Friday, October 22, 2021

Get Ready For This!

There's not just one mystery quilt coming soon, but TWO!

My hope is that you'll find yourself jumping into BOTH!

First off - we've just over a week until the introductory post for this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery is released.

Be looking for that on Saturday, October 30th.

And then, while you are in a frenzy of fabric pulling for that one, make sure your subscription to Quiltmaker Magazine is up to date -

Starting with the Jan/Feb 2022 issue which should hit news stands 11/23/21 we will be combining my favorite Addicted to Scraps blocks from several issues - ALL YEAR LONG - into an amazing mystery quilt!

Quiltmaker Magazine is celebrating 40 years of bringing you the best.  I've been working with them for nearly 15 years now.  Addicted to Scraps has been running for more than 10 years.  There is SO MUCH to celebrate!

The mystery parts will appear in the 6 issues released in 2022.  Each issue will have you making several blocks.  The finished design is a surprise, but I can tell you that it finishes at 88'' X 102''.

And I will be sewing along with you!

I am extra pumped because Quiltmaker doesn't usually give sneak previews of their magazine covers before they are done printing - but in this case, they are letting me share the Jan/Feb '22 issue with you, my readers.


Alternatively try HERE and scroll down to the Quiltmaker option.

From Tracy at Quiltmaker when I asked: "I am pretty certain that they should get January if they subscribe now. I will let you know what I find out. And honestly, worst case scenario, if they subscribe and don’t get it, they can email me proof that they subscribed and I will email them a PDF of the pattern. (Famous last words…LOL)"

Digital copies will also be available and you can purchase them one at a time with each step.

How does this play in with our Quiltville Winter Mystery?  

Obviously there is going to be a bit of overlap - but only for the first issue.

Quilting is NOT a race - even with two mysteries going on.

Our Winter Mystery will reach reveal status in January. Quiltmaker comes out every 2 months - so it might be crazy at the start, but I think we can do this!

More info to follow - likely next week - 

The only thing you need to do now is get that subscription sorted!

Things were busy at Quiltville Inn yesterday!

Pam's Scrappy Sisters are deep into four-patch productivity with yesterday's first installment of our Midnight Flight workshop from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

From a different angle!

To give us more cutting space I moved the round foyer table off to the dining room and put a folding table up on bed risers to reach comfortable cutting height.

And we needed more light, so that old lamp came up from the cellar.  We do what we have to do!

Midnight Flight is folded and hanging on top of the Santa Fe String Star from String Fling.

The hanging rod is not wide enough for Midnight Flight to hang unfolded!  Big quilts are sometimes a challenge that way.

Rotary cutters up, ladies!

I love mother/daughter pairs!

Pam and Ruth are such a joy to have around.

We braved cool breezes on the porch -

Our porch lunches are not going to happen much longer!

But the food, as always was fantastic - quilting and good cooks just go hand in hand, don't they?

Oh, and I started something - AGAIN!  LOL!

Some days I just can't help myself!

We ended up with more than 6 showings on the Wallburg house yesterday - more are in line for today and through the weekend.

The activity has been crazy are there are rumors or possible offers coming in.  

Please keep the intent and positive energy coming! I just got another ping on my phone that another showing has been added to today's line up of showings.

Oh yes - my "Make One Thing Better" for yesterday:

I hung this quilt in my office!

That wall has been blank for such a long time.

This makes me happy!

I made this little ditty in the dead of last winter, using the off cuts from my Traveling Star combined with hourglass units.  And more neutral string piecing in the border - because.

I tried to find the original posts on this quilt - I can't remember when I did it.  LOL!

I just know that it made ONE THING BETTER in my office space.

Today - Pam's Scrappy Sisters will move on to half-square triangles as we continue into day 2 of Midnight Flight.  

While it POURED last night around bed time - BIG TIME - tonight is supposed to be our best night for fire pit activity.  So we'll give that a go as long as the rain holds off.

What's going on in your world as we hit Friday and head on in to the weekend?

AND! There are only a few days left to enter our Boxy Bow Ties Gift-Away!

I'll be drawing for one winner who will receive the printable PDF pattern for Boxy Bow Ties for themselves AND a friend, along with this for both:

A This & That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Drawing to happen Monday 10/25/21!

You'll find Boxy Bow Ties in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store! And to kick this excitement into gear, I've placed it at 25% off through 10/31/21 at only $9.00, No coupon required!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And once we finally hit midlife, we start to realize how fast the time is flying by. Make it count!⁣

Child size nine patch quilt in 1890s double pinks - machine quilted by treadle from my collection. ⁣

Into Friday we go -



  1. Wow. Two mysteries. Major excitement. Our cup overflows. Thanks Bonnie. Just wowm

  2. from midlife on the mantra is sew, sew, sew!!

