Saturday, July 16, 2022

Gone Up The Mountain -

Yesterday morning was slated for a hike up to the Appalachian Trail!

It took two cars with 8 of us and two dogs, but it was so worth it!

If you ever wondered why the Blue Ridge is called the Blue Ridge, all you need to do is take a look at the view behind us and no other words are needed.

I am so happy to be calling this little corner of the world home - 

And I'm even happier to have folks who encourage ME to keep walking and hiking as we all know that quilting is a sedentary sport and if we don't move it we lose it.

And as activity goes - it's not about how fast you go.  It's just THAT you go.

Whether that is just going out your front door to the mail box and back if that is all you are able to do, or run a marathon if that is your thing.

Do what you can to the best of your ability.  And then do it again.  Often.

The quilting will be there when you get back energized and refreshed.

Enjoying wildflowers along our path.

The cloud cover provided interesting shadow play against the surrounding summits.

Flowers of mid to late summer -

That's it, ladies!  you can do it!

Resting it out at our highest point for this hike.

Hiking back down along the Appalachian Trail.

Look what's starting to bloom - my favorite Bee Balm!

This, however, makes me just a bit sad.  it's July and bushes are beginning to turn at this elevation.

Things get a bit rocky on the trail coming down - be careful!

Can we beat the rain in these clouds?

Yep, in fact it never rained at all - the clouds either burned off or moved along - we stayed dry all day.

Well done, ladies!

But what about the ponies?

As happens in the summer heat - and with the park being at peak season with loads of hikers (and those with dogs) the ponies may move to higher elevations, and settle more on the "shady" side of the mountain to stay cooler where things are a bit more private.

We could have continued up the trail in hopes of finding them - but other than a couple we saw move further into the brush, the only equine activity we saw was this.  Click to Play:

Horses and Mules - and fun to see!

I don't know if you caught it, but check out the tack, saddles and other equipment (including the chaps!) on these riders.  They don't mess around.  Yeeeehawww!

Sweet summer daisies through an old log fence.

Thanks for the wonderful hike, gals!

After this it was back to the inn for lunch and a tote workshop given by one of the retreaters.  I can't wait to see how everyone's projects are coming along.

After lunch I admit I was so worn through that I brought the dogs back home and crawled in for a long nap.  It was nearly dinner time by the time I woke up.

Japanese Steakhouse night on the cabin porch!

The Hubster loves to cook on his Blackstone grill and I receive all the benefits.

If you are wondering about the two fried rice piles - I love mine with loads of veggies, and he prefers his without.  Yum!

If you have made it this far - that's a lot of photos to go through!  When it comes to long-form blogging, I think this post is in the running.

Did you see this happened yesterday??

It's my newest PDF pattern release - Kismet!
What happens when you combine traditional triangle units with improv inspired string blocks? Kismet, that’s what!⁣

I had enough units left over to make a wall hanging size!

(Little Kismet is sure cute!)
Quilt Sizes: Full: 78’’X 78’’ Wall: 42’’X 42’’⁣
I'm so in love with this quilt, I can't wait to share it with you - so we are kicking everything off with 25% off introductory pricing and no coupon needed, good through 7/31/22!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

And two lucky winners will each receive the PDF pattern for Kismet AND Nearly Lemoyne (Also on sale at 25% off) from me along with a Kaleidoscope fabric roll from CottonToQuilts.com! 😊👍
Whoowhooo! We will draw for those winners on Wednesday 7/27/22 - so hurry and get those entries in on the Gift-Away Post.

Today? A morning road hike up Round House Road maybe? It's been a couple of weeks since I've done that. I hope there are some takers.

Tonight is fire pit night - and I know that will be fun.

I need some machine time now that this pattern release is finally out there.

And just enjoying time with the Pieceful Hearts gals while they are retreating and sewing at Quiltville Inn.

How about you - any weekend plans ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I have referred to baby steps several times over the past couple of weeks. Baby steps are my focus!
Little steps add up to a whole lot of progress as long as we don't stop moving forward!
Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. The photo with the wild daisies growing through the old wooden fence is postcard-worthy! Glad life is treating you kindly again. Enjoy your group and no-social-media Sunday.

  2. Yes, baby steps, I'm taking a lot these days but still getting there! Thanks Bonnie for always inspiring us!!

  3. I always enjoy your daily wrap ups (with alllll the pictures)! Thanks!

  4. I'm glad everyone enjoyed your walk. Beautiful scenery.
    I love daisies..kisses for Zoey and Mable please.
    We're going on vacation next week.

  5. It's a Good day to stay inside in the heat of Summer. We've waited for it and my Hydreagea flowers are in bloom. My tiny steps are running stairs to the basement to do laundry. Happy Saturday!

  6. The photos from your hike are just stunning! Lucky lucky people to be able to see those sights with their own eyes! I feel better just looking at the beautiful photos!

  7. I love that last group photo! It looks like the clouds are just suspended in the sky!
    Beautiful scenery- glad you all could enjoy it! Happy Saturday! Going to clean out my sewing room- well, try to! Ha!

  8. I noticed a new quilt on your banner photo and what a beauty it is! Kismet! Love the name and love your quilt!


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