Friday, August 11, 2023

Tada All Around!

First thing in the morning - the morning after arriving at retreat - and there are finishes?

It seems the Tada Quilters were up burning the way past midnight 2am oil and sewing until the wee smalls to "Getter Done!"

Patty finished this cute top made from a layer cake and was just finishing up borders when I walked in.

Super cute!

For the first full day after arrival, there was a lot of quilty activity happening:

Gorgeous Kaffe's!

This layout on the front porch became this:

There are more borders planned to increase the size. All of those half-square triangles left big bonus triangles to be used in the  border.

This quick throwdown in the front foyer became this by dinner time:

SO cute!  And a great size!

I believe Jill said this was a kit - if anyone has the info, please post it in the comments below.  Thank you!

Halloween and Christmas are BOTH happening in rapid fashion!

Another Halloween happening here - 

And some more here -

Rail fence blocks are super easy and make up for a quick quilt or table runner - so fun!

Stars are happening in a few locations as well!

Two color ways so far - I believe there is a third making it's way to a design wall - hopefully soon!

Temperature quilt on the wall -

This is going to be so cool!

And all of these compass points!  Wow!

And then there was this - 

The morning after the cat-tastrophy that followed the night before:

Tula found herself rudely trapped in the crate as she was mid-consumption of breakfast.

It was time for her 2-week re-check on the osteomyelitis in her left hind leg.

This time just another round of shots - one big antibiotic, and a shot for pain as the previous one had worn off and she was back to limping again and not really using that foot.

One hour ride to the vet - 15 to 20 minutes waiting our turn at the vet - and back in the car for the hour drive home.

It seemed like an easy plan -

But what happens when one of the side clamps is loose (and unnoticed) on the crate?

I lifted the crate by the handle to get her out of the car, and the loose clamp became looser due to the weight of her little body inside, and the door pegs fell out of their spots, and the little devil escaped into the car!

Talk about panic - because if she had indeed gotten loose outside the car she would have ran and I would never have caught her.

I did the two-handed clamp down on her body pinning her to the folded down back seat area - grabbed her by the scruff with my left hand, quickly put the crate back together with my right hand.

I put that crate door-side up and lowered her down into it so quick it left her head spinning.

And mine.  Oh, the adrenaline.

All of this and home again by lunch time.  And I never did get that nap.

As for Tula?

Life is good when you can entertain yourself by playing with the cords for the porch blinds.

Not a care in the world.

My afternoon was spent stitching and pressing some more strip sets - will these browns and creams ever be sewn away?  I don't think so.  There is more to be coming in the days ahead.

I know some want to see the tile design that inspired this - and all I can say is "in due time" as I want the pattern to be ready with the whole reveal.  

I think you are going to like it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

An unexpected compliment maybe the nicest thing to happen to someone today.
Spread some happiness around!
Have a terrific Friday, everyone!



  1. The quilt by Jill reminds me of a pattern from Busy Hands Quilts, called "Whimsical", I just finished my own top the other day. https://busyhandsquilts.com/products/whimsical-quilt-pattern-printed

  2. The fabric that you are sewing reminds me of the colors of Tula. Maybe her name should be used in the title of the quilt!

  3. Have a great weekend Bonnie,
    Mine will be busy canning.
    We have a wasp problem on the house my Mr. Is spraying everything everyday....they are

    1. Anonymous7:24 PM EDT

      Try spraying with Lemon Joy and water mixture. It seems they do not like lemon. At least at our house.

      Jo Ann

  4. Wait and see, huh? You're teasing us. Were the Mariners Compas being made with Robin Ruth's ruler? Great starts from the Retreat ladies. Glad Tula got her Vet visit. What an ordeal for you. Hope that she has forgotten with her playtime on the porch. Happy Fri-Yay 😊

  5. Oh my! such lovely work in the Quilter's Quarters and you even got some work done after all your cat adventures, too. At least Tula doesn't seem worse for wear even if you are!
    Your cat stories make our daily "find the cat and squirt some medicine into her" pale by comparison. Our 19 year old has gotten tired of medicine and started hiding about sun up so we can't find her while we are still both home to do the dastardly deed together. She started a couple of weeks ago "hiding" under a table where she was fairly easy to find, so she picked a new, less obvious, spot about 4 days ago. We have looked under "everything" but her new spot remains elusive. We were both up to the bathroom about 3:30 this morning and nabbed her before she hid, but she hasn't figured out that the evil medicine is over for the day and is back in hiding. Cats!! Love'em, but they can drive you nuts!

  6. tula was proabably HAPPY you kept her in the car and back in the box... she looked remarkably unfazed by the days' adventures...hope she continues to heal and the vet doesn't have to take the foot.. she's a cat and resilient and will be just fine i'm sure, if the worst comes to worst... pray it doesn't! Love the happy thought, i like your new shorter haircut! I think egypt did you in... it would have me! Now Ireland is definitely a "do again" in my book, so green & gorgeous and cool ! thanks for all your 'shares' some of the production is mind-blowing, love seeing all those creative blessings... again, thanks for all you do, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  7. hhahaha... I have been scrolling back through your pictures to see if I could spy the tile inspiration photo, but you sneaky girl didn't post it :) I can't wait to see, its going to be beautiful and exotic and likely something that I HAVE to do because I have a whole bucket of brown scraps that I need to do something with!

  8. Moda Love Charm Quilt. This is a free pattern from Moda. There's a larger Moda Love and Hearts Quilt, too.

  9. The fabric that you are sewing with reminds me of Tula. Maybe you could use Tula in the name of the pattern you are working on!

  10. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    Thank you for your blog! You have quite the cat adventures and I love hearing about them. Tula is now living the good life. Susan, Iowa

  11. Anonymous10:53 AM EDT

    It looks like Tula was the inspiration for fabric choices. The colors in the last picture of her and the picture of your strip sets match!

  12. Anonymous11:09 AM EDT

    used your advice... don't like the fabric... cut it smaller. Yep, like it better.

  13. Karen Markley11:30 AM EDT

    We had that happen on our way out the door to evacuate from the Sage fire. Took us a half hour to retrieve one of them. Then my daughter locked them in the truck with the motor running!

  14. Tula is so lucky she found you! All that you have put into saving this little soul, shows what a truly compassionate human being you are! As for the browns... I totally get it! When making a half log cabin block for a friend's birthday a few years back (king sized of course) I got sooo sick of browns and neutrals that I couldn't wait to finish it. Another friend saw it and decided to make the exact quilt, and then sent me all her leftover strips! Just couldn't let them go to waste so I made 2 charity twin quilts and sent over to Ukraine refugees. I WILL NEVER MAKE ANOTHER ALL BROWN AND NEUTRAL QUILT AGAIN. Can't wait to see what amazing thing you create with all yours!

  15. We had a cat once that was playing with the cord like that and got his head tangled in the loop. He panicked and got it wound around his head rather tightly. If we hadn't been home, it might have ended badly. I went around and cut all of the loops. You could just put them up out of her way too.

  16. You have some serious quilters on this retreat if they're up burning the "way past midnight oil!!" HA! Although, I don't blame them. When my daughter was with her Granny over the summer, I stayed up a little while past the normal time to stop so I could get some stuff done! The creativity with this group is amazing! I can't wait to see what is going up over the weekend. I love reading all of the Tula adventures... and I'm sure, just like with our children, in a few years you will look back and laugh!


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