Monday, October 18, 2021

A Mid-October Weekend!

I am surrounded by glorious color!

That's The Hubster's shed you see front and center, and the colorful trees as backdrop are just magnificent.

They are quickly losing leaves and I have a feeling we've passed the peak of the season, but I'm so glad we got to see them against a beautiful blue sky - they appear so much more vibrant than against a cloudy grey.

My side yard into the woods -

The other miraculous thing that is happening as leaves thin out - I now have a sunrise!  I can ALMOST see the mountain ridges that are hidden by the abundance of trees during the summer months - 

And yes, we have just a bit of red here and there.


Our other exciting autumn event happened yesterday - I was stitching with the Muddy Creek Misfits before they packed up and headed home, and received a call from The Hubster on his way through Wilkesboro - he said that he was passed by about 200 Corvettes going the opposite direction on a road rally, and what a fun sight that was to see.

A few hours later - guess what passed us off the porch at Quiltville Inn?  Click to Play:

How fun is this!

They are slowing here because there is a stop sign.  There was a sheriff in the intersection holding traffic back so they could make a right turn toward Independence, driving right in front of the Inn.  

You gotta love the vroom vroom as they rounded the corner.  Weeeeeee!

Further investigation on this event showed me this:

How fun for them!

Other weekend things:

With the move of big items from Wallburg to Virginia, there were some things that Goodwill wouldn't take, or things from here that were being replaced.

Remember the big item pick up event that happens in April?  Where we are allowed to have 10  big items picked up, but you start putting them out early so that drive-by folks could stop and pick them up?

Last Tuesday night with the move in of my big desk, I put out a table, a shoe organizer closet thing, a fireplace set with shovel, broom and poker - and it was ALL GONE by the next morning.

So on firepit night, Dave said "I wonder if they would pick up the old riding lawn mower - it just needs a new battery."  So out it went.

It was dark when it was placed at Curbwill (Our new name for curb pick up - like goodwill at the curb. LOL) and it was still sitting there in the morning so I put a big sign on it that said "FREE - NEEDS BATTERY" And it wasn't but an hour later that a gentleman stopped to ask if it really was free.

He needed to go home to get his buddies to help him load it on the trailer.  So I removed the sign, and told him he could come back for it and he did - 

My photo is through the window screen, and it had started to rain a bit.  But hooray for Curbwill, and for things going directly to people who can use these items without the middleman. 

Stitching down the binding on my 25 patch!

Muriel got her Punkin Patch center together!

Pattern from my book String Frenzy!

Shelly's blocks are A-MAZE-ING!

Pattern is Interwoven by Brittany of Lo and Behold Stitchery.

We enjoyed our last lunch together, and then it was pack up and leaving time.  I loved the little favors left at place settings.  So much fun!

I'll see you next time, Muddy Creek Misfits!

Nap Time!

Zoey looks about as tired as I felt - I crawled in to bed about 3:30pm and didn't awake until dinner time.

And all through the weekend this was also going on:

October's Boxy Bow Ties pattern kick off is a hit!

I am super thrilled with the response, and can't wait to see your projects in progress as photos show up on Facebook and Instagram.  Please use hashtag #boxybowtiesquilt and tag me @quiltville_bonnie so I can follow along with your progress!

AND! We are having a Gift-Away!

I'll be drawing for one winner who will receive the printable PDF pattern for Boxy Bow Ties for themselves AND a friend, along with this for both:

A This & That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Drawing to happen Monday 10/25/21!

You'll find Boxy Bow Ties in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store! And to kick this excitement into gear, I've placed it at 25% off through 10/31/21 at only $9.00, No coupon required!

Don't forget that my Punkin Patch Runner is also marked 50% off at only $5.00 through 10/31/21 as well!

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

Today starts a new week.  The Scrappy Sisters are arriving on Wednesday afternoon and we've got a workshop weekend ahead.  We'll be focusing on Midnight Flight from my Addicted to Scraps book all weekend long, and it's going to be a fun time, come rain or shine.

I hope to be loading a quilt into the long arm in between running loads of laundry - trying to keep it an easy day, but you know me - I have the hardest time slowing down.

