Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Butterflies & Wild Roses

This is another of those "If only photos had smells!" posts.

Four of us took a walk on Monday morning - yes, our walks have now switched to the cooler hours before summer heat and humidity make hiking miles less palatable.

But the morning hours? BLISS!

And to my great delight - the wild roses down Bear Branch Road were putting on a show.

Unlike their domesticated cousins - wild roses have the most delicious fragrance, and it permeated the air in every direction. 

The wild roses cover EVERYTHING.

They grow in great clusters - with blossoms cascading amidst the green.

In the back of my mind - I'm thinking "No matter what happens to humanity- the roses will survive."

I wish I could scoop these up and take them home!

Yes, they even bloomed over the old clunker at our turn around spot 1 mile in.

Oh, I wish you could smell this!  And since they were in such full bloom on Monday, I am wondering if they will still be blooming enough this weekend that I can get another group out to experience it.

We shall see!

Also spotted along our way - the mud-puddling of butterflies.  Click to Play:

Did you know a cluster of butterflies is called a "Kaleidoscope"? 

I would have called them a "flutter" of butterflies, but evidently I wasn't in on the name game.  LOL!

They are just fascinating to watch, whatever you want to call them.

We Played Hooky on Memorial Day!

We had some errands to run, but I have to give The Hubster full credit with this one - he said "The Next Downton Abbey is playing, do you want to go?" and I admit I felt a bit of panic at first.

Do I want to go?  YES!

Do I want to be in a theater?  I wasn't sure.

It had been 2 1/2 years since I'd set foot in a public theater and I was a bit wary.

It was a matinee.  On a holiday Monday.  There were only close to 12 people in the theater and everyone was so far spread out.

I'm still laughing that by the time we got popcorn and drinks the total cost us $38.00.

We won't be doing this again soon - I'd rather buy the DVD and have it forever, but this was really fun and very much needed after the stress of the past several months.  Okay - who am I kidding?  LAST SEVERAL YEARS.

We loved it.  The one thing I wish I had done was watch the previous movie one more time because there were some story lines that I couldn't quite remember.

All in all though - it was like seeing great friends I hadn't seen in forever.  Our hearts were touched.  we laughed. We cried.  It was so good.

And lest you think there hasn't been sewing around here.  I finished the binding, hanging sleeve and label for this one:

You'll see the rest of it come September.

I folded it and set it at the end of the dining table last night, and the light was just right this morning to get some of that quilting texture in the photo.

The quilting design is called Leafy Vine by Deb Geissler. 

Back to this!

I took about a week off from the hand quilting of Jeff's hexie to get the binding sewn down on the above quilt.  

My plan through the weekend during my evening stitching time tis to finish the center medallion.  Where you see the quilting stitches make an X through the neutral hexies is one edge of the center medallion.  I'm getting there.

Isn't it amazing what the texture of hand quilting does?

It's time to draw for our winner in Pat Sloan's Tantalizing Table Toppers tour!

I am thrilled that 4753 of you participated!

And our winner is:

Lesley Nedervelt!

Congrats, Lesley!  I have forwarded your email info on to Pat & Crew and they will be contacting you about your mailing address and get your prize out to you.

To see more of the projects in this book, click to the Original Post

The book is full of fresh and fun projects - in just the right size to get your creative juices flowing along with quick finishes.  Perfect for gift-giving or for yourself.

I've also added Tantalizing Table Toppers to the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. I know how we all love our Amazon Prime where possible!

On deck today - the June Quiltvillians will be pulling in around 4pm, so that means there is laundry to finish and beds to make and the porch to spruce up and the Quilting Quarters to make ready.

If there is any time left over or in between you'll find me digging into the bins of recycled shirt plaids because I have a plan!

How about your day ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I am giving a resounding yes to all of the above!
Except for maybe that eating half thing - that might be difficult with all of the yummies flowing out of the Quiltville Inn kitchen!  ⁣
Happily Scrappily Irish quilt from my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders available in the Quiltville Store.

Happy Wednesday, folks!



