Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Over The Rails with the TaDa Quilters!

The Sewists With The Mostest!

There was no stopping these gals, and from what I understand there were many nights up sewing past 2am while they laughed and ate, and talked and created -

And it was well worth it!

There on the left is Jill's top finished from the blocks her mom started before she passed.  A heartfelt completion that I know her mom is smiling down on.  Well done, Jill!  Pattern is Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling.

The next two were from a Riley Blake pattern originally a kit (I think Jill's was the kit, but the Kaffe one just used the pattern after the kit was done. (I could be wrong!)

It stitched up quickly, was all squares and half-square triangles - and the border was a quick design change to use up bonus triangles and enlarge the quilt a bit.  It looks lovely!

The next 3 are so cute - I have no names or pattern info, so if you are in the know, please add that info in the comments section below.  Thank you!

This southwestern beauty is newly quilted, and being handed off at retreat - ready for binding.  It's huge and deserves it's own solo porch rail experience!

In this grouping: A cute cute row sampler, Good Fortune, two of the Champagne & Pearls tops by Krista Moser, and Bear Branch 

Three more lovelies!

They've all got the blended pastel vibe going on!

We MADE Jill put her Chilhowie over the rail - it's gorgeous!

And Patty's flying geese quilt for her granddaughter - she is going to love it!

It was quite the show - just look at all of this wonderful creativity on display!  Great job, ladies!

This is just such a fun group - and we had the best time! (Do we ever not?!)

We'll see you back next August - I'm sure they will have more gorgeous finishes to share.

As I stated yesterday, this week is a desk week for me.

Rain was on the horizon, and coming quickly, but I managed to get some quilt photography done - and the cloud covered days really do provide the best situation for clear photos that don't look washed out.

I couldn't have asked for better weather with no wind for getting these photos done.

Graphics are drawn up.  The PDF template pages are ready, printed, measured, double triple checked.

Today I work on the text and putting it all together.

Morning Glories is ALL foundation pieced by machine - and the units are quick and easy.  I know you are going to love it.

In other fun "What I did yesterday!" type news - 

I was working in the studio when I heard a big rig brake and pull up to a stop in front of the drive to the QPO/inn.

I watched a very handsome hardworking guy get out and make his way up the steps to the inn.

Thinking he was lost, had zero GPS signal, I popped around the corner and asked if I could be of any assistance - he said "Actually, yes!"  It turns out his mom is a quilter in California and a huge fan.  So we took a selfie together so he could text it to his mom right there on the spot.

She commented back right away with an "Oh my gosh!" and we called her just to say hello.  It was the most fun best thing of my day - and got me away from the drudgery of desk work for just a bit, putting me in contact with people from across the country.

So to Jeanette and her son - thank you for making my day! (I didn't think to ask for him to send the selfie to me too!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

My little impromptu meeting with the not-lost truck driver and his mom was one of those little things I appreciate!  Just a fun little connectivity with others.  

Nice.  Do you have one to share? Leave a comment below!

Have a terrific Tuesday - I'll be at my desk if anyone needs me.



  1. Anonymous8:44 AM EDT

    What a fun thing for him to do! Maybe mom will see the blog and forward the picture to you.

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM EDT

      I did see the blog! My son is forwarding the picture to her!.

  2. Piecrust8:45 AM EDT

    The penguin quilt is "Penguin Party" by Elizabeth Hartman.

  3. The Penguin quilt is Penguin Party by Elizabeth Hartman

  4. Darlene Hennlich8:56 AM EDT

    The penguin quilt is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, I have it, have made one pillow, just not enough time to do all the little guys for a full quilt. This one is lovely.

  5. Sew many beauties, than you for showing them to us, now I need to go sew something, too!

  6. wow. the TaDa! bunch are a prolific passel of gals!and the truck driver? I don't think he was "lost" I think he's an adorable son who sought you or at least the Inn on purpose for his mom AND you put the icing on the cake! What a fun thing... next thing you know, there will be signs posted, "This way to Quiltville" all over the state! LOL -- hope it doesn't prove too much of a distraction! Hugs and blessings to all y'all.. Cats in Carlsbad CA PS: I love when you put your sweet smiling face in the corner of those photos w/the current quiltvillians,

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM EDT

    The penguin quilt is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM EDT

    The penguin top is Penguin Party by Elizabeth Hartman - MoiraT

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM EDT

    How sweet of this young man to remember his Mom!

    BTW what is the name of the quilt you called Southwest Beauty? It is gorgeous. I’d love to make one too…

  10. The "Southwest Beauty" is Taos by Whirlygig designs

  11. I love over the porch photos! 2am used to be my Modus Operandi at Retreats. I got too old for that. I missed the morning walks with the early birds. Memories! What a Thoughtful son! Quiltville Inn is a place to be! Have fun doing desk stuff.

  12. Please, does anyone know the name of the quilt with the black background next to Elizabeth Hartmann's Penguins? PULEEZE...anyone?

    1. Yes I need to know as well. It is beautiful

    2. Thank you, Miss Pat!

    3. I don't know if there is a specific pattern for that quilt but the blocks are definitely available from Accuquilt dies Starry Path and Glorified Nine Patch.

    4. Thank you again. QuiltFabrication.com has a terrific tutorial. the Jinny Beyer website under BLOCK PATTERNS has two blocks which would work well for the Glorious Nine Patch with the QuiltFabrication.com tutorial. They are entitled Meadowlark and Skyrocket. She has free templates for 8", 10" and 12" blocks. Thank you again!

  13. I love all the quilts so much. But I really hope someone can name the one in the first picture -- the one with the stars on black background to the left of the Penguin Party quilt. That quilt is gorgeous. ~~ Valerie

  14. The pastel heart on the black background is "Exploding Heart' by Slice of Pi Quilts.

  15. Sometimes it is the little encounters that make all the difference. I was on the bus in Paducah going to Hancocks since I was tired. A winner from Australia sat down next to me and our conversation was so fantastic. Learned how she got to the show, long story, and what she was going to try and find at Hancocks.

  16. WOW!! You weren't kidding when you said the thread was flying! What a busy bunch of gals!! I love the Tuesday blog posts, it gives me something to look forward to! If given the chance I am sure that I would be staying up until past 2am too. What a cute story to tell about the son. He knew where he was! And I chuckled at the description of him too! :)

  17. Regarding the black background quilt with the stars in the first over-the-rail picture, it's a combo of Starry Path blocks and Glorified Nine Patch blocks. Dies for these blocks are available through Accuquilt. Not sure if there's a pattern for the combo but both dies make 9 inch finished blocks, alternate them like a checkerboard and you've got the quilt shown.

  18. Anonymous6:54 PM EDT

    That's my son, Michael!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with him. He's heard me talk about the Quiltville Inn and you. My husband and I helped move his family from Ramona, CA to Kernersville, NC last December. He drives a fuel truck there now and occasionally his route takes him into southern Virginia. It was a huge surprise to see a picture of him standing next to you in front of Quiltville Inn. Thanks again for "making my day special"!
    Jeannine Sears

  19. What a great son! Love the Taos quilt!

  20. Anonymous6:06 AM EDT

    I appreciate the little things too, like canning eight quarts of fresh peaches off our two year old peach tree. Man was that a lot of peeling! But so worth it. FranSak1

  21. Thank you Karen and your dog Zoe from Port Orange. After much digging last evening, I identified Starry Path and even found a pattern in three sizes (free) in Jinny Beyers's website. What a boon to quilters everywhere she is! Tonight's search will be for the Glorified Nine Patch. Thanks again for the ID! Happy quilting!


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