Monday, October 04, 2021

Quilting with the Shippenstitchers!

This wonderful group has been just so much fun!

I had a visit yesterday afternoon at the QPO studio - 

We talked quilts, we shared quilts, we petted fabric - we petted Lola! (and Zoey!) and it was such a fun visit!

They've been here since Wednesday afternoon, and today is their going home day and there is so much to catch up on since I posted on Saturday.  What a whirlwind weekend!

The design walls are full!

And yes, that is a completed Jamestown Landing quilt from my book String Fling!  

It was going to remain unfinished - as in 12 triangles short of a full quilt top, but I ran for some more blue/neutrals next door at the QPO and she was able to get that job done.  YAY!

I feel a bit of Christmas coming on!

Not sure of the pattern name or designer - feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

A comfort quilt top quickly sewn!

Love that green!

A Stack n Whack / One Block Wonder in progress

Turkeys on the run!

I love all of the autumn/winter projects in progress.  No idea whose design this is either, but it is sure cute!

LOADS of pumpkins in all of their varieties have been happening!

More on the design wall!

Sew, ladies, sew!

Blue birds on music note background!

Some free motion quilting happening here too!

And gorgeous clamsells!

Oooh!  this looks like jewels!

While all of this was going on - I unloaded the van from all of the stuff I brought up from Wallburg on Friday - spent much of Saturday morning putting stuff away (I brought up a box of fake pumpkins and decorated the front door area!) and basically finding places for everything.

There is not much left at Wallburg now - just some furniture we are staging the place with.  Most everything else has been boxed or at least placed in the garage in staging areas - stuff to donate, stuff to toss, and a bit more stuff to come home to Virginia.

Some things for the inn - like the big old 120 year old wooden ice box that is going to live on the back porch and some other things that take 2 people and a trailer to move.

I'm also very excited - because I found the perfect spot for all of the kitchen dishes, pots, pans, bakeware, utensils, bath towels and things to go.

Friend Martha's mom has a farm with 2 cabin rentals on their acreage.  they are setting up the cabins to be temporary homes for traveling nurses.  The cabins need to have all of the amenities the nurses will need, and I have the perfect place to donate to.

I would much rather help with the nursing crisis than throw more stuff at thrift shops.  This way I know it is being put to good use right away.

It's a feel good all the way around.

Still stitching my nights away.

It's all background fill in stitching, so it's a little bit boring, but I love the texture.  This is the winter that this quilt gets COMPLETED!

How was your weekend?

All the way through the end of October, the Punkin Patch Runner  is half-price at only $5.00. No coupon required!⁣

Maybe you'll find some time to sew up some fun pumpkins today?

I've got the Cabin Corners quilt sewn into rows - today amidst the inn laundry routine I plan to start sewing those rows together -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This one brought about a lot of contemplation. 

Thank you, Rumi! 

Vintage Star Quilt found in North Carolina 

Have a beautiful Monday, everyone! ⁣



  1. The Shippenstitchers have done some fabulous work. Oh, the rich jewel tone colors a feast for the eyes. The whimsey of the fall designs tickled my fancy. The detail of the applique bluebirds, awesome. The points on the clamshells had me awestruck. Can't wait for the quilts over the rails. It must be wonderful to have all these great quilt groups come visit. Meet all of these quilters and see all of the quilts made right before you eyes.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie, for helping make a comfy place for those nurses. As a retired nurse with many nurses in our family (including 2 who are about to graduate nursing school) I am so appreciative of today's nurses. Anything to add to their comfort after a grueling day is a blessing. Thank you again.

    1. Agreed...as a still working nurse, what a nice way to say thank you... Maybe one or two of those quilts you need to rehome could also be brought there for some comfort after a long day!

  3. That cute turkey table runner is called Turkey Trot by Sandy Gervais.

  4. I always enjoy seeing what all the quilters have been up too. Your blog is like a fun coffee chat with friends every AM. Thank you!

  5. Cabin Corners is in rows? OOOOhh, I'm looking forward to seeing that one!

  6. I would love to know the name of the pattern that is in Jewel tones.

  7. So happy to hear that you found a great !place for your dishes to be helpful

  8. I think the red and white quilt might be a lo and behold stitchery knitted star quilt. Gorgeous!

    Doesn't it feel so good to find a great home for your things? Serendipity.

  9. What a fun group. They were fast stitchers filling up the design walls. Nice that the QPO is close to retreive some fabric to finish the missing block. Happy Laundry Day!

  10. Loved seeing everyone's work & progress. Beautiful quilts..Im excited for you in your new home in Virginia..just in time for Christmas!

  11. Proud of you for plowing through all the stuff in Wallburg! Did absence from the stuff make it easier? Hope you get a quick sale.


  12. The jewel tone quilt pattern is called Gemstone by Wing and a prayer design. I had help from the Shippenstitch shop owner to pick the fabrics!!!!

    1. Such a beautiful quilt. Link for those looking for the pattern
      https://www.wingandaprayerdesign.com/gemstone .

  13. I just erased my comment by accident. I love seeing all the creations that leave the Inn


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