Saturday, July 09, 2022

Steppin' Out!

This is how we got our strut on yesterday morning before the heat of the day increased our need for a/c!

One van load, full up and ready, loaded up and headed out to Bear Branch Road for a lovely walk through the countryside.

"Don't worry, there are no steep hills!" I encouraged.

"It's down a holler, it will be mostly shady!" I touted.

What I forgot to mention were all the wild flowers we'd see on our way.

Oh, the colors!

The beautiful brilliant orange of whatever-you-may-call them.

Day Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Ditch Lilies (My favorite)

They certainly know how to bloom where they are planted.

 But this brilliant blue of bachelor buttons along a fence.

This makes my eyes so happy!

(Also called Cornflower.)

But perhaps the happiest and most overlooked of flowers are the wee little ground cover daisies.  

Every time I come down here there is something new blooming.  And it has been a few weeks.  This is the first time I have gotten a shoe on my right foot since the midnight stubbed toe incident.  And all is well!  Finally!

Pink rhodies blooming by the creek.

And of course, Queen Anne's Lace.

(Also known as tick weed in these parts!)

Under the rhododendrons in bloom.

Things are late this year, and I'm glad they've taken their own sweet time as they were all done and gone when Judy's Stitchers were here last year.

Forests of blooming rhododendrons on both sides of the road.  Little precious pink tufts of blossoms everywhere we looked.

It's like the forests KNEW we were here for our own parade.

The rest of my day went like this.

I'm sure my glare was much the same when I found that I had miscounted string units needed - where I thought I only needed 36, and was so proud of myself, I found that I actually needed 52.

52?!?  That's a big discrepancy!  What's up with my math skills lately?

Back at it to make up the needed difference because:

There is something being revealed NEXT WEEK!

You've been asking where my OWN Fish School Leader & Ender blocks ended up, and that reveal is happening NEXT Friday.

The little teaser you see above is a simple afterthought that turned out to be not-so-simple.

So back to the machine I'll be today to finish up the last of those I-thought-I-had-counted-right-but-evidently-not blocks and get this together.

Just a bit of  Cranberry Creek Bluegrass at Corner Market!

We enjoyed a fun supper on the porch, enjoying the music from these fine folks.  And yes, it's hard to shovel salad into your mouth while your toes are tapping and you keep wanting to hum or sing along.

Much enjoyment happened.  I'm still humming.

And the salad was yummy.

So here we are at the weekend!  Deep into middle summer which means the possibility of afternoon thundershowers is a likely possibility.

The quilters don't mind!  They are inside quilting away, though I heard rumblings of a plot to head over to Wytheville and hit up Batiks, Etc.  I know they will have a good time.

What do you have coming down the pipeline for your weekend ahead?  Let me know in the comments below!

Did you enter to win the July/August '22 Quiltmaker Gift-Away yet?  The drawing happens on Monday 7/11/22 so get that entry in!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Welcome to the weekend folks! πŸ€—
Whatever you get up to, have a wonderful time!



  1. not much sewing will be done for me this weekend Grandson came home with us yesterday to spend a week so will be doing fun things with him. we bought a new camper yesterday so will be starting to outfit it so can take a trial run with it before we take a bigger trip in August. new adventures at our house. will be sewing on the road soon.

  2. Oh, what pretty flowers 🌺🌹. Love the daisies.
    Not doing much this weekend but sewing 🧡πŸͺ‘. Working on pineapple blossom and triple treat.
    We've all miscounted units I think πŸ€” you're not alone.

  3. Recognize most of those fellow Mississippi quilters, just can't put a name to all of them. I know they are having a grand time!

  4. I see spiders and minions in your strings. So funny. Have a great weekend

    1. I spotted that cute litttle spider too.

  5. Pretty flowers seen by the lucky hikers! Can't wait to see your new reveal next week! I have a zoom sew with my guild this afternoon and am looking forward to that.

  6. All that sounds like a wonderful summer day, especially if you could go back and sew. Your wildflowers are wonderful. I never heard Ditch lilies before. I just dug out a bunch and moved them. All my cultivated (the uptown sisters) are blooming now. I love them. They force me to visit them every day because they are gone tomorrow. Stop and see the daylilies!

  7. Staying inside out of the rain, finishing a mystery quilt and using the unsewer.

  8. Got a few Stitches in yesterday, It's been way too long. I used the match and sub-cut strips for 4- patches just like I learned doing Quiltville Mysteries. DH thinks I am so smart. I said it was your tip. 166 4-patches ready to chain this morning. Extras for the L/E.

  9. The orange lilies we call corn lilies. Our families came originally from West Virginia and I'm assuming that's one of the flowers they brought with them in the covered wagons.

  10. So today is our Midsummer Faire and it is a gorgeous sunny day. There will be flowers in abundance, yummy food, quilts for sale, music and more. And it's just a couple blocks from the quilt guild Open Sew which happens once a month. Just bring your project(s) and sew all day - well, until 10:30 pm. Anxious to begin this years leader/ender. I haven't been sewing much the past month or so. I love all your roadside flowers!

  11. counting down the days till July 20 when it will be Christmas in July at Quiltville Inn. Can't wait to see you

  12. Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory come a little later to So. WI. They are my favorite wild flowers. Ha! I didn't know anyone except my daughter called the orange lilies - ditch lilies! I like to see them out in the country and think perhaps they mark an old "home place" from years ago. No stitching this weekend. Still putting the basement back together after it got a wee bit wet (ugh) after the 4th/5th of July monsoons here. I'm glad you are up to hiking again and thanks for the pix.

  13. Ha! I thought my daughter was the only person who called the orange lilies Ditch Lilies! She is also fond of Gravel Pit Weeds aka Chicory. So glad you were able to take us along on your hike. Mother Nature sure isn't shy with color!


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