Monday, October 25, 2021

Autumn Round Here!

Saturday morning! Oh, so many leaves!

But isn't it gorgeous?

There is something about fall - it even smells wonderful.  

And I remember something I learned while in China a couple of years ago and applied it to here.  In China, October is known as "The Golden Season"  and it really is!

My world is golden -

And as leaves fall, I'm beginning to see the mountain ridges in the east from our yard.

Saturday was also our last Midnight Flight workshop day with Pam's Scrappy Sisters!

Pieces became units, units were joined to become blocks, and it was wonderful to see how each color selection came together in the style of each maker!

Oh, these are looking good!

Added upon and added upon!

And there was plenty of time for visiting, chatting and laughing!

Those greens and golds capture our "Golden Season" just perfectly!

A bit of our scenery after lunch!

My amazing realtor friend Jen drove up with some papers for us to sign, and I had a great time showing her around the inn, and the cabin area on her way too short visit.

(I still am pinching myself that we had offers in 24 hours, and a contract in less than 36!)

Beautiful fabrics in Pam's blocks!

She got all the way to here!

Her colors were gleaned from a wonderful floral print that will be her backing - she just happened to have enough yardage for the backing in her stash, and chose her colors from the colors in that print.

So many beautiful variations!

Love the purple chains!

Looking good!


Ooooh!  I always love aqua with red!'

So pretty!

I'm loving this!

Two friend's blocks - side by side!

You'll find the pattern for Midnight Flight in MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

And with that - there is something else we need to do this morning!

I am drawing for one winner who will receive the printable PDF pattern for Boxy Bow Ties for themselves AND a friend, along with this for both:

A This & That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Who is entry 2447 of 7505?

Linda Menkes!

Linda! Please reply to the email I sent to the address your provided with your entry!  I'll be getting your Boxy Bow Ties pattern out to you and your friend, and your fabric rolls will be coming from Irene at CottonToQuilts.com!

For those who were waiting until AFTER the drawing:

You'll find Boxy Bow Ties in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store! And to kick this excitement into gear, I've placed it at 25% off through 10/31/21 at only $9.00, No coupon required!

For those following along - my Sunday MAKE ONE THING BETTER happened here:


You guys.  It's been so hectic that as long as the drawers shut, and I knew where things were in there, I kept putting this off.  And Off.  AND OFF.

It didn't take long to fix it - honestly!

I sorted.  I pitched.  I purged.  I found things I forgot I had. I found things I wondered WHY I had them - I have empty drawer space as you can now see.

I also tossed junk scissors - dead seam rippers - and other items.

And someone tell me why the stickers on drawer organizers are impossible to remove?

Did you make one thing better over the weekend?  Please share in the comments below as it will inspire us all!

This also happened yesterday!

Son Jeff came up to help his dad with some heavy jobs. He stayed through lunch time, so I got to hug on my son and fill his belly - what could be better?

They are shown here in the Hubster's workshop - a space he loves as much as I love my sewing studio.

What waits for me today?

Inn laundry! LOL!

The October Quiltvillians are checking in on Wednesday and staying until Tuesday.

That means they will be in the house for Saturday's Quiltville Winter Mystery introductory post, AND for some Halloween fun on Sunday.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Spread the kindness around, and lay it on thick!
No need to be skimpy as the more you give, the more there is to give.
The day you make better for someone may be your own!
Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!



  1. My goal today is to clean out my middle bedroom. Both grandsons are coming this weekend and since they are 17 and 7 I need both my extra bedrooms. Quilting things have traveled into the middle one - I can't imagine.

  2. Fall is in Quiltville. Wonderful colors. The pics of your laundry make me feel better about doing mine today. Love the boards.

  3. Bonnie - Thank you for sharing the lovely scenery in your area. What wonderful views and fall colors with that blue blue sky! It always amazes me the variety of color combinations and how they impact the look of the block. Yesterday my make one thing better was to rework my puppy's harness. She has almost out grown it, but the next size up is way too big. So did some cutting & stitching to increase the girth - now it fits so much better and looks pretty good if I do say so!

  4. what a great idea... select the backing FIRST and then colors for the top... kicks the old creativity in the move it along mode! AND i love the DOT (Do One Thing) idea! That works for moving me along where I'm 'stuck' -- instead of fussing, just move along to a DOT and that kind of shakes me loose to be UN-stuck... thanks all who have liked my posts, Sue in Seattle? PM ??? and anyone else... thank you Bonnie for your energy, enthusiasm, creativity and sharing all to help all of us... oh and my yes! congraatulations, your realtor is a gem and fingers crossed all continues smoothly on the sale of the Wallburg house. Cats in Carlsbad CA PS: The "Golden Photos" are so very pretty, takes one's breath away...

  5. What fun! Congrats to the winner. Someday it'll be me. Sew fun to be Retreating for Halloween. Bonus that It's Mystery Colors reveal time. Cleared out the Garage shelf of things we left in Omaha. Left it better there while we served.

  6. What a wonderful picture of your cabin. No wonder you love it so much!

  7. I simply love coming to you Blog every day! Bonnie you are an inspiration with a touch of reality too. Not to forget to mention the lovely landscape photos you always share. Thanks so much for you being you!!!!!!

  8. I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much!! I’ve already replied to your email. Love your blog and the quilts you make!! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I look forward to reading it each day. And I love the antics of the pets. I have a car, Nellie, who frequently “helps” in the designing process. πŸ™„

  9. Loved Make One Thing Better. My church group had a “junk in your trunk” activity so I cleaned out an entire cupboard of junk and a drawer. We gathered in a parking lot and exchanged our junk and I took the remainder to the thrift store. It is wonderful to open those doors and experiences organization.

