Saturday, June 25, 2022

Relax and Stitch!

The Sewciologists are kicking it up and pulling out all the stops at Quiltville Inn!

When I arrived yesterday morning - 8 had already taken off for the wild ponies, and another couple had just returned from a shorter hike up Round House Road for a walk along the river.

This is an ACTIVE group, and that thrills me to the gills!

This morning a couple are already headed over to Damascus to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail while I type this - I hope they have a wonderful time!

Around all of this activity there is plenty of time for sewing of course.

Including binding finishes!

Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps Book with black as the accent color!  Gorgeous!

This red one is in the layout and sew together phase!

Oh how wonderful!

I am loving these nosegay blocks set with yellow - they contain ALL of the scraps from a life long love of fabric and stitching. The fabrics hold so many memories for the maker - some were even from an aunt's apron.

I have always loved this block - but those many many "Y" seams always stopped me from digging in wholeheartedly.  But this one hits all the bells and blows all the whistles for me.

And I have several more days with these gals to see this come even further along in the assembly phase.

My own burst of sew it up in progress.

I took the big Janome down so it could make a trip to the repair shop next week. The 6600 is now in its place instead - and I admit I haven't sewn on this machine in a long long time.  

All machines need a workout to keep things moving - so this is the upside of the downside of a broken machine, right?

The neutral string mushroom cloud!

I covered page after page of phone book pages while really struggling with my inner self over the things that have been made known this week - in so many arenas.

I am SO grateful for this passion for quilting, needle, thread, fabric, design, texture - so beyond thankful that I have an outlet to turn to when the world seems too wrong.

(I am not going into details. I am not airing my feelings - but validating that we all have a right and a need to channel our feelings of WHATEVER into whatever outlet will help to center our feelings and find a way to work through them, wherever that is.)

This is where things ended up at going home time.

These borders may go onto the Unchained quilt today.

Under Lola's supervision, of course!

And the wild rhodies are now blooming!

I am hoping the forests will be blooming with promise over the next several weeks.  This bush is at the top of my drive, the fist one to pop open with light pink loveliness.

Thanks for the blossoms, just when I needed them!

And this - this brings a smile:

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear!

When life seems too heavy to bear, roll down the windows and stick your head out!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's been a week.
Self care is needed.
What's your flavor of choice?



  1. I hear ya! Chocolate straight from the carton... made better if it has peanut butter and chocolate sauce on top! Chocolate + quilting = sanity!

  2. Thank you Bonnie for all you do. Also enjoy your posts. I love seeing your puppies and they look so happy. Lola looks good too. You are correct this week has been a full week one way or another. I like how you keep your sanity. Have a great weekend and remember you are a people too and deserve breaks even from your passions. Blessings

  3. Bonnie - yes thing in the world are a bit crazy (lol cray cray) and I get it... your opinions are just that YOURS. I wish you well on working thru it all, I know many of us are. If it helps: having your blog lights up my day thank you for it! Sending you GIANT HUGS from Texas!!!

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you about sewing to keep our minds off of the world we live in. Plus my cat is sick. He's 17 yrs. Old.so there's a lot to push out of my mind.
    Can't wait to see your border on the quilt.

  5. I think I love all the flavors. So many feelings swirling around, so many things out of my control, and I live such a blessed life of privilege and ease. If I can do anything to make someone else's life easier, I will.

  6. Oh, sweet Bonnie, take a deep breath. It's gonna be okay.
    BTW During summer fresh fruit season, vanilla is my go-to, i.e. strawberries and vanilla, peaches...apricots, more peaches, late season strawberries, yeah!

  7. My next flavor of ice cream is Chocolate Therapy by Ben and Jerry. Why they seem to think a pint is 3 servings is beyond me. The most servings I can get out of one carton is 2. This month, each pint carton is only one serving. No regrets!

  8. Hi Bonnie, i'm not being nosy, but whatever it is thats bothering you, we all appreciate you and all you share and i'm hoping for better and better for you. thank you for being you.

  9. I love plain old vanilla. Also any that is fruit flavored - peach, strawberry, etc. Don't find them very often these days.

  10. I think we are all feeling a bit off kilter with all the events occurring

  11. To restart, I think a good many of us are just a bit (or more) off kilter with what is going on around us. Each of us has to find their own way to deal. Ice cream sounds good to me - the more chocolate, the better. Anyone else for Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate or Double Chocolate Cookie Dough?


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