Friday, July 01, 2022

Hello, July '22!

Lola thinks the gifted box of shirt parts that Nancy sent are just purrrrfect for her afternoon nap.

However - I have other plans for these and she is going to have to move aside and find somewhere else to plant herself!

Sometimes projects just go with fits and starts.  Have you noticed that?

Other things crop up and push aside, and it takes me a while to get back to them.  The most recent things to pull me away from the shirt quilt project were my purple blocks for Quiltmaker's Ruby Jubilee and the Unchained quilt that demanded to be put together and finished.

I'm now in the binding zone for Unchained, so I could get back to playing with these yesterday.

Press press press!

And nothing gets as hot as my vintage GE iron found at Goodwill for $3.00.

More cutting and kitting up happened.

It's fun to play match game with fabrics.  I enjoy pairing fabrics and choosing backgrounds.  I was happy as a clam as I binged several episodes of "Under the Banner of Heaven" on Hulu.  Creepy series based on a true story - my favorite kind.

Where are these blocks going?

You'll have to wait and see!

With the progressive central vision loss I am experiencing I am really cutting myself some slack where points don't meet "Just Right."

I'm living in the zone of "close enough is good enough" and remind myself often that quilts are best viewed as a whole from AT LEAST 6 feet away - galloping horses not required."

And that anyone zooming in to double check and tsk-tsk-tsk my points is standing way too close to the quilt.  Back away.

We do the best we can with the capacity we have, and as things start to slide we readjust our priorities.  

My priorities are to continue making quilts that please ME - not anyone else.

If this helps you - you are welcome to adopt this simple philosophy along with me.  Let's keep quilting - perfect points be danged!

Welcoming in July -

The wild Rhodies are beginning their mid-summer show and the woods are now full of blossoms.

Untended and ungroomed, they just do what they were born to do.  They are blooming where nature (and bird droppings) planted them.

They range from the palest of pink -

To deeper in hue -

But not as vibrant as their domestic counterparts - like the big huge one that bloomed in May in front of Quiltville Inn.

The pink and green is reflected in my backing and binding fabrics!

It was feet up with an evening of "Only Murders in the Building" and "Big Sky" on Hulu.

What a combination!  I'm so glad that "Only Murders" added the crazy humor to lighten the tension of "Big Sky" which is weirder than weird and a bit disturbing and "No freaking way!"

I've turned a corner and started across the second side.  I'm sure I'll have it done by the time this long holiday weekend ahead is done.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?  Are there family traditions you rely on for this holiday, any special treat you must make?

Just a few days left to save!

With the upcoming Independence Day holiday,  I've marked Solidarity (including the Hearts of Hope quilt as a Bonus) at 25% off through 7/5/22 

Unity and Courthouse Square are also discounted 25% – no coupon code needed.

Patterns are available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Life after 60. LOL!

Happy July, everyone!



  1. I'm with you - making quilts that please ME. Perfect is over rated.

  2. We live in Nebraska and have a 33 year tradition of going to Seward for their 4th of July celebration--so absolutely worth the drive. The town grows from 5K to 40K for the day, and there's a huge craft show, car show, pole vault competition, great food court area, performances in the band shell and in the (air conditioned) city auditorium, historic displays there as well, far more, and then an hour+ parade at four o'clock and fireworks that evening. We seldom stay past two o'clock, but love our time there, and I always manage at least one Christmas present found and purchased at the craft show!

  3. I've said it many times before - when looking at quilts, it's the ones with the not-quite-right points, wonky seams, the blocks with pieces turned, the one block of. a different fabric when the quilter ran out of the original fabric, etc. that make me smile. I'm not saying we shouldn't aim for perfection, but by all means don't stress out if it isn't. It's a quilt, not surgery.

    1. Just a thought. Have you seen some of the stitches surgeons put in? They aren't perfect either. Just enjoying the process and sleeping under the efforts.

  4. July means the year is half over! It will be celebrated with all things American. Hot dogs, apple pie and Baseball. We sold our Chevrolet. Flags will again line my walkway..
    Waiting and watching for your Leader/ Ender.

  5. I decided a long time ago that I will only quilt patterns and fabrics that please me. No special orders. If you see something you like I will give it to you. Quilting for money takes the pleasure out of it.