  3. I’m excited about the extra mystery with Quiltmaker! I’ve made two of your Quiltmaker mystery quilts, Christmas Lights in 2009 and Lazy Sunday in 2013, as well as 11 of the annual blog mystery quilts! Guess I really enjoy doing mystery quilts! Looking forward to the next ones. Thanks, Bonnie!

  4. Just yesterday afternoon I “inventoried “ all my flimsy UFOs…..yes there’s several (~20), but I’d thought the final count would be higher. I pulled
    one UFO out of the stack, pieces a backing, and sandwiched it by the end of the day, and get pretty happy. I planned to do two more before getting into a new mystery…..
    Then I read that there will be TWO mysteries….I’ll never catch up……but I am ready to start shopping my stash for the new mysteries.

  5. OMG Bonnie, do you ever sleep!?! You continue to amaze and inspire. Thank you so much Bonnie!

  6. I have started to let some of my magazine subscriptions end. But Quiltmaker is not one of those. I believe it's up for renewal in 2024. Hope you get a dry evening tonight. Norther/Central California is FINALLY getting some rain.

  7. I have never done a mystery quilt, I don't know if I can handle two, but will try. I love Quiltmaker, have had a subscription for years.
    Good luck with the house sale, they seem to sell quickly. A friend of mine had his on the market for 3 days, and it is gone to the highest bidder.
    You amaze me with your energy, enjoy every minute.

  8. Thanks Bonnie. I’ll be looking forward to the mysterious mysteries

  9. I will bet that "mom" in the mother/daughter team has a very handy and talented hubby by the look of that beautiful wood table for her machine!! Sew much fun going on! Thank you Bonnie for letting us share in all the festivities!!

  10. Yay on your house!!!
    2 mysteries..now we're talking my language!! Bring it on. You are so generous Bonnie. We are eternally grateful.

  11. Hello folks, could anyone tell me how I can contact Quiltmaker Magazine please. From their web page I must have a Web Site for my enquiry to be sent and I do not have a Web Page. Alternatively, is anyone able to advise me if I can get a digital subscription of Quiltmaker magazine as according to the information on their site a hard copy Quiltmaker subscription is not available for Western Australia. Many thanks. Marie Mann in Western Australia.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I don't see a way to order a digital subscription. It looks like you may be able to purchase individual digital copies of the magazine. https://www.quiltingdaily.com/product-category/magazines-ebooks/

  12. Oh Bonnie!! What a treat!! Two mysteries!! Thank you so much!! Getting my Quiltmaker subscription right now! You're amazing!

  13. I contacted them from their website last year and we had an email conversation going, they were very helpful. Go to QuiltingDaily.com/aboutus and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "contact us". I hope that is helpful.

  14. I’ve only made one mystery quilt, looking forward to making one of yours Bonnie. My one thing for today was to line kitchen shelves and put some dishes away. Got it done not so overwhelming when you take small bits. Ratchell in AR.

  15. Hello! I have never done a mystery quilt but it sounds fun! I plan on joining along and have found two friends to join me!

  16. So glad I've subscribed to Quiltmaker for more years than I can remember!! It's my favorite quilt magazine and I'd NEVER let my subscription lapse!! Can't wait for your next mysteries to begin!

  17. I'm looking forward to another mystery! (I actually finished "Grassy Creek" this month -- 2/3 size.) But alas..."Quiltmaker" magazine is not available by subscription for those living in Canada. I might check the stands in our local Wal-Mart, drugstores, and/or bookstore (Chapters/Indigo is the big chain in Canada) but...I'm not optimistic. :-(

    1. I'm counting on this: "Digital copies will also be available and you can purchase them one at a time with each step."
      Hopefully Bonnie will share more info about that when the first issue is available.

  18. Oh...I LOVE Quiltmaker...I have been subscribed since 1994...only magazine that's been a constant for me and I still have every issue! Gonna be a busy 2022!

  19. Could you please share where you bought the risers your folding table is sitting on? That's an idea I needed!!!

    1. You can find those everywhere - Walmart, Family Dollar, Ross....

  20. Many familiar faces in this group. I love Pam and Ruth and their quilts. Bonnie, did you know that Pam was a quilter first and then introduced her mom (Ruth) to quilting? It's usually the other way around with the older ones passing on quilting to the younger ones.


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