Friday, June 24, 2022

Thursday with the Sewciologists!

Doesn't this look like a fun bunch?

And I'm excited that we have folks from as far away as Oregon and Canada!

You folks have put Quiltville, Virginia, USA on the map.   

And we have been having SEW MUCH FUN.

I spent yesterday enjoying the abundant creativity these wonderful ladies have brought to this space as well as try to get my own work done in the QPO next door.

In fact I think most of my daily steps came as I trotted between the things calling me at my own computer and sewing machine in my studio, to head on over every chance I got to just be in the presence of this group.

I spy Wanderlust from the Addicted to Scraps book and Garlic Knots up on the design wall.

The Addicted to Scraps book is still on deep discount in the Quiltville Store and comes with a free PDF pattern for the Wanderlust Table Runner as well!

Did you ever wonder what to do with ties?

Sometimes simply backing the tie fabric with a lightweight fusible and adding simple black sashing allows all of those gorgeous patterns to shine.  I love this!

I love this too!

Have you seen a Winter Blues quilt made in red instead?  I think this will be adorable!

No, I don't think they are having a good time.  AT ALL.  LOL!

Why is this side of the room empty?

Because dinner is being prepared, and since it is "5 o'clock somewhere" there are some enjoying the porch before meal time.  I took this photo on my way out the door headed home.

Also - I was confused on the name of this group - Sometimes Irene uses "Sisters of the Stash" and other times "Sewciologists" to differentiate from the groups she hosts 3 times a year.  In my mind they are ALL Sisters of the Stash to keep MY mind straight that they are Irene's groups.

I stand corrected.  The June group is the Sewciologists.

My own sewing.

This is what I have decided to use for the border on Unchained.  I have loads of neutral strings at the ready. 

Something needs to calm down the riot of color and pattern that is the quilt center.

This will do the trick I think!  And you know how I love neutral strings.

And I love throwing in the fun and slightly whacky!

Yesterday's batch.

There will be more to come - many more.  But for now, I'm going to have to switch machines as the big Janome needs to go in for a spa day - there was a big clunking, things got jammed, it will now not stay threaded - thread is breaking every time I rethread and it has nothing to do with the needle.  

Why was I using a computerized machine instead of my favorite vintage babies?

Two words.

Thread. Cutter.

I keep a machine set up with a thread cutter for paper piecing.

So that machine will be going to the machine repair place.  I have my Janome 6500 that will be taking its place as the paper piecing machine, and all will be well.

This morning there is a group going up to Grayson Highlands to hike to the ponies - I wish I were going with them!

I tried getting hiking shoes on this morning.  No Bueno.  Maybe by Sunday - things are improving, the bruising is almost gone, but shoes? Nope. Still flip flops.

I hope they have a great time!  We are doing firepit tonight, so I'll feel included in that.

In the mean time - there will be more sewing, more meals on the porch, more nap time, reading time, laughing time and all around enjoyment.  Isn't that what retreat is about?

What is happening in your world on this Friday?

 Solidarity PDF pattern booklet release!

The pattern booklet for Solidarity includes the directions for Hearts of Hope as a BONUS.

Head on over to the ORIGINAL GIFT-AWAY POST to read all about it and get your entries in.

I'll be drawing for TWO winners!  One will receive a Solidarity PDF pattern from me and a Facets of Red roll, and the second will receive the pattern and a Facets of Blue roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

If the winners are outside of the USA, we can send the fabric prize to a friend within the USA who can forward it on to you.

And yes, there is introductory pricing!

I've marked Solidarity at 25% off through 7/5/22 in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Unity and Courthouse Square are also discounted 25% – no coupon code needed.

From your favorite folks at Quiltmaker - Open for registration!

Put your scraps to better use by learning how to not only save them but use them to their full potential. This course focuses on block construction, with the final quilt being up to the imagination of the maker. Courses were inspired by my favorite blocks found in my Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker magazine.

You’ll love this course if you are:

  • A beginning quilter who wants to learn tips and techniques that will make your quilting experience successful
  • A quilter who wants to learn to work with recycled fabrics and scraps of fabric from other projects.

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Scrap Quilts with Bonnie Hunter

Workshop runs July 22 – August 19

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More answers to your workshop questions HERE.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The secret of why we are where we are is found in our daily routine!
What is one area you can make a change for the better today?

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Can you say Roadtrip? Going to visit our Wyoming family. They're doing Moana Jr directed by their other Grandma and talented mom. Have a wonderful weekend. Glad you have another machine to paper piece.

  2. I'll be online zooming a quilting retreat with my west coast friends! Just hope I don't miscalculated the time zone!

  3. Just sewing the last two rows onto Oklahoma Back roads then I'll be ready to see the blocks into rows.
    Have a wonderful weekend with the girls..

  4. Which dealer does your spa treatments?? Thanks!

  5. I tried to comment yesterday but my iPad wouldn't cooperate! Regarding Mabel pushing you on the stairs. We have a large great Dane and when he was a puppy he would try to push past us on the stairs. Since there I no bannister (ask the husband!), that could have had disastrous results. We took some time and taught him that when a human is on the stairs he waits at the top or bottom until we say "OK.". We only have to remediate about once a year when his exuberance he gets the best of him. He actually trained up in a day or two originally. Let me know if you are interested or need more details.

    1. Good idea about the stairs training! I don't have any stairs but now that I use a cane I experience that problem sometimes with my little dog. Not sure how my 13+ yr old dog or myself would take to training at this point.

  6. I love love love that tie quilt! Have a great weekend everyone from SE Massachusetts.

  7. Arnica is a good supplement to take for bruising and pain. 4 tablets under the tongue every 3 hours. I ended up with a black eye and I believe it is helping.

  8. Hi Bonnie - first thing - rub lavender oil into the bruised area a couple of times a day - brings the painful bruising out within 24 hours and generally the bruising is gone within a few days. An added plus is the smell is also calming to the senses. Second thing - are your books available in pdf or electronic format please? Would really like to purchase Addicted to Scraps in electronic format given you do not ship to Australia. Positive thoughts to all & take care.


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