Friday, July 29, 2022

Let The Good Times Roll!

This beautiful bouquet came courtesy of my neighbor and friend Jean who picked these beauties from her yard before swinging down the road to the State Line store to pick us up breakfast sandwiches so we could spend part of the morning visiting while eating something yummy.

Breakfast with a friend is something that rarely happens - the blog and social media take up my morning times (no regrets) and my days are full leaving my free time in the evening.

Of course Sundays are wide open - but stores are closed around here on Sunday, so there is that.

It was just a treat to sit and talk and eat and talk and laugh and talk - and we don't do it often enough even though we live roughly 1/2 mile apart.

There must be more of this kind of visiting.

(And please pardon the folded laundry on top of the table - I'm doing what I can to keep myself from going stir crazy, and that means I can sit and fold. It's up to The Hubs to put away at this point.)

The July Quiltvillians are in the house!

And they are cooking up a storm.

I was able to head over after dinner for a QPO visit and laughed and laughed when Rebecca told me there was TOO MUCH FOOD and they'd have to stay 3 weeks to eat it all.  All 3 fridges are full to the gills.

Best get busy with the consuming, ladies!


We've got new faces along with returning Quiltvillians.

It is so exciting to meet folks I've known online for at least 10 years - this is Emily, and we first started corresponding while shew was living in Kazakhstan.  She now lives only a few hours up the road in West Virginia. 

We've got Californians and Canadians and New Yorkers turned Floridians and it sounds like everything is off to a good start.

It didn't take long until projects were beginning to fill design walls.

Take a look at what is under Emily's machine needle.

CURVES, baby!

I'm encouraging more photos so I can share in the abundant creativity that is filling this space.

And that includes photos of silliness and shenanigans!

Every retreat deserves a Pajama Day, don't you think?

Lisa is rocking her pink polka dot onesies.  

Any bets on how much thread is going to stick to that?  LOL!

From my friend Cheri in MN -

Friends who butt dial other friends should get an automatic call back, even just to say hello!

Because even "Sorry, I butt dialed you!" can turn into a quick and fun hello and a segway into quilt speak and an incoming photo of her beautiful Bitcoin top, recently finished.

Each one of these has turned out SO beautiful, and so different - just based on what folks have in their stash!  Have you started one?  Do you need to get in there and finish the one you've started?
The PDF pattern for Bitcoin is found in both the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store.

TODAY!!  You know what today is.  It's the Great Escape to the Haircut day.  The day I can officially start weight bearing in small amounts. With loads of breaks.  And lots of rest.  And elevation when I can.

In other words - GO SLOW.

I will be dropped off at Martha's car, and she will drive us both to get coiffed, and a drive-through lunch will happen and we will come back.  It's enough.

She will drop me off at the QPO where I will love much on Lola and take care of mail order and visit with whomever wishes to come down. (PJ's or not!)

And then it will likely be afternoon nap time - and THEN.  THEN...

I just may be able to sit at the machine and piece a bit.

I'm thinking string blocks because I can sit at the machine and press at the machine.  I can elevate my leg, there won't be a lot of up-down-up-down and I can easy back into things.


As far as the cutting table goes - I have placed a small bench in front of the table so I can knee-up on it keeping my weight on my good leg.  I've done this at the kitchen sink, and at the counter while chopping veggies for a salad.  It's a pain moving a bench around, but hey - whatever it takes to stay off the foot, and still be standing.

I will take small smart wins where I can find them.

And here is another one I meant to post a couple of weeks ago, but this whole thing happened:

We love this stuff.  But for what it is - it is incredibly expensive.

It's watered down Dawn, so you are paying for MOSTLY WATER.

And I hate throwing away good refillable bottles.  Even the refills don't save much money, and then you are throwing away just about the same amount of plastic.

So I tried this.  And it works great!

Next time I'm going to try the 16 oz. recipe with 3 oz. of Dawn and see if that doesn't make just a bit more suds.

I'm not sure what the alcohol does, maybe it helps with removing grease?

But this works.  And saves so much money.

For those wondering about measuring ounces - my clear glass measuring cups list both cup measurements AND ounces.

I'll be adding this to the recipes tab so you can find it later.  After you use it, let me know what you think.

Only 3 days left:

What happens when you combine traditional triangle units with improv inspired string blocks? Kismet, that’s what!⁣

I had enough units left over to make a wall hanging size!

(Little Kismet is sure cute!)
Quilt Sizes: Full: 78’’X 78’’ Wall: 42’’X 42’’⁣
25% off introductory pricing and no coupon needed, good through 7/31/22.

I've marked Nearly Lemoyne at 25% off as well - just because!

(Also available in the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop)

And with that - I've got 30 minutes to get myself ready for the great haircut getaway adventure.

What do you have going on today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's Friday!
I'm not sure what that means for you, but for me it has been 2 weeks of non-weight-bearing and the sewing room is calling my name!
Let's GO!
(In small amounts. With caution. And lots of rest.)⁣



  1. glad you are making progress! slowly & carefully!!! <3 SHARE A LAUGH, neighbor & I were chatting, mentioning one of the perks of advancing age was the lack of hair on legs and underarms, my hand immediately flew to my chin! Pointing up the ADDITIONAL chin hair! Well, we laughed and laughed -- very satisfying and exhausting belly laughs... do what makes your hearts sing, love and kindness from Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  2. I love seeing things as it is, so I welcome laundry folding in the background. How nice to hear that life goes on and you embrace every day. Happy sewing. Nina from Sweden.

  3. Omg! The words of todays wisdom are ME right now! I hate a messy sewing room, and usually won’t even go in there if it’s in disarray. I can’t think! But, right now, I have 2 kingsize quilts and a sew-a-long in progress, 2 waiting to be quilted, and my next project up in que out so I can mull over it. Oh, and don’t forget the 10 yards of backing fabric and the strips of leftover blocks hanging around to be pieced into a backing…😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫. I just have to close my eyes and breathe. Hoping to get that backing done today. Then it’s off to the quilter. Thank goodness the king size ones are too big for my frame.
    Have a safe day out Bonnie! Hope you get some sewing time in later.

  4. I love Bitcoin! I love seeing how different they all look. I did mine as my leader and ender until it took over as the main project :-) I think I'll do another.

  5. What a thoughtful gesture of Jean. How nice was that.
    And Martha is just a treasure.
    Glad you're feeling a little better and doing more..bless you and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I giggled seeing the pin and white polka dot quilter... she's a gem! I loved the gorgeous Bitcoin quilt. I've made one in colour sections - must post to instagram.

  7. Awe, A haircut day! I should have made an appointment after my last one. No drop in at my hairdresser like I use to do with my niece 1 hour away. I miss our Chats! If we can find a way to stitch, no matter how we get there, it's good. Nastiness is hubby's thing. I'll just stay up late and sleep in. Have a great weekend.

  8. I attended the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA on Weds. Was happy to finally go there but sorry that your string exhibit quilts were done in the changing exhibits. I live 1 1/2 hours away but couldn't get there before this. Luckily, I met you and your lovely quilts at the Vermont Quilt Festival a few years ago.
    Sending healing vibes your way from New Hampshire !

  9. I have used the Dawn, water combination for years in my bathrooms. Never used the alcohol, never heard about using that. My bathrooms have always looked really good & shiny! I did buy the large spray bottles at Lowes, as the sprayer lasts forever compared to cheaper ones.

  10. Also, 1/8 cup is one ounce.

  11. I tried the Dawn recipe and it works great! Thanks for passing that on.

  12. Thank you for sharing the Dawn PowerWash hack. My husband turned me onto it, but I've dreaded the expense when getting the refills.


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