    1. Yes that is the way to go with my quilts too. All charity quilts that I give now.

  6. yep, always do my 'best' but never over-thing or over-do, rarely rip out and re-stitch. just because a point isn't quite right... While i don't subscribe to the "galloping horse at midnight" point of view, i find it most interesting that some quilts just go together, badda boom, badda bing! and others are a bit of a challenge... dunno if this is a function of careful, exact cutting/seam allowance or just whether Mercury is in retrograde! Thanks, Bonnie, for more good encouragement... after all, it's not rocket science... i have a huge bag of Hawaiian shirts that have been gifted to me, looking forward to your new shirt project, it might be an interesting 'take' to use them... as always, thanks from Carlsbad, CA Cats

  7. Well points be danged is right on! Ha.
    I'm busy starting to quilt my Oklahoma Back Roads. It's mounted on the beast & ready to quilt. Then like you I'll be hand sewing some binding onto it.
    My husbands Birthday is today so there's that.
    Just waiting for your L/E Challenge to post.
    Enjoy the long weekend Bonnie.

  8. Well, my holiday weekend is just wonderful I will be preparing for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy on Tuesday. So I will be doing a couple of lap quilt tops for a nursing home. I m happy that you have mid morning tea with me each day

  9. As a beginning sewer when I would point out an imperfection to my mother she would reply, "Anyone looking that close is looking too close." Depending on the end result I want to achieve, I may frog a seam to resew it but my frogging limit is two ~ the third time I sew that seam is the last time I sew it. Thanks for the reminder about what is important Bonnie.

  10. Bonnie-
    I love Lola's face. She seems to be saying '"I am a good kitty, mama, really I am!" She is so helpful guarding the fabric for you! :-) We will be celebrating our son's 32nd birthday and my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary today. Really the bbq is tomorrow but close enough! I have been sewing those red and neutral hourglass units as leaders and enders from Rhododendron trail and I think I am under 30 left! Yay! Now to actually sew the main blocks together. :-) They are all set up ready to sew. Hoping to sew this weekend. Love your newest quilt and your blog. You make my day! K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  11. Bonnie - I totally agree with you! Perfect points, perfect seams, perfect anything is nice and lovely when it happens, but certainly not worth stressing about! A quilt that has some things a little 'off' is still a beautiful creation that provides everything it was meant for! I love how you repurpose the shirts. Can't wait to see what the new leader/ender will be! Hope your toes are back to normal.

  12. My personal idea is that if the corners are" at least in the same county", and a few points got blunted by running to fast against the wall, if I like the colors and the end result, all is good. If it bothers you, then you will not be gifted any of my quilts.

  13. I always liked Gwen Marston's motto too, "if it's too long, cut it off, if it's too short, add on." Imperfect points aside I plan to quilt until I can't get the thread through the hole in the needle anymore! It's hard enough now with my blurry double vision but we quilters aren't known for giving up a good thing.

  14. I am a newish quilter, and I'm glad for the reminder things don't need to be perfect! Because my quilts
    definitely aren't. But it's a stress reliever and I enjoy it so much. I routinely find my coffee from the prior day in the microwave at breakfast because I forgot I put it in to reheat, ha! So I can relate.

  15. I so love your posts, Bonnie. They give me just the most calming, gentlest feeling in these days of turmoil. And, they are wealth of information about quilting, shopping and nature. You really are the best. I must say, I'm having a hard time posting because I don't use Google much and it is difficult for me signing on. I wonder if others have this problem. No matter, you are the best!

  16. I agree 100%, make the quilts that make us happy and it doesnt need to be perfect .

  17. Definitely forget the quilting police! What's that phrase I hear lately...it's perfectly ok to be perfectly imperfect! Love seeing your pics of the four legged family members...please share some pics of Ivy someday soon...she's a sweetie pie.

  18. OMG, I bought that green and pink fabric years ago to use in a baby quilt I made for a friend. I have been using pieces of this fabric in my String X charity quilts!

  19. Love everything you work on, the advice, the fun, the problems shared, the quotes - just all of it. The blog makes my day everyday. I too was amazed by "Under the Banner of Heaven". It was mind blowing learning all these things we don't know about. Thanks so much for all you do!

  20. Love the rhodies. Your quote about where the laundry went is .y 1st laugh of the day. Thanks. I like the leaders and enders program. My only problem is I get confused when I go from one pattern to the leader and ender pattern. So I just stick to one thing at a time. I do enjoy your blog so much and have learned a lot from you.

  21. Yep...quilts that please the maker is what I feel it is about! Love the quote of the day :)!!!


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