Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Take Me Back To Glendalough -

As much as I loved the boisterous bustle of city streets with pubs and shops, bright colors and cacophony of sounds -

I love places to wander in the quiet even more.

Ancient spaces.

Places where average people lived and loved and worked and played to make the best life they could for themselves and those around them - a simple life.

Which is what Saint Kevin likely was searching for when he up and moved to live a single solitary life, only to be followed by his followers.  Poor guy.  LOL!  He couldn't get a break!

The gateway.  6th century.

I would have captured more - but there is a dumpster off to the right hand side and I cropped it out. LOL.

The very picturesque Gateway has the distinction of being Ireland's only surviving example of a medieval gateway to an early monastic city.  

This structure was originally two-storied with two fine granite arches.

Moss on the stone wall.

The way things worked - this was the last stop for tours with group 1, and after dropping group 1 back at Dublin airport the next morning, and picking up group 2 - we came right back so I got to continue my wanderings on two consecutive days.

The first day?  Misty and a bit rainy.  It added a whole ethereal feel to this ancient space.

I took photos of everything - thinking I'd decipher them later.

Towers, churches, old graveyards - call me a happy girl!

Round towers like this one were built over a thousand years ago so historians are not entirely in agreement as to what their purpose was.

The Irish for round tower is ‘cloigteach’ which roughly translates to ‘bell tower’ so it is likely that the tower held bells and would have been used to summon the locals to mass or alert them to danger.

It is also thought that the tower was used as a safe space to hide during Viking raids as the door into the tower is located about 3.5m above the ground. It is also likely that the tower was used as a beacon for pilgrims.

See the foggy mist? Perfection!

St. Kevin's Church

St Kevin's Church from the front.

And from another angle -

But my favorite photo of the church is at the top of this post - with the flowers in the foreground.

I can't stop taking photos of old Celtic crosses -

Like this one with the misty mountains in the background.

And old fallen headstones propped up against a wall.

And two more side by side.

Some you have to duck through to get to where you are going.

I think this is the backside of the cathedral -

From another angle.

Inside - wow.

The cathedral at Glendalough was dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul and was built in different periods between the 10th and the 13th century, but it ceased to be a cathedral in 1214. It's the largest building of the site.

Stone archway.

I wonder what this place was like in its day?

Cath4edral in the background.

More quiet walking -

Wondering about these people.

There are "newer" stones too.

This one touched my heart.

My daughter is also buried between her great grandparents. I feel this to my soul.

Just beautiful - lichen and all.

Beautiful. Just lovely.

The stones all seem to be facing the mountain -

More ruins in the trees beyond.

Lovely wanderings this day!

And a bonus - a fawn in the creek as I crossed a footbridge.

Hello sweet one!

And back through the gateway we came.

Poor Saint Kevin - just wanted to live in the wilderness as a hermit and all of this followed him. He must have been some kind of guy!

And if you've made it this far - I applaud you.  The photos are many.  But as this blog is my scrapbook, my memoir, my life - the photos won't be lost on some remote cloud somewhere.

And would I go back? in a heartbeat.

Today - the August Quiltvillians will be arriving this afternoon so there are beds to be made and a porch to spruce up and here we go again.

I've been sewing in between laundry loads - all on secret stuff and I know YOU KNOW what that means.  Mystery season will soon be upon us and I want to be ready.

And I am so excited with how things are coming together! I hope that encourages you.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I've seen this happen again and again throughout my life.
The universe often knows better, and it's best not to fight it and just go with it!
Be ready for some twists, turns, and surprises!
Split nine patch Leader & Ender tutorial from the Free Patterns tab.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:29 AM EDT

    Your pictures this morning are beautiful and so serene. I needed that peaceful moment. And then that RUSH as you talk about this years mystery. I participate in the mystery with my Mom, my SIL and my BFF. We have a text group between the 4 of us and the chatter goes off every time you even MENTION it! We love to guess (and be wrong) and anticipate. Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

  2. What a mystical place. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM EDT

    These are the best photos ever. It brought back wonderful memories.

  4. Lots to see in Here. Thanks for sharing the Journey. My pictures on my Blog are connected to the computer it was written on. A few of my earlier posts pictures are missing. So much for having them preserved, the story is still there. Yes, it excites me when you say it's coming together. Gotta finish Chilhowie still. I'm slower at my finishes this time. My aching back!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this, Bonnie, I love wondering about life in ancient times and old cemeteries. Fascinating! I'm so sorry about your daughter. Best wishes, as always!

  6. Anonymous11:19 AM EDT

    Bonnie, my heart aches with you upon reading that head stone. Can't thank you enough for all the pictures as I won't get to visit places like this. Thank you for all your blogs! Susan in Ia.

  7. Ursula from Switzerland11:26 AM EDT

    This warms my heart. In 1982 I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Cork for the best part of the year. The plan was to study and get an English degree... Needless to say that I became a full member of a wonderful Irish family. Since then I returned many times and whenever I go there it feels just right. My family is infected too and holidays in Ireland are always great fun.

  8. Loved looking at all your beautiful photo's. I live in England and visited Scotland and Wales but never made it to Ireland.

  9. I would so love to visit Ireland someday - thank you SO much for taking us along with you on your journey. Beautiful place!

  10. Sally Warren1:19 PM EDT

    Love the simplicity of St Kevin’s church. My husband and I will be going to Ireland in September for 14 days. We fly into Dublin, then spend two weeks traveling south along the coast till we get to Limerick on the west side, then return to Dublin. Enjoy hearing about your trip to Ireland! Hope to find some quilt shops!!

  11. Anonymous1:54 PM EDT

    Mary Kay Lorenzo. So sorry about your daughter

  12. I think St. Kevin's was a favorite of mine, too. So peaceful and beautiful there. I agree- back to Ireland as soon as possible!

  13. Anonymous2:37 PM EDT

    Bonnie, this makes me long to go to Ireland. My maiden name is Galloway. I have soo longed to go there but never will as I am aging with all it's setbacks. Thanks for letting me see Ireland through your eyes.
    Jo Ann

  14. Beautiful post. Loved the pictures and history. My infant daughter is buried next to her great uncle. Precious and so priceless.

  15. Susan Congdon4:15 PM EDT

    Love all the pictures of that beautiful place. But my favorite is the last one at the Gateway with Sally. So happy that she was able to make this journey with you!

  16. Anne Kirby4:21 PM EDT

    I love old graveyards too! My favorite is the one up on the hill in Harper's Ferry. And I used to work in a library with a graveyard next to the parking lot. Loving history, you can't pass one without wondering about the lives of those folks from long ago. Thanks for the pictures!

  17. I, too, have enjoyed your trip photos! I have not given up hope but would love a trip to European countries. My ancestry comes from England but I would love to visit there as well as other places across the pond. Thank you for sharing and keeping my dream alive!

  18. Anonymous6:41 PM EDT

    Just loved looking at all the history preserved in that graveyard. I wander through one, every time I am in a new location for a couple of days. Lots of lovely sentiments on those old memorials. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Ireland has always been on my bucket list.

  20. Oh, my heart! I have always felt a tug for Ireland. Celtic Solstice is still my favorite mystery. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Oh, my heart! I have always felt a tug for Ireland. Celtic Solstice is still my favorite mystery. But, I gave it away. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Anonymous5:25 AM EDT

    My heart aches for you 💗You had three children and no one to love on .Thank God for your loving husband and your endless quilt family.You bring such joy to all of us who don’t have extended families.Thank you for your loving ways always


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