Saturday, June 11, 2022

Quilting, Quilting & More Quilting!

I love it when I walk into the Hen Den at Quiltville Inn and find relaxation, conversation with a side of stitching going on!

Yesterday was a busy day, but we somehow managed to fit it all in -

A morning walk, more sewing.

A lovely lunch on the porch, more sewing.

An afternoon of sewing interrupted by plenty of snacks - you know, because we hadn't eaten since lunch, and more sewing up until dinner time.

Some binding, and some feet-up reading!

This is what retreat is about!

I love Nola's quilt - it's a leader/ender and includes EVERYTHING.  Can't wait to see this one over the porch rail.

Sarah is on a mission to finish her Straits of Mackinac quilt from my book String Frenzy .

It's coming together beautifully!

Candy's Wonky Wishes is getting sashings!

Lani's Rivanna is being made for a guild blue & white challenge.

Check out the colors for this Ruby Jubilee!

I love it!

While last year's group blocks were Sister's Choice, this year they have settled in on Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab.

I can't wait to see everyone's finishes - they'll have a good start on their blocks while here on retreat.

There are so many different ways to set these blocks!

The BEAST quilters are also a very active group and I'm thrilled that they like to get out with me in the mornings to walk a long dirt road!

As you can see, Zoey and Mabel are all in, too.

The fragrant honeysuckle is absolutely wonderful.

There were still some Mountain Laurel blooming, which the Utah Contingency had never seen before so that was great.  The roses, however, are all done and we'll wait for next spring for them to come around again.  

Everything is cyclical, isn't it?

Yellow roadside wildflowers - and cows.  LOL!

I think they are as interested in us as we are in them!

It's a good day to have a good day!

Thirsty girls upon our return.

Last night's dinner?  Spiedies on the grill from the New York Contingency!

Spiedies are a mainstay sandwich of Binghamton, N.Y., and its surrounding boroughs. They’re made of meat (cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison or beef) marinated for a long time in what amounts to Italian dressing, then threaded onto skewers, grilled, and slid into a sub roll or slice of bread, sometimes with a drizzle of fresh marinade or hot sauce.  

In our case, it was pork and chicken - YUM!

Removed from skewers to make serving easy.

I found this photo from the New York Times showing the spiedie on toasted Italian bread.  Our dinner was SO GOOD served with broccoli salad. Mmmmm!

It's really fun to have folks from different corners of the country bring their favorites for us all to experience.

Up on deck today?  Another busy "fit it all in!" day.

There will be a walk this morning, followed by a trip to the quilt store in Wytheville along with an antique mall wander after lunch.

It will likely be close to dinner time by the time we return and we'll eat again.  LOL!

And we'll top the whole day off around the fire pit tonight.

This having a retreat business is really bad for my waistline.  But I love it!

Do you have anything going on for your Saturday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, North Carolina

We've all heard that each new day is a gift - what if we could unwrap it with the anticipation of a small child?
Be excited about the experiences that will happen today!
Experience wonder in all the simple little things that we are able to do!



  1. Wow! I hadn't thought of spiedies in years! I used to live west of Binghamton but now live in NW Arkansas. Completely different food!

  2. Taking my mom out for lunch and a little shopping. She is 91 years young. stopping at a fabric shop then home for some hand quilting

  3. Wow..some gorgeous quilts being worked on.
    Zoey and Mable love the walks too.
    I'm working on my hexi project today.
    Happy Saturday

  4. how do you decide who "gets" to walk the girls? Maybe they choose??? Now that you're no longer racing through airports and hefting bags of quilts and things, you've exchanged that activity to a smorgasbord of lovely food choices... wow... thanks for sharing all this goodness, plus the wildflowers and cows!!! yep, it's cyclical and i love each curve in the road... thank you for sharing, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Rain is in the weekend forecast. Guild Sew-in happening if I can get downtown before it pours. First Walla Walla Sweets baseball game got poured on. Even under the umbrella I got soaked. Probably not trying for a 2nd game today. I' d rather be stitching.

  6. I'm so happy for you..your retreat is awesome..I'm sure you will do amazing for many years to come..enjoy ..you earned this

  7. I love the "I'm sorry for what I said while I was unpicking" t-shirt. Hilarious!

  8. As a native Michigander and frequent visitor "up north" I've got Straits of Mackinaw on my list and book in hand! Time to start it!

  9. We lived in Oneonta for a couple years and even though I grew up in Buffalo we had not had them. Very tasty! I used to get the sauce in bottles at Wegmans after we moved away. Hope to sash baby quilt today and work on the say can you sew SAL. Enjoy all!

  10. finished my Rhododendron Trail today! Off to the longarmer!Maybe some fresh veggie shopping at roadside markets on the way home.gorgeous quilts in progress at the retreat!

  11. My husband is from West Windsor, NY. He introduced me to spiedies. So cool to hear that they were served at your inn.

  12. No sewing going on at my house. Celebrated my grandson's graduation from High School and he is off to the Marines in August. A bittersweet day. But he has wanted to be a Marine for a long time.


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