Thursday, June 30, 2022

Back in the Saddle of Connectivity!

Sometimes things just refuse to make sense.

Or more like - DOES NOT COMPUTE.

As in my braindead moment of non-realization since the internet was demolished in the great storm and power outage on Sunday, 

Hooray for the Generac that ran perfectly for 8 hours keeping the quilters quilting.

But what of the modem?

Well, the modem is in the QPO next door.  The Generac does not connect to that building, it's on a separate meter which also means the QPO building is not connected to the propane tank at the inn required to run the Generac.  It's a different property.

The main modem in the QPO fires up not only my internet, but the Verizon booster so I can actually receive cell service at the QPO.  Without it, there isn't even half a bar.

All of this is beamed from the QPO to the retreat house next door via a series of extenders to bring wifi access into the inn.

So if the QPO internet is down, so is the inn.  Without a modem the cell booster doesn't work and it becomes the land of 1993.

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to write my blog post at home where we live off of cell data hotspots The Hubster related a text to me that said "CenturyLink technician arriving in 30 minutes."

"That's okay, I'll head over and write the blog from there while I wait."

Wait - what?  I can't write from there until service is restored.  Like - DUH. No internet, no writing.

Which meant I needed to leave home quickly - blog unwritten - and go take care of things that must be taken care of.  My post would have to wait until today.

I did put out a Quote of the Day yesterday along with a note about the unlikelihood of a blog post happening yesterday, but I know not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram.

I'm here, I'm fine - I just had some real life things to take care of.

But we have connectivity!

So if you were wondering why there was no blog - it's because life got in the way, as it does with ALL of us from time to time.

No, this doesn't give me BETTER service, it just gives me the same slow service I have always had - but it is sufficient for what we need to do in our very rural underserved area in Southwestern Virginia and I'm happy with it.

So what has happened while quilting like 1993 without internet or cell service disruptions?


Unchained is now quilted and I was able to dig into the stash to find a binding that will do nicely.

Yep!  That's the ticket!

Stash backing!

The center stripe is from a Civil War repro line called "Charleston" and I somehow had 3 yards of a directional stripe.  That I don't remember purchasing! LOL

The fabric on the sides was 3 yards of a tulip print on aqua - likely circa 1990 something.

The pink/brown stripe is actually a toile print with bunny rabbits.  Also directional so it had to be cut a certain way not to have the bunnies sideways.

And you know I don't like to chop heads off of things on toile - so I have used up the whole yard of this and it is now gone.  Win X 3. Happy day, happy backing.

Tealights pantograph by urbanelementz.com.

I scaled the design so it didn't quilt super densely - the piecing in the top is already pretty heavy, and I just wanted some great texture.

I used a sandy tan thread on the top, and a barely pink in the bobbin.

The pink and green theme is spot on with the wild Rhodies blooming all through the woods at home!

I'm excited to finished Unchained.  Be watching for this pattern to drop likely around October - I've got others in the line up before then.

My binding efforts last night didn't get me too far along - I was just too tired to stitch much, but it will get done when it gets done.

Don't we all have evenings like that?

I can't believe it's the last day of June.  In some ways June seemed to fly by, and in others, it felt like June lasted 3 months.  Get what I mean?

The end of June means our next Leader & Ender Challenge is right around the corner!  I'm just putting on finishing touches, and doing some different color option graphics, and I should have it out to you soon.

Do you have anything fun happening for this long 4th of July weekend ahead?

Just a few days left to save!

With the upcoming Independence Day holiday,  I've marked Solidarity (including the Hearts of Hope quilt as a Bonus) at 25% off through 7/5/22 

Unity and Courthouse Square are also discounted 25% – no coupon code needed.

Patterns are available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

And more red, white & blue inspiration!

Check out this fantastic patriotic version of my Smith Mountain Morning quilt by Janet Fenton!
She writes: "Another red, white, and blue. Made my husband’s Quilt of Valor. Bonnie Hunter Smith Mountain Morning."⁣
Smith Mountain Morning is found in my book Scraps & Shirttails II and is available on sale in the Quiltville Store.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Cute quote with a great life lesson!
I think this is one reason why Quilters get their hands busy when life gets stressful.
It helps us work through the issue while doing something creative, positive and giving us something to show for it.
Put it all in there, into that quilt you are working on.
Don't you wonder what our quilts would say about us if they could speak?

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. So glad it was a mechanical failure not another fall for you. I got concerned when there was nothing from you all day. Days without connection can be fruitful or frightful usually our choice . Enjoy the 4th weekend. I'll probably be with my daughter and Grands.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I get your internet pain. Sadly I live 40 feet too far away from connection to fiber optic service in my very small rural area...and that 40 feet means I have only one option for sketchy service. I wish we could get politicians fired up to fix the issue! lol Love love love your quilts. Have all your books. Sorta wish you still published books because it is easier for me to keep the patterns corralled when they are in a book. But I don't let that stop me from getting patterns. Looking forward to a new leader and ender.

    1. I print the patterns and either use 3-hole punch paper or put them in a document protector. Then I keep them in a binder - kinda make my own book.

  3. 1993, oh how I remember dial-up! One computer in the hallway. Life was busy then with all of my family at home. We are content in 2022, empty nester. Wi-Fi through the house to the car, from cell towers dotting the highways. Glad you're back. Just a little Baseball game planned for our Independence Day.

  4. Huzzah! Am so relieved to see you back, in full explanation mode! Was hoping it was something weather-related, instead of something wonky on my computer way 3,000 miles away in Carlsbad CA...Technology! a boon and a bane, thanks for all you do for all of us, Cats

  5. I hoped that you took a "just for me!"day. I am only dreaming, right? What would you do if you had such a day?

  6. Well after all that I'm glad you are back.
    I just got home from the dentist 🦷.
    Hopefully today is better than yesterday.

  7. Technology is so complex and we are at the mercy of everything working well together. So glad you're back today - I love having my morning coffee while reading the adventures of Bonnie!

  8. Love the Smith Mountain Morning in R/W/B. So vibrant!

  9. The Friday before Memorial Day, my internet went out - thank you Century Link. It took over 3-1/2 weeks of my calling and being on hold for up to 3 hours just to get a human on the phone. They had sent a modem which didn't help. FINALLY, a great tech. came. CenturyLink has 3 techs. to service 15 towns but he got it running. It seems CenturyLink had decided to "reprogram" my modem. Anyway, the tech. installed the old style modem because they are having lots of trouble with the new round modems. Sorry to say, it looks exactly like the one you have pictured above.

    1. I'm finding this out. My phone booster tower is not liking the new modem at all - I connectivity is very spotty. SIGH.


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