Friday, June 10, 2022

Hanging With the BEAST Quilters!

Can you hear the hum of the machines from where you sit?  

I bet you can imagine all of the sounds of sewing, chatting and laughing - 

Throw in the smells of breakfast coming from the kitchen and you've got a good idea of just what welcomed me when I walked through the door yesterday morning.

Many members of this group didn't arrive until after dark, but they had a good welcoming committee on hand with those who had arrived earlier.

My time for hugs all round came yesterday morning!

Folks I hadn't seen in a year - 

And some new friends I hadn't met yet!

11 quilters and one crocheter!

I love it!

Sarah (on the right) is the hostess with the mostest with this group, and we gathered in the dining room at 10am for a welcome gathering complete with a list of things we are planning to do this week since they are here until Tuesday morning.

There is Quilt-O bingo games with activities to finish to mark your squares off, there are other prizes and things happening.

The Sister's Choice quilt shown here was last year's block exchange and this one was brought back in finished form to be photographed over the rail.

And we call this meeting to order!

Wait, did anyone bring snacks? LOL!

Just wait until you see us in our tee shirts!

A bit of extra fun -

Wendy is a paramedic and she happens to work with my brother-in-law in Tooele, Utah!  Small world!

And the story is even funnier - when she first started working with Kelly, she asked if they could stop so she could pick up an ironing board.  

From there the conversation went to "In my off hours I am making a quilt...." and he said "Oh, you quilt?  Have you heard of Bonnie Hunter? She's my sister-in-law."  To peals of laughter because she was in the middle of making one of my mystery quilts.

SUCH a small world!  And I am so happy to have her here.

And these girls like to go walking!

After the our little welcome gathering was over we headed out for a walk along the river and up Round House Road.

Last year when these ladies were here I wasn't able to - it was the week after my big "fall down the cabin stairs" event that left me unable for months.  That took a long time to heal.

This time - watch out world, we are doing ALL the things.

Photographing the old Halsey place.

Straddling the VA/NC state line!

And thanks to Lani - adding 2 more bottles of Cinnabon creamer to my hoard, bringing the total from the last 2 days up to 7 bottles.  DYING LAUGHING!  Thank you!

We returned to enjoy a taco salad lunch on the porch - and most of the afternoon for me was spent behind my desk getting our pattern release ready for next week.  

I'm almost there - almost.  And then I should have more time to play over the weekend.

Today - Bear Branch Road nice and early - as soon as I can get there.

Summer heat is coming over the next several days and I love the early morning hours best for walks and hikes.

And there will be continual sewing.  More sewing.  Fun, easy and yummy meals, and lots of friendship building.

This is the good stuff, right?

This is what I'm focusing on after watching the Jan 6th hearings televised last night.  You can find it in full on YouTube HERE.

While I love to concentrate on my quilting life and the things I love, I also think it's important to be aware and see these events laid out in such a bi-partisan fashion thoughtfully and collectively with real evidence rather than just rely on Facebook memes and opinions and conspiracy theories of those who aren't really in the know.  I think it's important to step back, and see the whole picture.

Okay - off I go, dogs in tow!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Can you tell this polyester double-knit quilt is hand quilted with Baptist fans?  

And here I am thinking that quilting through hexies and all of the seam allowances is hard!

And yes, I am feeling so much of this.
At least it's Friday, folks!



  1. Sisters choice is on my list.
    Blogger is giving me fits in on my blog remember years ago it used to be easy.
    Still waiting for my peach fabric to come in.. we're a rural route so it takes a little longer to get mail.
    Happy Friday.

  2. That is so funny..I used to work with a gal from Tooele (we worked together in OKC) and I actually know how to say it!! HA Looks like good weather on your walk.

  3. I got scared all over again watching the videos last night and hearing about how planned it was. I am working along on my Hearts of Hope-making it bed sized. Do you keep all those extra creamers in the freezer? Looks like a year's supply!LOL.
    Thanks for being you.

  4. They came prepared and now you have a stockpile of that Creamer. Glad they get to hike with you. Hubby's sprain is slowly getting better, he doesn't have to wear the boot now. Better for our trip coming up. Happy FriYah

  5. Are those greenish-yellow vines growing along the fence at the old Halsey Place? Interesting, sort=of chartreuse!

  6. Enjoy your creamer. My sister uses the original Coffee Mate creamer. Yesterday she bought the 64oz bottle and it was $8.39! Last year it was about $4 for the bottle. She goes through a bottle a week. Everything is going up in price.


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