How about your weekend?  Did you get out into nature wherever you are?  Did you start a project, spend some time on one, finish another?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 1940s - 1950s diamonds quilt top received as a gift several years back. I love the fabrics in it!

There are so many opportunities available with each choice!
Every minute, every hour!
What will you do with yours today?

Happy Monday, folks!



  1. Does anyone have an idea where a pattern can be found for the diamond quilt with the quote today. I love it.

    1. The pattern is called Interwoven and it is available in paper or as a PDF. Google Interwoven and Lo and Behold Stitchery.

    2. I love that quilt with the quote, too! Similar patterns are “V-block” or “Endless Chain”. But this one is tricky, since none of the diamond patches has a seam across it. It may not have square blocks, and was surely hand-pieced.

    3. I found this on Pinterest. I love this pattern too.

  2. Love your fall colors- our part of southern Michigan is way behind. Normally we've had a frost by now but not this year! In sewing news, I've pulled the fabrics for a new Christmas quilt but it is a year-long project and I'm not in a hurry. I love the colors and look forward to starting it!

  3. my name for curbwill is sidewalk sale...LOL...either way it works!

  4. My sister lives on a busy road and is always putting stuff outside her fenced property, and it is usually gone the next day! It's a wonderful way to recycle to someone in need of what she no longer wants! I live down a quiet one lane road with little traffic, so if I want to recycle, I have to take it to her house, but have to also be willing to come back for it if not claimed by a passerby.

  5. i LOVE CURBWILL!!! I'm a waste-not, want-not kind of person and love that people can re-use, re-cycle (scrappy fabric)!!! I'd much rather give something to someone who will use and enjoy, rather than give it to someone who will SELL it to someone to use and enjoy! LOL... Happy Monday boys n girls... Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. We don’t really know when you put it out for free who will use it themselves or resell but still it is helpful to us and to them I am sure.

  6. I'll be looking forward to the eye treat of Midnight Flight. Six years ago I started it when you taught at Jo's Country Junction retreat in Iowa. Have not worked on it since until this past week when I pulled it out for an upcoming weekend quilt retreat. Busy cutting everything needed for it and the other projects I'm taking.

  7. Love the Corvettes And the quilt on the wall! Have grea week

  8. Yes CurbWill is very good here. My brother died and the things that he had well things that the metal junk men did not want went out to the side of the road and almost all went byebye quickly. If they did not we did resort to the trash can for a few small items..

  9. Zoey is such a Hambone!! hehe..Leaves are dropping fast here too..The Red and Sugar Maples are gorgeous this year...I'm trying to quilt but my mid arm isn't cooperating..Tomorrow is another day. Debra in Ma.

  10. My hubby and our grandson would have loved the corvettes, I love the quilts and the Inn.

  11. Funny, you seem to have more fall colors down there in VA than we do in NY. Leaves are dropping but we're not getting a lot of color this year.

    1. So true-I'm calling it the low volume autumn!

  12. How much fun to watch the Corvette parade! I have been working on my Talking Turkey and making good progress. I took the workshop when you came to Napa in 2018 along with Hawk’s Nest. My Cathedral Stars was quilted this year from June 2018 workshop at Seven Sister’s Quilt Show. I just need to do the binding and take a photo to post. I have been walking at the beach 3 times a week with a group of friends. We average 5 miles a walk! I love the fall colors but not the short daylight hours!

  13. Yes, that pattern is Interwoven by Brittany of Lo and Behold Stitchery (she’s moving from Raleigh to Black Mtn, NC I think - a real sweetheart and great quilter - a nurse by profession).

  14. DH loved the Corvette parade!

  15. Does anyone know the pattern name for Shelly's quilt blocks?

  16. Is there a name or pattern for Shelly's quilt? It looks great and I would like to try it.

    1. Please read the comments above yours. It is listed.

  17. Zoey's in heaven with all the added quilts.

  18. Hi, Curbwill is a winner. We do curbwilling on our street as well. Great fun

    Thank you

  19. I just ordered the pattern Interwoven. I'm excited to make it, just don't know what year. LOL


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