Friday, October 01, 2021

Washed, Dried, Fluffed and Folded!

It was late last night when I washed Zoey's chosen and mended quilt - 

You know the kind of night where you are too tired to wait for the spin cycle, so you just GO?

(And secretly hope that none of the reds bleed while sitting in a wet washer over night.)

This is the quilter's version of "living on the edge."  It's so risky! LOL!

Here I was nearing the end of the binding repair - when I found ANOTHER barely chewed spot that I had some how missed.

It meant that I had to stop the play of NCIS Hawaii (Not sure if I am going to like this version or not, time will tell.  They need closed captions to help me understand the Hawaiian speak!)

A bit more unstitching and removal of that third bad spot and a bit of  time searching for something that would match somewhat closely - some fussy splicing in, and we were all hand-sewn back down.

And how does that Zoey girl show her appreciation for all of this quilt repair effort on her part?

She slept right through it all.  Silly girl!

This morning the quilt hit the dryer while I showered and had breakfast.

And that moment of blessed truth - gathering it out of the dryer all fluffy and warm - AHHHHHH!  The best part!

You know there are some things about quilts and their history that after this many years I simply can't remember.

For instance - why do some of these rows have the main blocks set as X's and the other bottom two rows are diamonds?  

I must have done it this way on purpose, but I don't remember!

It keeps things interesting, though?

Bottom patch with the plaid binding added.

The floral binding on the right was the original.

This was the side with the biggest chewed out chunk.

I like that the patches are visible, but blend in just a bit so they look purposeful.

All in all, not a bad fix!

Folded and placed on top of the crate where she likes to look out the window.

The perfect perch!

Now that this turned out so good, and summer is leaving us behind - I think I need to continue the mending experiment.  

There is one more string quilt that Sadie chewed - this time just the binding and a bit of the border on an all solids version of nearly this same quilt - that one I hand quilted.

I pulled out some closely matching solids yesterday and now that I have a bit of confidence under my belt will tackle that one this coming week.

And then there is that favorite pair of jeans with the blown out knees - I think they need some mending too!  It's time to put the capris and shorts away until next summer.

Sleep sweet, little ones!

This is for those of you who have asked if Zoey and Ivy are still best buddies.  Yep! This was last night before I turned out the reading light!

Bed hogs.  Both of them!

Throw Back Friday!

My dad found this photo and emailed it to me yesterday.  Who is that young thing??

At first I didn't even recognize the door - but it's the front door of our old house in Irmo, SC before we moved up to Wallburg NC.  13 or 14 years ago.  I'm posting it just for fun.  and to remind this 40-something-year-old to hang on - that the next couple of decades of her life are going to be wild and wonderful!

Today - things are going to be a bit chaotic.  I've got an appointment in Winston early afternoon and then I am headed to the Wallburg house to pack the van full of stuff going to Goodwill.

And maybe bring more quilts home?  *SIGH*

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

The Hubster has already headed out with Zoey and the pick-up-pulling-trailer and I'll meet him there later.

What do you have in store for your Friday ahead?

Hello, October!
All the way through the end of October, the Punkin Patch Runner  is half-price at only $5.00. No coupon required!⁣

These beauties are on the design wall at Quiltville Inn!

The Shippenstitchers are having a wonderful time, and I have more photos to share in future posts!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Love October and Audrey Hepburn!
Dare to break some rules today!
Carolina Crossroads quilt made by Carrie in Delaware.
Pattern from my book Scraps & Shirttails available in the Quiltville Store.

Happy Friday!



  1. Understand your pain - we are trying to get downsized -- we are going to move permanently to Florida - in a MUCH smaller home! AND the Florida house is already furnished. Good luck with your moving

  2. What a marvellous repair job you did on this quilt!

  3. I understand the piece to patch on the front, but what do you do on the back? Pictures? Thank you so much for all you do

    1. I already shared this a couple of days ago. Please scroll back to https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2021/09/from-sadie-to-zoey-with-love.html

  4. fantastic repair - thanks for all the tips on how to do it too, you never know when you are going to need them! I love that you've given it to Zoey Jo in memory of Sadie, so fitting

  5. Sadie and Zoey's quilt looks charming. You did a wonderful job. Apparently Zoey wasn't worried at all. Have a good day.

  6. Seeing Zoey and Lola together makes my heart happy! Yes one bite at a time--there are times in our life when it all seems overwhelming.

  7. Glad this repair is done for Zoey Jo's Quilt. Funny to see the strings turned differtly on the bottom. Always a quilty Surpise from the past. I plan to make a dent in my pile around the Quilt Machine. This weekend, it's binding time on my hand Quilted Reproduction Quilt. Happy October.

  8. Are they X's and O's like hugs and kisses on your repaired quilt? I could almost feel your quilt coming out of the dryer all warm and good as new :0) I enjoyed watching this repair and taking "mental notes" just in case I have a quilt repair in my future :0). Happy Sewing and moving

  9. The repairs can maybe save some future quilts now that you have shown ideas for doing it. Thank you. I am heading from Arkansas to Monroe, LA to watch my granddaughter play some college softball. I am 71 and want to watch her as long as God allows me.

