Thursday, June 09, 2022

A Bit More Bloomin' Blue Ridge!

Where oh, where are the ponies?

A few of us headed up to the Appalachian Trail where it runs through Grayson Highlands hoping hoping HOPING that we'd see mamas with new foals out and about.

This was Monday - the last day of retreat with the June Quiltvillians, and I thought our chances would be greater on a non-weekend day than during a busy weekend.

The ponies seem to move further into the brush the busier the trails are and I get it. I don't blame them.  But I had hopes!

While there were no ponies to be seen anywhere, the Rhododendrons along the trail were putting on quite the show, which was lovely - especially since the big vibrant bush in front of Quiltville Inn is now done for the season.

We gave up on ponies and focused on flora instead.

Higher elevations are in full bloom!

Resting at the top.

How many chins do I have?  Sheesh!  I need to learn better camera angles.  LOL.

There will soon be berries all along the trail.

Be Bear Aware!

My attempt at interesting photography - something in the distance, something close at hand, something breaking in, and clouds to set the backdrop.  How did I do here?

Many of our ladies who aren't used to hiking want to know what the trails are like.  This is a good example.

While we do easier walks on well groomed gravel roads, the Appalachian Trail is not really groomed.  It can be steep, rocky and full of "ankle twisters."  Flip flops NOT recommended.

Dogs, however ARE recommended!

And so is bug spray.

My attempt to get closer to the flame azalea.

Pink Mountain Laurel.

I love it when nature puts on the pink!

We enjoyed our hike, even if the ponies were still off in the distance.  We KNOW they had been there recently, there was plenty of pony poop everywhere - but they were keeping private.

Maybe there are new foals being born, and we'll see them later in the season.

The changing out of the foyer quilt!

I brought the recently finished string star to the inn and hung it in the front foyer for all to enjoy.

Finally - a full out flat photo!

I dearly loved hand quilting this one.

It was much easier than the current hexie project in my hoop.

And my big laugh of the day -

To my own "International Delight" an Amazon box appeared on the doorstep - and inside of all things was my favorite Cinnabon creamer - a gift from Joanne of the Quilters of the Night.  Oh happy day!

And then Nola arrived with the BEAST quilters -

And brought 3 more bottles from Indiana! LOL!

Okay, I think I'm good now.

This has been like the great toilet paper caper of 2020.  But evidently I DO get by with a little help from my friends. LOL!

It's good to feel so loved!

When I headed home, 4 of the Beast Quilters were settling in, with the rest arriving after dark last evening.  Since they've been here before they know where everything is and are in good hands.

I'll head over this morning and welcome everyone after what hopefully was a good night's sleep.

There were pounding storms last night - I hope they enjoyed the sound of rain on the tin roof!

Another retreat is full steam ahead, and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing what they've brought to work on.

What do you have ahead for your Thursday?

I REALLY want to watch the Jan 6th hearings tonight, but I'm afraid to bring the subject up to the hubster because I'm afraid he will just roll his eyes at me.  I'm trusting it will be recorded and be on YouTube if I can't get him to agree?  I think it's important.  For everyone.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And sometimes many false starts and stops and sleepless nights!
But don't give up the dream!



  1. Another great post Bonnie.
    Beautiful hallway quilt.
    Today I'm making more yoyo's until my peach fabric comes in.
    Then I'll start in on peach yoyo's. Which are the sashings and border.
    rain all day today.

  2. Your string star masterpiece looks fabulous in the foyer! What a wonderful quilt that is! You are our inspiration for not giving up on dreams!

  3. I absolutely agree that we ALL should view the hearings as a civic duty.

  4. I had a sleepless night. Snorting hubby was on a roll. No stitching yesterday after getting my eyes dilated. Getting old! Rain and Thunder in the forecast. Can't wait to go to California. 72- 74°.

    1. depends on where in Calif you are going. Coast will be nice but central Calif where I live is suppose to be 105 today and tomorrow. :) but since I grew up here hot summers are to be expected :)

  5. Love that quilt! I'm curious to know what system you use for hanging quilts on the wall.

  6. I so value your excursions inside and outside Quiltville. Thank you for sharing your love of quilting. Someday I will get to meet you. For now itxs a web excursion

  7. I'll be watching tonight, have been impatiently waiting, just don't know which host to rely on, they all are sincere. I'm finishing a vest for my son, what should have been an easy creation has given me fits. I can't wait to get back to quilting.

  8. Hi Bonnie, did you know you can freeze the creamer? I have an entire door shelf in my freezer dedicated to creamer. Just be sure to put it in the fridge the day before to thaw when you run low. Shake well & it's just like new.

  9. The Jan 6 committee will be covered by C-Span and all their programs are archived. https://www.c-span.org/schedule/ Looks like they start coverage at 7:45 and then will repeat starting at 10. But will be archived.

  10. My favorite creamer is Peppermint Mocha and I stock up with at least six bottles when I find them. Some stores carry it year round and others seasonal. It has never gone bad and gets used only once a day. Glad you got your favorite....

  11. I too am watching the committee. It is the best chance to see things as close to the source as possible, so there is no accusation of getting fake news.


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