Monday, July 04, 2022

Long Holiday Weekend At Hand -

This lovely shade of green!

I took a little walk through the side yard at Quiltville Inn to check in on our apple trees and look!

Baby apples are covering the branches of the three old trees.

There is also signs that deer have been trying to get to them already - we may need to find some way to rope them off.

Long holiday weekends with the inn unoccupied is the perfect time to do ALL the maintenance things.

We bit the bullet and installed a commercial door spring on the big heavy kitchen door - and it is amazing!

No more trying to shut the door with your foot while your hands are full of groceries.  It's new nickname is "the door valet."  LOL!

Out here in the country bugs, mice (and yes snakes) are a concern, and any door left open for any reason is a big no no. 

In the evening the gnats and flying things are very attracted to the lights inside the kitchen, and this big glass door signals to all the creepy crawlies "Come to the light!" and we want to keep them out.  This will help greatly.

It was also a weekend for changing out hvac filters and resettling the wifi extenders to direct to the new modem with the same password we've been using. 

Batteries for the motion detecting lights on both stairwells were also changed out so guests can find their pathway illuminated when descending steps in the twilight to dark.

None of this is quilty-excitement inducing, but hey - this stuff has to be taken care of!

And there has been time to enjoy this:

Mabel loves her kiddy pool!

Click to Play:

I was hoping to catch her staying in there, but she moved right on out and shook off right in front of Dave.  LOL!

And yes, we are IN the dog pen.  On lawn chairs.  With the dogs.

To solve the mud problem, we found a guy that sells reclaimed AstroTurf.  It is quick drying when it rains, and the dogs love it.  They love their pen.  They go right in and play.  It has been the best thing.

Even when we leave the gate open, they are in there.

It might not be "Yard Beautiful" but we don't care.  Hooray for the dog pen!

I spent some time yesterday working on my star blocks from recycled shirts.

As we have a new Leader & Ender project, Triple Treat, I am keeping my 1 1/2'' squares box next to my machine while I make four-patches in between the lines of chain piecing.

Lola the scrap compactor is doing her job of making sure those squares stay nice and tight against the bottom of the bin!

You crazy girl!

It feels like I'm trying to extract eggs from beneath a laying hen as I fumble for a handful of squares!

I know this quilt is going to go fast for many of you - I'm already seeing blocks popping up on social media!

If you missed it, I have linked it under the Free Patterns tab so you can easily find it.

Evening binding stitching with Ivy!

I finished the binding last night - hanging sleeve and label will hopefully be done tonight.  It's getting there!

We watched a cute cute movie "Love & Gelato" on Netflix.  SUPER cute. Total escapism, And I was remined of the times I've been in Italy - both Rome and Florence through scenes in the movie.

It was just super cute.  If you need to escape from the "law and order" and other "shoot em up" kinds of shows, see this one.

No guns, no bombs, no car crashes, no super heroes. No murder, no mayhem.  I needed it.

Today - a bit more stuff to do at the inn to get ready for Judy's Stitchers arriving on Wednesday afternoon.

Perhaps a bit of sewing - but as it is a holiday Monday I don't intend to do too much.

It's also the LAST DAY for this:


With the upcoming Independence Day holiday,  I've marked Solidarity (including the Hearts of Hope quilt as a Bonus) at 25% off through 7/4/22 

Price reverts to full tomorrow 7/5/22.

Unity and Courthouse Square are also discounted 25% – no coupon code needed.

Patterns are available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”
– Ronald Reagan

Just something to think about in this very precarious time not only for our nation, but for the world at large.



  1. From Carlsbad CA to all, love, good health, joy and peace ... special to Bonnie and the critters.. thanks again for all you do... hugs, Cats

  2. Good Morning! Love the new leader and ender. Had to toss the fish as someone got into my basket and used it as a litter box. Thank god for plastic liners for the Longaberger baskets as the basket itself was ok. The fish not so. Again, have a great 4th!

  3. That spring is gonna keep the creepy crawlers out. I hope to get some stitches in. Rainy weather will keep me from watching the Baseball game and 4th in the Pioneer Park this afternoon. A quiet day is in order. Happy Independence Day!

  4. Love the new L/E block....Thank you...Love Apple Green too....Wishing you peace & serenity on this long weekend..I'm going to my sewing room to figure out what quilt to make next.

  5. I love the binding with Ivy photo... so sweet! What a great quote for today! It reminds me of one of my favourites by Emma Lazarus “Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ”

  6. I absolutely LOVE your quote for today!! We should all spread it far and wide. And Reagan's quite, too.

  7. We are all packing up for our trip towards Quiltville Inn tomorrow. See you Wednesday!!

  8. You may have to put a fence around the trees to keep the deer out of the apples. Enjoyed your descriptions of the creepy crawlies.

  9. I have been working this entire weekend on Emerald City. I just have the border blocks and nine patch squares to cut out and I can start putting it together. I have been slowly working on it for 2 years. I hope to get it done in the next couple weeks before our trip to TX. It is for my husband's uncle.

  10. My husband has the same job as Lola. As he explains it, if he doesn't hold down his recliner it might go flying off into space. Lola has the added task of not allowing you to peek at the next fabric you choose. 😁


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