Tuesday, July 18, 2023

On Porches, Walls, Tables, and Floors - Oh My!

Now this is what I love to see when I take a break from what is underway at the QPO Studio next door and come up the back steps to the sound of chatter and laughter coming from the back porch at the inn!

It's a great place for relaxing and stitching - who says we have to be chained to sewing machines in the Quilting Quarters all day long?

Bring out a beverage.  Some snacks even.  Bring a hand project and get to stitching with the company of good friends and great stories and boundless conversation.

Summer months are meant for porch stitching in these parts!

Even small bindings count!

Oohing and ahhing and marveling at the masterful machine quilting that brought this beauty to life. Just a bit more binding to go.

Great memories are also made and milestones met - on the porch.

Even Tula thinks so!

(I love it when she is all "tucky-feeted" a term given to our cast by my son when he was little and it has stuck even now."

Meanwhile in the front foyer -

A king sized quilt is ready to web together.  This Hunter's Star project was die cut and started at last year's retreat.  This year it becomes a top!

Great job Patty!

(Over the porch rail photos to come.)

Siobhan's Kaffe masterpiece is gaining blocks!

All in batiks!  These look great!

Oh, this is ocean-breezy loveliness!

Betsy had some of the fabric with her - and on a trip to Quilts on Main in Galax found the compainion pieces and just like that - a new project was born.

Early Morning Shenanigans -

Do you see it/ LOLOL!

Do you see it now?

There are still some random pieces around the inn with googly eyes - someone thought it would be funny to pop them onto one of these stretched stars as they did start to look like "dammit dolls" as the hour got late and quilters got punchy-tired.


It's not been ALL fun and games.  This is the Pieceful Hearts guild donation quilt for the coming year - aren't these birds gorgeous?

A section of border.

The background of the quilt is an double Irish Chain variation in blues and white - it's going to be gorgeous.

Every time I walked through the dining room where this was being laid out I'd have to take a peek and marvel at those cardinals.  Wow!

Big corner of simple creativity happening here!

This is at a stand still -

The needed fabric is at home.  But there are more projects in the wings to work on!

I still love that yellow green as a background.

One sample quilt together!  Hooray!

Ille's wooly work - her stitching is impeccable!

Last seam going in this Sister's Choice quilt!

Wonderful finish! Well done!

It has been a terrific week with the Pieceful Hearts gals in residence.  SO much visiting, good eats, boisterous loud laughter (Medicine so good for the soul!) tons of sewing and beautiful weather.

It's been a great week, ladies!

We celebrated the end of retreat around the firepit - temps were in the high 70s and cooling off. 

Summer perfection.

We'd already lost a couple of our members who were driving back to the Chicago area - 

Everyone else is departing for home this morning.

Another retreat in the books!

As everyone is loading their vehicles I'll be making my start in on that laundry - you know the routine.

We'll be welcoming Chris's Christmas In July group tomorrow afternoon, and here we go again.

It's a hit!  Thank you so much!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

When someone doesn't love you the way you want them to - it doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
This can especially apply to family members.
Sometimes we have to love people in spite of themselves.
Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Patty St. Onge8:53 AM EDT

    Are the cardinals a panel or a piece of printed fabric or are they an appliqué? Stunningly beautiful.

    1. I am wondering the same thing; it's gorgeous.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM EDT

      I hope someone knows if there is a pattern - they are gorgeous

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM EDT

    Are the cardinals a panel or a piece of fabric or an appliqué? They are stunningly beautiful

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM EDT

    oh my so much eye candy and inspiration! i can almost hear the machines whirring...

  4. All beautiful projects 😍💞
    The fire pit looks like a Great time. Tula is precious 💕
    Getting ready to sew the backing and batting together
    for my quilt.
    Have a Sparkling day
    Take it easy
    Blessings 💞🙏

  5. Just love seeing all the projects everyone is working on. :)

  6. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    When I was a high school librarian and hormones raged, this was my mantra. “Love ‘em til you like ‘em.” I so enjoy your quotes on patchwork features.

  7. Beautiful handwork and gorgeous colours on those pumpkin blocks - also the googly eyes made me smile :)

  8. 70'a sound good. We're having a Heat wave. There's a song about that. Beautiful tops and projects on the walls. I'm sure the memories are in those final stitches on bindings. Lucky Quilters! Happy Tuesday

  9. Looks like so much fun! Does anyone know the name of the block or pattern of the blocks on the wall behind the sampler quilt? It has a 16 patch center with possible Irish Chain? Love it!

  10. Oh, what a busy week! Loving the creativity blooming there, especially the Cardinals!! So beautiful! And that was such a gorgeous picture of Miss Tula!! I literally said, "Ta-Da!" when you showed the Sister's Choice after having the last stitches being done, that is always a great feeling!! I love the fire pit shots; enjoy those for me ( and those temps in the high 70's!) We're so hot during the day our evening temps are still in the 90's. I started another small quilt for a friend; and still working on my 4-patch X during the construction of these other quilts! I will send you a picture when it's done! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Anonymous7:52 PM EDT

    can't wait, only my suit case and sewing machine to pack, rest is already in the car. See you tomorrow. Betsy K

  12. Anonymous6:00 AM EDT

    Your words of wisdom struck home Bonnie, 'love you with all they have'. I've had to learn some don't have a huge capacity for love. Your quilts, as always are magnificent, thank you for sharing. The talent of that group and all the groups is inspiring.

  13. Anonymous8:07 AM EDT

    Beautiful inspiration, does anyone know the name of the pattern or the pattern writer for one all in batik? That one speaks to me. Ms. Tula poses so pretty. Thanks for all you do for us Bonnie.

  14. I love that there's still googly eyes to be found at Quiltville this far past April Fools Day! They add a ton of personality to that quilt block, lol!

  15. Anonymous11:16 AM EDT

    In the early morning shenanigans picture, I was drawn to the block in the bottom row missing it's ears -- looked like "hands on hips" to me and the googly eyes would have just made it. LOL! Like the poster above, I'd love to know something about the batik blocks there on the wall (2 pictures above the shenanigans picture). Thanks for sharing some of the fun with us!


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