  1. Since i've had to pull up your daily quips, using Google as search engine, i've noticed fewer and fewer comments, i think i stumbled on the solution... for a few weeks i couldn't comment... i don't know if it's something quips has done or an update on my operating system (these things happen without my knowledge or consent, as I'm very limited in my computer savvy) But, by pulling up your daily blog, using Google i'm back in the participation part of your daily comments. I look forward to them with coffee and a toaster waffle breakfast, every morning... smiles and thanks for all you do, love your daily quilty encouragement and always, always, always Look for the Good... the more you look, the more you'll find! Healthy and happiness from Cats in Carlsbad CA -- PS: looking forward to the project/challenge? coming up using plaid re-purposed shirts! I'mma crazy for plaid, too... <3

    1. Cats, I agree, my favorite color is plaid :) can't wait to see what Bonnie comes up with!.

  2. I love the texture of hand quilting!

  3. I agree with Cat as far as the lack of comments and I also have to go to my Google search to find you, or your email comes at dinnertime! I wish the people behind the curtain would quit messing with things!! Love your blog and will find you one way or the other!! Small, "do your own thing" quilt group at our clubhouse today, Yeah!!!

  4. The hand turned binding is so satisfying! Congrats on the Finish! I need to work on two projects in waiting. They haven't reached UFO yet. When it rains I get to stay inside, yea!!

  5. I too saw the Downton Abby movie last weekend. On Friday and besides my husband and I there was one other party of two there. I had fun and will try to do it again. Most people in the lobby stood there to see the Tom Cruise movie. Old cinema on Almaden Rd, by the Willow Glen Center in San Jose. This movie theater is very small and I always liked it.

  6. I agree....there is a lovely texture from hand quilting..
    I have 4 rose bushes in my gardens and I do love them..they are all in bud now.
    Can't wait for the summer challenge!

  7. I went to see Downton Abbey this morning. I , too, wish I had watched the last one again. There were a total of 6 people in the theater for the 10:45 showing this morning. LOL It no longer bothers me to go anywhere. Granted, I don't go that many places but I no longer wear a mask unless it is asked of me. Have a great day!!!

  8. I love the photo of the beautiful roses covering the decay of human garbage - in spite of all that humanity does to the earth, nature rejuvenates and keeps on giving us beauty!

  9. Did I know a cluster of butterflies is called a "Kaleidoscope"? .."NO, I didn't...so I will take that bid of information as my "NEW INFO FOR TODAY:):):) I love your quilt quote a lot!!!!! I can identify with your sentiments as to whether you wanted to go to the movie theatre or not!!! My response would be the same...but you had few in the theatre.."YEAH"....and so Expensive....$38.00 counting your popcorn & drink!! How can young people even have a date to the Movie Theatre today, with those prices??? I'm happy you enjoyed yourself but can certainly applaud your remedy of simply buying yhe DVD and popping your own corn, and getting a drink out of your refrigerator:):)
    Have a wonderful week, Bonnie!!!

  10. Love the roses especially over the clunker car. Dresden lady in Florida

  11. You sound like me. $38 for a movie. I can buy it for 1/3 the price, but your Hubby asked you. How special! My hubby has been gone for over 11 years. Our 56th anniversary is this month. I thought we would have so much more time together.

  12. LOL! My husband loves cars - even old clunkers in overgrown bushes - and knows them all. Took him a bit longer than usual, but he said it is a 1959 Plymouth. He looked it up and was correct!

    I love the quilt you just finished binding.What was the name of it?

  13. Bonnie, Good for you two to have a date. I can't wait for the new quilt. Orange and green were our wedding colors, 50 years ago next week. How time flies. Want to get Grassy Creek done before it's release. Love the roses too. Happy Spring.

  14. The butterflies reminding me of the one or two I took a video of during my Retreat at your place they were in the driveway halfway between the inn and the Post Office. Nature is awesome!

  15. " the old clunker "
    Many think when we restore old quilts, we are working with "a bunch of rags", and we are appalled. There is an even larger group who would be appalled we would call a classic auto that has been left to rust away, "a clunker.' They would spend many of their waking hours restoring a car from the early 50's to early 60's, a 'clunker."
    Just as we value the worth of an old quilt, they value the time spent restoring a classic, and going to car shows (and car cruises) that would put our quilt shows to shame.
    Parts of quilts saved because the whole thing is in such disrepair, is the same as taking old rare parts from 'a clunker' to restore another.

    We all have hobbies, ours are not any more worthwhile than theirs.


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