Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Time Out For Ice Cream - And Barn Quilts!

Is there anything more fun than a group trip to a local general store for ice cream and last minute souvenirs?

Summer is here!

Our little Corner Market is the hub of our community, and I love taking visiting retreaters here to say hello and find something fun to bring home.

Usually it involves a pair of handcrafted earrings, a necklace or bracelet from local artisans.

Sometimes it's jams, jellies, or local honey to take home.

And the ice cream can't be beat!

But see that big barn block on the wall in the top photo?  Yes.  That one.  The BIG one!

It's going home with Julie!


We were all cheering as it fit on top of everything in her packed car.

We waved goodbye to Julie after the barn quilt was loaded and our ice creams were in our bellies.  We also said goodbye earlier in the day to Sherry as they both had 2-day journeys to reach home.

Some will already be on the road by the time I arrive at the inn this morning.  

There will be hugs and tears and "See you next time!"  And plans to meet up somewhere, some place, as paths have opportunities to cross in the in-between months.

There was still sewing going on -

Christine's Maymont blocks in bright happy fabrics.

Garlic Knots blocks are seen on the right.

Double Delight minus one corner - so close to being done!

Pattern from the Free Patterns tab at the bottom of the page.

Basket Toss is being set in rows!

Seeing this in different color palettes than my own is so exciting!

And there may be a few last minute photos this morning as folks pack up and get ready to head home.

Cue the laundry!  I have about 32 hours until the BEAST Quilters arrive from Utah and beyond!

Look what arrived!

I just received the sweetest collage of Mabel from Nancy and Dana from the Quilt District retreat  - SO CUTE!!

They had a collage workshop while on retreat and Mabel was the "artist's model"  LOL!

I love her so much - I'm going to find a special place to hang her here in the cabin studio where I can enjoy her even more every day.

Thank you, Ladies!

In other news:

The Blue Ridge Heating & Air guy came yesterday and FIXED the kitchen & dining room unit so we now have A/C!

He also installed a surge protector so this won't happen again in the future - fingers crossed.

But I gotta tell you - you never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from. I'm so glad this happened while the temps were cooler.  It was in the 50s overnight with highs during the day of only near 70.  A tower fan by the kitchen window helped cool the kitchen off during meal cooking time.

We survived well - and now through the heat of the summer we'll be even better.  I'm grateful.

Okay Tuesday - what else do you have in store?  What is going on from your side of the monitor, dear readers?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Vintage tulip quilt found in Kentucky.

Be as determined as a summer wildflower!
Push through all the dirt and blossom - but don’t kill yourself while doing so.
Wildflowers push little by little. Dirt may be hard. Just don’t give up. And pace yourself.
I’m working on pacing myself!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, folks!



  1. Did the Corner Store still have Key Lime ice cream? So good - I can still taste it! Ginny

  2. So fun to take a Barn Quilt home. Glad to see them taking time to enjoy the things you love about your small community. Today I get to MOW again, hubby has PT. My back hurts just thinking about it. I started Double Delight when I first found Quiltville. It's a beauty!

  3. I saw my 1st. Barn quilts when I went to my home state for the 150th anniversary of the church my great grandfather helped build. Beautiful old well cared for church. I want a barn quilt. I'll have to figure out how to get the making and build one then decide on a pattern. Planning 1st. Is the rout I'll take.
    Enjoyed seeing an old fashioned General store n the ixturez.. the hanging of Mable is great. Stay xmfortable.

  4. Barn quilt and ice cream! What could be better.
    Sad to see these ladies leave I bet.
    Beast is what I call my frame and longarm.
    Wish I could help you with the laundry.

  5. Utah retreaters - wish they would have invited me since that is were I am. lol. It all sounds lovely.

  6. I'm hoping to finish sewing on the last three rows of Rhododendron Trail before adding the border, my third BH quilt. First was Grassy Creek, then Hearts of Hope that was sent to Poland for Ukrainian refugees, and now this. Bonnie: I have learned so much from your strip cutting techniques and using scraps in an organized colorway. I enjoy your blog every day and hope someday to join you at Quiltville. I sew alone in the country so have few friends that quilt, but live vicariously though watching your fun guests. You never stop sharing your talents and all of us quilters appreciate you.

  7. Bonnie- So neat to see your general store, complete w/ ice cream counter. Cooper Landing has a great stop like that called Wild Man's. They are more of a side of the road convenience store, but they have hot foods, drinks, and of course Ice Cream. It was always neat to take visitors there. It was a good place to stop between Anchorage and Soldotna, and especially for a potty break. Now it is reported that there are some new people working there, older folks, and they are not nice at all, and down right mean to people that just ask a simple question. I hope nothing has happened to the regular owners.

    Good to see Julie going home w/ the barn quilt hanging!

    Kasilof, AK


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