Thursday, July 14, 2022

Friends With Pizza and a Frolic Quilt!

This is the kind of Scrap Happiness that happens in the QPO Studio!

Friend Martha finished her FROLIC quilt!  I am so tickled for her.  To watch her learn and grow and try different techniques and find ways to do tings that bring her joy - that's what it's all about, isn't it?

I know my quilts can be kind of on the EXTREME side of patchwork.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I love piece-heavy quilts and they can be intimidating, but when that top is together - whooo baby, it's GORGEOUS!

So what came first - the pizza or the quilting?

The pizza of course!

We had a chance to catch up on all the pertinent things while we fortified our bellies before digging in to the quilting.

If I can encourage anyone with this ONE THING.  Quilting is NOT about perfection.  And if your desire for perfection is keeping you from moving forward on any project - stop it right now.

There are quirks in ALL quilts.  That's where the LIFE is.  That's where the humanity of our experience is.  Not in the perfection.

So as Martha lamented over this point not matching just right, or that "same fabric" being too close to the other "same fabric" or the fact that she wished she had made a better choice with more contrast, I simply told her as we unfurled the quilt from the machine after the quilting was done - to stand back 6 feet and look at the WHOLE.  Not the individual imperfections.  THE WHOLE.

And the result was GLORIOUS!

We quilted with a light pink thread in an edge to edge design called Random Clams by Jessica Schick. 

The texture is awesome.

I already had it set on the quilting machine as I've quilted a couple of quilts with it recently myself.  You'll be seeing those SOON!

Baby blue binding is finishing the edge!

I know she'll have a fun time getting that binding hand-stitched down before heading out to visit her son tomorrow.

Who am I kidding? I bet it is finished already.  She's that kind of fast.

Photography happened yesterday morning!

There was just enough overcast that the sun didn't interrupt what photos needed to be taken.

If this doesn't convince you that my favorite color palette is SCRAPPY, I don't know what will!

How many quilts do YOU see here? LOL!

Lola, holding down one of tomorrow's surprises.

Almost ready now! Just some finishing touches on the PDF and getting the Quiltville Store and Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop ready to roll.

The Pieceful Hearts gals are in the house!

Would you believe this is just the amount of stuff from THREE vehicles? This was four quilters ready to retreat for a week. I love it!

I also love this - can you see?  It's Quiltville Inn in gingerbread!  Thank you, Betsey!

This morning The Hubster has gone to Jonesville to meet up with a company that fixes leaky basements.  Jeff's basement has been leaking in the storms we've had the past couple of weeks and it needs to be dealt with.  So dad to the rescue while the kids go to work.  That's how we deal with it, right?

This means I have the dogs this morning and I am hoping that I can wrangle some quilters to head out on a hike this morning.  Wish me luck.  I'm going, either way.  They need it and so do I.

What do you have on your plate for this mid-July Thursday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I believe in right turns, left turns, and U-turns! 
If you don't like where your road is heading, change direction or build a new road⁣.
Please don't judge someone else's road or tell them how they should be walking it, or what would make THEIR road better for YOU.⁣
Vintage Drunkard's Path quilt found in Georgia.⁣

Have a great Thursday, everyone!



  1. Don't now what happened to my comment, lol. As I said in it. I am leaving for Germany with family, so I haven't done any sewing this week
    I will go back into my place of joy after I return.

  2. I love the picture of the unloaded vehicles...we quilter's have no idea how to travel light HAHAHAHA Loving the look of the new quilt - can't wait for tomorrow - one more sleep!

  3. Martha's Frolic is awesome. She did it like the pattern. I need to make a mini Frolic so that I can see the pattern both ways. I did a turn on my version. It got me a White ribbon last year at the Fair. That has not happened to me before. It's a roadtrip day. Gotta get my 1/4" foot checked out. A spring came loose. Bernina guy to my rescue. Glad the Hubster can help Jeff. Happy Quilting and hiking.

  4. Seeing Martha's Frolic is encouraging me to get mine out and finiish it. I pieced some blocks wrong ( now can't even remember which part!) so gave up. I really like the colors so will start again. Also working on Hearts of hope and the valentine one ( name escapes me I getting old!). Truely a leaders and enders trio to keep me going.

  5. Photo of 'all the stuff' reminded me that Quilt Odyssey would have been just about now. I miss it so much. My husband used to ask if I wanted him to go. There was never room in the car for him.

  6. I far prefer a very tidy sewing room, and usually keep it nearly tidy, but the past year has been more swamped than usual and it had turned into a true disaster. This week, however, I've sorted fabric by colors into new 18qt plastic bins, sorted out the fabric I have for baby quilts, gifted away a huge stack of fleece I no longer want, and watched the floor slowly but surely appear from under the piles. Oh, but it feels--and LOOKS--good, and next week I'll finally get to start sewing again. Ahhh, the bliss!

  7. Martha's frolic is so beautiful ❤️.
    I just cannot make up my mind on what quilt to make next.. it drives me crazy 🤣. I don't want to work on the L/E with out working on a quilt. I'll sit down with all your books and decide.
    My guess is 4 quilts.

  8. I adore Martha's Frolic... great job! It reminds me of how much I love my Frolic and must get it quilted!

  9. Just found out that in addition to Grassy Creek, Rhododendron Yrail is needed for an Afghan refugee my group is sponsoring. They are being moved in tomorrow so need to get binding on ASAP! Nothing like a deadline to make you move!

  10. My husband often reminds me that I am the only one who notices my mistakes. Once the quilt is finished, they really don't show, or they look like quirky intentional things. Is that 3 or 4 quilts in the photo?

  11. I think there are 4 quilts in the photo....enjoy your blog a lot with you not rushing around all the time all over the place....

  12. I think I see 11 quilts in the photo...
    It is beautiful to see them all!


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