  10. Oh my gosh! Can't believe the next Mystery is literally around the corner! I'm on Clue 5 of Grassy Creek and I will not allow myself to shop for the next Mystery until all my units are made for Grassy Creek! It doesn't have to be put together or quilted, but the units must be done. Because if they aren't done, you know what happens? I "borrow" for that fabric container for new/old/other projects! :)

  11. Try this. Put the empty drawer organizer in the freezer for 15 minutes or so. Remove and pull off sticker. I've used this trick to remove labels on empty prescription bottles.

    1. thanks for the great tip, I will try it as there is always a stubborn sticker on something

    2. I will have to try this. I am OCD when it comes to taking the labels off totes, trays, anything. I will spend way too much of my time getting the thing off. I need a better way.

  12. Thank you Bonnie. This post really blasted me with a sense of being. Love the gorgeous photos wonderful colors that told me there is still beauty in this world. Again thank you for doing You Bonnie πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’•❤️

  13. Love all your photos today! Fun to see your boys together in the shop, too! Wonderful.

  14. I've been putting off a big project. The garage!! Sunday I built shelves I previously purchased and started putting things on those shelves. I figure if work an hour every day maybe it will be cleaned and organized in a few weeks. One day at a time (or drawer lol)

  15. Fall is Glorious here in Massachusetts..love love that block.wow.thanks for another great post.

  16. What a beautiful photo of your men in their natural habitat.

  17. Love your cabin and all the pictures you took. They are wonderful. Some friends took me to see the color here in Arkansas on Saturday, but there wasn’t much. We were really disappointed, looking at your pictures helped a whole lot. Really like all the color combinations the quilters are doing. What a beautiful place you live in. Glad you have good offers on your house. Hope everything goes thru. Until next time, Ratchell in Arkansas.

  18. I have been cleaning and purging a lot lately. Scrapbooking stuff to a friend, school supplies to a teacher who lives across the street,a lot of trips to charity thrift stores(not Goodwill) and still have a lot more to do. Bonnie..I have emptied about 40 containers of STUFF...feels so good.

  19. I finished my 'make one thing better' which was to remove and sort the scraps on and around my sewing machine and trim up the blocks on the table, too. Of course I have containers with more scraps to sort and I did sort some scraps in a couple of boxes, too, so the boxes could have other uses. Finished blocks came off the design wall and went into a box to make room for more blocks on the wall. I have enough scraps sorted into takeout trays and covers to use for a while; if not too full these stack well and I can put away in a box to pickup my sewing area. A strawberry box or two are close by to catch my trimming offcuts until I use or sort back into the trays.
    I was finally able to do some sewing. I mended a pair of pants and replaced the handles (cotton webbing is more comfortable than poly, but did wear out) on a tote bag that my husband uses to bring groceries from the car (it is no longer beautiful, but it again useful). I did a couple of rounds of piecing on some scrap blocks.

  20. You may have already tried this secret to getting labels off. I use my my blow dryer to heat up the label and it usually peels off quite easily. If there’s anything left I use Goo gone to takeoff the last bit of stickiness. Looking forword to the mystery quilt kick off. I ❤️ Fall too!

  21. Home from a 5 day retreat. So much fun to be with friends again. I made a simple top and made inroads to a more complicated layout. I recently so,d my house and had the same experience - a contract after weekend showing.

  22. I feel like i read your blog every day; but if you talked about your inspiration for "Make One Thing Better" I missed it. Love the concept. Was there an article/blog/video/book that inspired you - or just your common sense?

    1. Midnight Flight, i believe from Bonnie's book More Adventures w/Leaders & Enders... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  23. I looked twice through the blog looking for the name of the quilt that the group was working on. So many beautiful color combos. What pattern is that scrappy block?

  24. The fall pictures are just beautiful! "Tis the season" to make your Glazed Pumpkin Drop Cookies (find in Recipes at top of blog). I made a batch over the weekend and the grandkids descended yesterday and only a very few left. They melt in your mouth! Thanks, Bonnie, for a great recipe. As to the DOT project-my husband passed a couple of months ago and I keep putting off dispensing of his clothes etc. Today I got the motivation of boxing up shoes and it makes me feel good to know others can be blessed by the donations. The Do One Thing has helped encourage me to get going on this project. Thanks, Bonnie. Hope your doctor can find the reason for your discomfort and get you on a healing path.

  25. How big is the Midnight Flight block? It looks huge. Gorgeous!!!!

  26. Oh Bonnie I’m just loving everything in this post!! The autumn colors, your cabin in the leaves & all the gorgeous colors used in the Midnight Flights!!
    And thank you SO much for the “Make One Thing Better”!! Let’s carry it on everyone! It was my spark! Last night I did a very quick “dump” from my freezer! Everything’s a win!! πŸ₯‡

    Blessings!! Marci H

  27. My make one thing better was to finish a table runner for my sister who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's - it had blocks to evoke good childhood memories. I wanted her to have it before her illness progresses any farther. She received it at a "aunts and cousins" get-together that included lots of food, wine, laughter, support, etc. We're counting our gathering as a success for all of us.
    One more thing - I cleaned my oven, which was long overdue. Not a hard thing to do - why did I put it off?? :)

  28. My trick for getting labels unstuck is to heat gently gently with my hair dryer. A moment of heat and they come right off !

  29. Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil is my go to for getting rid of stickers, and it smells great too.


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