Thursday, June 23, 2022

Under Way on Wednesday!

How do you decide what color to pull in to an already "everything under the sun" scrap quilt?

In my case it usually involves pulling many strips of various colors and shades from the scrap stash and laying them up against the quilt I am bordering to decide which one - if any- stands out more to my eyes and gives the effect I want.

And then - the search through the yardage begins in hopes that I have enough of any one thing to do the color job at hand.

In this case - it's this lovely yellow green batik that has been chosen to do the job as an accent border before I add the final border to this project.

While there are other greens in the quilt, there are very few places where a similar green has appeared at the edge, interfering with the placement of this inner border around the quilt.

And things don't have to "match" perfectly shade to shade when working with a busy scrap quilt such as this one.

The green makes me happy.  It "Sparks Joy!" as Marie Kondo says.  And that is good enough reason for me to choose it.

I posted more about my current Unchained quilt project in progress HERE if you want to see more of it.

I took time to get this inner border on yesterday in an effort to contain the edge of the quilt center and to stabilize it.  It also helps keeps the myriad of seams at the edge from popping open.

It can now rest while I decide what to do for the final borders. Wheels are turning!

My Ruby Jubilee Part Four blocks are also done!

I was much more comfortable making the smaller blocks.  When it came to making those big spools I felt like a fish out of water.  LOL!

I am loving this color palette though, and I can't wait for Part 5 to come out in the September/October issue.

How are yours coming along?


I haven't posted a picture of Mabel in her favorite chair for a while.  If you aren't looking carefully, you might completely miss her as she blends in so well.  LOL!

Now tell me if you can see part of a dog's face in my hand quilting!

I didn't see it that way until someone pointed it out to me and now I can't UNsee it.  But that's okay.  I love dogs.  Life is better with dogs.  And I'm sticking to that.

Before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon and the Sisters of the Stash were starting to arrive which brings about a whole lot of car unloading and settling in.

Almost everyone was there by the time I headed on home for dinner myself and I am looking forward to spending time with everyone and getting to know the newbies today.

When I was asked if were going to be hiking, I pointed to my 3 black and blue toes stubbed in the stairwell from Mable pushing past me in an effort to go down the other night.

I was accused of "down playing" this from really ouchie to a simple stub.  I admit it. I have really black and blue toes.  I cannot get a shoe on that foot.  I've been wearing flip flops since that happened because it is the only thing I can get on.

Will I get to hike with this group? I don't know.  I'll try shoes in a couple of days, but for now - it's just flip-flops.

It's embarrassing getting "old" and having yet ANOTHER stairs accident.  But this wasn't ME - I'm blaming this one on Mabel and her excitement to be the first one down.  Just look at her face!  I can't be mad at her.

But I can be disappointed that I am disappointing retreaters when it comes to things like walks or hiking up to the ponies or a bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Anyway - my purple toes and I are headed over to the Inn to enjoy the ladies and get this day going.

This just in from Beth!

She writes:

"Bonnie K Hunter Thanks for the beautiful quilt pattern Sandcastles from your String Frenzy book.
We brought the quilt to Topsail Island to take pictures with ocean & beach… been coming here for over 20 years & haven’t ever seen the ocean this vivid blue."
Topsail is the perfect backdrop for Sandcastles! Beautiful finish, Beth! Thank you for sharing!
String Frenzy is available in the Quiltville Store  and comes with a bonus PDF pattern download for my Hunter’s String Star  quilt.

What do you have in store for today?

 Solidarity PDF pattern booklet release!

The pattern booklet for Solidarity includes the directions for Hearts of Hope as a BONUS.

Head on over to the ORIGINAL GIFT-AWAY POST to read all about it and get your entries in.

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If the winners are outside of the USA, we can send the fabric prize to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.

And yes, there is introductory pricing!

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You’ll love this course if you are:

  • A beginning quilter who wants to learn tips and techniques that will make your quilting experience successful
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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't let the opinions of others consume you!
If you wouldn't go to them for advice, don't accept their criticisms!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. Oh your poor toes! They must hurt.
    Your Hexies are just wonderful..Will you put it on a bed?
    I picked an apple green border for my Oklahoma Backroads!!!

  2. ohhhhh baby, i gots the feels for you and your toes!!! I finally had to make the decision "no bare feet" about mid-life... when i go barefoot i must throw my feets out and knock them against door jambs and furniture and have broken every toe one either/both foots!!! Somehow shoes keep me walking more straigh ahead and I was thinner then too... sigh... I'm sorry about the pain/swelling... i know how it feels, Mabel must have really needed to go out!!! Thank you again, for your contribution to MY life... hugs from Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. It was Flip Flop Day earlier this week. You're right in style. Ouch on the black and blue toes. That green is a Happy shade. Stash Keeping makes the process work. glad you found it. Our Quilt Guild Raffle Quilt would make you happy, sew many tiny pieces and varied backgrounds. All the fabrics too. Happy Thursday!

  4. Our dog is very pushy when we go downstairs to the basement laundry. She MUST be the first one down and she MUST go down on the right side. LOL. So hang on to the laundry basket and get over!

  5. The border print is perfect! When I looked at it I thought it was very peaceful, (funny I typed that pieceful....and spell check got on my case!) Scrap quilts are wonderfully busy and I think it gives it just the right color/etc... to give the eye a bit of a rest. Isn't it frustrating at times at the end of the day to look and see.... oh, another bruise.... where/when did that happen!?! I ended up with a broken blood vessel in my big toe...??? Haven't a clue how it happened... a bit swollen for a day or two and from bright purple (I matched your quilt) to dark dirty (made me think of one of my dads favorite sayings on his radio show.... "Don't forget to wash them feet before you go to bed!") like I had not washed my feet. Sillyness will ensue. Hope your toes feel better soon. Jean

  6. Today I started on Bear Branch, another of your beautiful patterns, Bonnie. When I bought turquoise for the Rhododendron Trail, I swear I bought some extra turquoise. Well I can't find it. So tomorrow I'll go to the quilt store, and I hope they still have some of that fabric, because I really loved It.


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