tote bag is gorgeous and such great idea. Oh someday I'll get there I hope.
    Have a great weekend Bonnie

  9. Don't miss the photos of "Lilly of Grayson Highlands by Tina Freudenberger won the BERNINA Best Sewing Machine Workmanship Award at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXXIV" in The Quilt Show email today. Tina depicted Lilly, a feral pony at the Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia, A beautiful piece you won't want to miss.


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