  10. Best of luck with the downsizing in Wallburg. I can imagine the angst of doing so as we have our primary home plus a mountain cabin fully furnished. There is much letting go in your near future.

    Hugs to you :-)

  11. It makes me emotional when I read about the “passing of the quilt “torch” to Zoey😭 It’s so fitting… and fixing the chew spots made by Sadie for Zoey, as Sadie gave you so much love , but Zoey took over Sadie’s job of watching over you. Zoey fills your heart like you filled the holes of the quilt! It didn’t take away the loss but made it just as beautiful!!

    I LOVE your wedding ring quilt!! I hope you keep that one!! It’s pretty special!

    Can’t wait for the Cabin Corners pattern! I have way more color than neutrals though… we will see if I have enough!!

    I’d love to be in Virginia watching those pumpkin trucks roll by in the crisp autumn days!!
    Happy October!
    Blessed & grateful, Marci H

  12. The repair looks so good....Zoey will enjoy laying on this quilt that has already been shown so much love. It pained me to watch through the NCIS Hawaii....not going to stay on my watch list, there is no flow and I really do not want to translate while I watch, sorry to say it is just not captivating enough. Lots of new choices & returns starting that are power pact and captivating.

  13. Was Crusifer and first reader at our retired rectors funeral this am. Work from 2 to 10. Have a quilt of valor to get done and have only 2 rows together. Yes eat an Elephant one bite at a time! Have a great weekend.

  14. What a beautiful repair job, I'm so glad Zoey has 'her' quilt back :-) It's a great reminder that even 'broken' things are still beautiful and useful. That applies to people too <3

  15. Your Sadie to Zoey quilt is all the more beautiful with the "fix". You did a great job. And I love the photo your dad sent - brings back sweet memories for us to look through old photos.

  16. This makes me think of the comments you post about quilts you find in thrift/antique shops. Imagine what someone might wonder about this quilt in another 50 years!

  17. The patched quilt is so special. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy, Zoey!

    Love the pumpkin/citrus color scheme on Carolina Crossroads.

  18. I love how you put the heart right out there on top - loud and proud. Look what I did. It's beautiful. When our dog was a puppy my son wrapped him up in a quilt and forgot him. He tried to chew his way out. LOL We all have them.

  19. That's a really good patch job! So nice when you can salvage the quilt and get a little more love out of it.

  20. Love the mending job on that quilt. It definitely makes it useable and pretty too.

  21. I loved learning how to repair quilts.when my granddaughter was young she always brought me her quilt to fix but I just zig zags a patch over it! 😂glad to know a way it looks good.

  22. I love that you repaired the quilt for Zoey. How special that is..... in so many ways..... I've been trying to clean and purge my own home. 35 years in one house accumulates A LOT!!! It's not been easy for me to do. Have a wonderful weekend Bonnie!!

  23. Bonnie, your adventures in mending of quilts you've made have been so helpful! I would love to see more if you have them. I have a couple I have loved (I used to own a B&B) that I can't part with. Had been thinking of cutting them down, but now I plan to do some reconstruction as you have. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  24. Bonnie, a friend of mine has a couple of family quilts that are 100 years old. She is looking to find them a home because she has all the ones she will hand down to her kids. I told her I'd look for a home for them. She says they eed some minor repairs. Are you interested in giving these quilts a home?

  25. Never noticed the x's and o's until you pointed them out. Does look like you had a plan. ;)
    Not sure if we like the NCIS Hawaii either. We went to bed before it was over. I don't have a problem with their speech but we've watched Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum for years (also been there)

  26. I absolutely love the picture your Dad pulled out!!! What a special treat.

  27. Bonnie, I love to hear from you each day! Please, never stop! That's a fabulous pic of you and your hubby.....it's fun to look back, isn't it! And those fur babies of yours....so, so sweet. Something tells me that Zoey does not judge as to why her 'new' quilt has x's or diamonds in the pattern. It's perfect for her perch!! And little Ivy is so sweet and 100% good with putting her little head down and going to sleep w/Zoey! So perfect. Busy day in our home today....we are having the whole house painted inside starting Monday....we have to move all furniture to the center of the room, remove small items completely, take down quilts, you name it.....it's like moving out all over again....but I will still read you each day and know that you are just as busy as us, but probably having more fun!!! Thanks so much for your time.

    1. Thanks! But that isn't my hubby - it's my DAD! :)

  28. I think the patches add to the quilt and make it even better.

  29. I appreciate your explanation and showing pictures of what you did to repair Zoey's quilt. I need to repair a Halloween quilt I made for my son. His dog chewed areas of the quilt

  30. Like you and Linda K I'm not sure I'll keep watching the NCIS Hawaii, I do use close caption on most everything I watch. I'm not sure I'm a fan of all these NCIS/FBI spin offs. Love every thing you put out there for us to enjoy. Thanks, CaBobbie


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