Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Down on Martha's Farm!

Warm summer evenings are something I cherish - I only wish late summer lasted a bit longer.  I can already feel a change in how the air feels.

We made a little road trip out to Martha & Don's place last night to check in on the new baby calves.

Oh sweet babies!  4 days old.  It was about 7pm and the sun was still shining on the hills beyond the creek, but the shadow of the mountains behind us was creeping that direction as the sun made its way down toward sunset.

Even the drasted thistles were so pretty in this light!

I looked and looked and didn't see any calves in the small fenced off pasture area around the milking barn.

Where were they?

And then we saw little Daisy curled up in the soft grass next to a fence post.

Come on baby! Let's get you up!

Oh sweet thing!

And no wonder mama Betsy was miserable over the past several weeks - she had two of these babies to carry around!

First pets - and oh!  Someone's hungry!

I wasn't raised on a farm - so this was really fun for me.  Look at those sweet markings on her face.

Even the hubs is enamored.

But where is her brother?

In the other side of the pen - quite miffed that we disturbed his nap!

But this one was curious!

(Check out those eye lashes!)

She wandered around the grass, even got to kicking her back legs up with happiness that she is now out into the world and ready to explore.

And mama Betsy?  Down by the creek somewhere.  She'll wander up by her own dinner time and these babies will also get more of what mama has to offer.

It was the perfect end to a fairly busy desk day, and today will be like unto it.

This morning I have a zoom meeting to complete the renewal process for my Global Entry - something that expired during Covid and I need it reinstated.

I leave for Poland followed by Italy in 2 weeks!

Once the Pattern for Morning Glories is released on Friday my attention will turn to making the stitchery kits for my Poland/Italy travelers.  I can't wait!

And today - it's a fasting morning as I have a blood draw at the local clinic.  

Mornings without creamer in my coffee?  Not a good start!  But I'll make up for lost time after that is done.

And then I hope to get back to this - which is sitting currently.

And that's what I know from here - because I've got to get over to the QPO for that zoom call!

What's up for your Wednesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Rocky Road to Kansas string quilt shared by Siobhan.

When you see something beautiful in someone else, tell them. They may need reminding!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Oh and the Bonus Quiltvillians arrive for retreat this afternoon around 4pm.  

Yup - it's a busy day!



  1. Exciting to see the babies up close. Us city girls don't see that often. Have you told us what you are making with your browns and neutrals? Fascinating to watch the progress.

  2. The no creamer thing is the worst thing about fasting and clear liquids for me. I don't really like coffee, but love my creamer! So I feel you on that!

  3. Oh my goodness, those baby calves are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us Bonnie.

  4. Yes, I am that person who stops to take pictures of cows all the time. Its become a joke with me and my BFF because she does NOT think they are beautiful (so I sometimes just text her random cow pictures!). She can't see beyond the ick, but I could drown in those big, beautiful eyes and those eyelashes - to die for!

  5. thank you! Cats in Carlsbad CA -- I see tje beauty in you, your energy, your creativity, your generosity... and willingness to share with us.

  6. oh the calves are so cute I was raised on a farm and luckily I now live in the country next to a farm so I can go get my baby animal fix when they have them but my favorite is the baby piglets they are so cute and cuddly mostly when mama pig lets us hold them. looking forward to Friday

  7. Wow, I can see why you having to use "Jack" on the brown/neutrals! Looks complicated but i know you'll have clear directions for us! Cute babies.

  8. A thistle "flower" started growing next to our dining room window. (outside - ha ha). It grew and grew and finally popped it's flowers and then came the goldfinches!!! What a treat to watch those birdies try to get at the thistle seeds. I think we'll have lots more thistles growing next year! Oh, joy!

  9. I love the first photo posted. So many beautiful shades of green against the blue sky. Farm babies are some of the cutest things going! So, what is the little fella's name? The little girl is Daisy but no name for the little guy? It does seem unfair that they got the lashes and could care less, isn't it? The brown and white blocks are intriguing.

  10. AWE!!! I am in class and it was all I could do to say that quietly! HA! I love baby animals period. This was the perfect pick-me-up I needed today. I wish we could all learn the phrase "teamwork makes the dream work!!" :)

  11. Bonnie- your comments are always positive, I wondered this morning (my life is fine at the moment), you encourage all of us, and we wouldnt know if you had a rough day?! You are always happy! Thank you for that!..I've got your Adventures with Leaders and Enders in front and I've started BOW-DACIOUS..as I do have SO many scrappy bits! Thank you and lots of love from warm Brisbane Australia


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