Thursday, October 28, 2021

Turns Out - You CAN Have Both!

If you are wondering what the title to this post means - read on down to the end and you'll find out!

I'm starting off with the continuation of my "Make One Thing Better" challenge.

You know - those little chores or things we keep putting off because they aren't really bothering anyone, and there are other things we'd rather be doing?

I had previously posted other quilts that Sadie had chewed when she was still new to us.  She eventually stopped chewing quilts, but it took a while before she felt comfortable enough with us to unlearn that habit!

The other night I removed the section of munched binding and patched the small hole front and back.

Yesterday I found some time to just splice that new piece of binding in where I had removed the damaged parts.

I saved the hand stitching for later - looking forward to evening stitching in my comfy spot.

The "One Thing Better" from the day before got its photos yesterday:

This is the old 1930s radio cabinet I moved to bedroom 2 at Quiltville Inn.

There is no radio in it.  It's empty.

But I love everything about this cabinet!

I love the twirly swirly detail along the bottom, and those beautiful legs and the connectors between them.  

It's so indicative of the art deco era that they have bits and parts that are more form than function.

That woodwork between the legs underneath doesn't do anything more than look pretty and catch dust.

The carved leaves at the top are so pretty - and those are the original drop handles.

What am I going to put in it?  For now - nothing.  But I like it in this spot.  It made "One Thing Better."

The October Quiltvillians began to arrive around 3pm, just as housekeeper Susan was backing out of the drive.

The house was full of laughter and setting up in the sewing room and kitchen as I went home to fix my own dinner.

And there was this later:

I made this string quilt at least 15 years ago.

And that backing fabric?  OLD OLD VIP.  Bit it suited the bill, and I had a wonderful few months hand quilting this back then.

There is something about how hand quilting shows on solid fabrics that is just really appealing to me.

And then when the quilt is washed and all of that texture becomes more visible - it's just yummy!

The patch with binding - front.

The patch with binding on the back -

I of course didn't have any of that cranberry print anywhere - so I let it match the front in memory of Sadie Jane.

And for those asking where Zoey was during all of this stitching -

Next to me.  Like this.  Like she really took an interest.  LOL!

And because I am an equal opportunity pet photographer -

This was Lola yesterday while I was cutting binding.

What's better than a nap in a scrap bin?  A nap in a scrap bin filled with morning sunshine through the side windows.

All washed and dried!

Do you see the patch at bottom center?

Miss you, Sadie Jane!

Just look at that hand quilted texture!

Still needs a lint roller -

That's another thing sold fabrics are famous for - they attract everything.

I'm so happy this quilt is out of hiding, mended with a story.  It just may spend some time hanging on the front foyer at Quiltville Inn for others to enjoy for a while.  We'll see!

Also this morning:

I walked into the dining area to see this!


The last couple of days have been windy, and enough leaves have fallen that I can finally see the sun begin to rise.

And 3 minutes later:


This has to be the start of a very good day.

I want you to know that I am listening.  I've been dealing with a lot of frustrating things that have been beyond my control, and I've been trying to find work arounds.

I spent a good amount of time online in a chat box with my store host telling them your checkout woes.

We found a way for me to use TWO card processors at checkout.

Sample checkout view

Notice the two separate and distinct buttons.

Those who hate PayPal, don't want one, don't want to deal with them - click the black checkout button where you will put in your own card details.

Those who only want Paypal and have threatened not to ever buy from me again because I removed your PayPal option (Yes, this did happen - threatening "I hope your business suffers!" type rhetoric) can now just click PayPal and have at it.

And for those who raised a ruckus on either side - please put yourselves in each other's positions and see that both sides are valid. Paypal is only a friendly option if you HAVE a PayPal account.  If you don't, it was an endless loop of can't check out unless you sign up for an account.

Some folks who HAVE PayPal will only ever use PayPal because they don't want to type in their credit card info every time they make a purchase or they've had their credit cards compromised because they used them to make an online purchase.

And that I'm just trying to do the best I can here with what I have available to me.

So, it turns out - we CAN Have Both.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Now that I've gone through all of that - how were things with YOUR Wednesday? Whew!

Time is running out!

You'll find Boxy Bow Ties in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store! And to kick this excitement into gear, I've placed it at 25% off through 10/31/21 at only $9.00, No coupon required!

Don't forget that my Punkin Patch Runner is also marked 50% off at only $5.00 through 10/31/21 as well!

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Apple Core quilt found in North Carolina.

We need to stop every once in a while and realize we HAVE been tackling the scary stuff all along.

And not just surviving- but thriving! 

Tell yourself you are doing a great job. And believe it! 



  1. Bonnie, sorry you had to deal with naysayers. I like that you found a way to make it work for everyone but it's too bad that people can't say "Hey, it's her store/business and she has to run it as best works for her".
    Can't wait for the color reveal and I hope your day is filled with that beautiful sunshine all day.

  2. Yay for your web store host to be able to do both! I do NOT have Paypal, my husband does. There are reasons for both sides, and as an IT person, I understand. I am glad your store host can give people an option. And BOO to people who send you not so nice emails. - Thanks for the sunrise picture and the quilt mends.

  3. It amazes me that people get so worked up over such things. Do they really think a business owner would deliberately try to make it hard for people to purchase from them? Silly. Your patching is great on the quilt. It looks like a design choice. Have a wonderful day.

  4. oh, DEAR HEART!!! I would never threaten or be mean! As a former business owner of my own business... i KNOW we deal with all kinds of issues and challenges, just allow me to be happy that you found a work around for PayPal! They never harrass me to use their credit card (do give me the option) but you are so right... i don't have to repeatedly enter my cc or shipping info... so easy just click on PayPal... hence, i am glad you found a way to offer that option... thank you... whisper: i'd still purchase from you even if i did have to type in all that info every time... i would i would i would!!! LOL... lovely photos today, what a clown that miss zoey is and if there's a kitty that knows where to find the perfect place to nap, it's the one in the sunny scrap bin, where she can hear her favorite human working in the background... happy fall, what beautiful sunrises... i love all of mine, too, means i'm in for another day of challenges, adventure and no doubt fabric fondling... thanks, AGAIN< for all you do for us, another challenge met and congquered, you are an inspiration to us all... hugs, Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. I couldn't have said it better! I like PayPal for the same reason and Bonnie Thank you for working so hard for us. Working on Applican Autumn.
      Hope your day is the greatest! Peg in SD

  5. Bonnie - I am so sorry that you have had to deal with such unkind, hateful, rude comments! This type of self centered, inconsiderate, and intolerant behavior seems to be occurring all thru our society. I would hope that it is a minority of people acting this way and that the majority of people are really kinder, compassionate, polite, and considerate! Thank you for making the effort to meet the needs/wants of as many as possible! Love the pictures of Zoey & Lola! Love the concept of Make One Thing Better each day - I am trying to do that as well!

  6. Yes, by all means. Put the strips quilt in the front foyer. Sadie, Zoey, and you have made that quilt famous. Everyone wants to see it. It is a part of ya'lls history. Good advice today. I needed it. Thanks.

  7. So glad you were able to bring PayPal back. Since I live in Canada I can only purchase online patterns from you but it's great to just click and go. Now off to the studio to finish Bitcoin. I'm loving this pattern.

  8. Thanks for bringing PayPal back. I didn't want to say anything because it's your store. BUT, I like the added layer of security PayPal offers. To your clients who were so unhappy about losing it, I've had good luck with having a credit card that is used solely for online purchases. That helps wall off the risk to one place and the time it was compromised my bank was great about helping with it. Just a thought for those who have security concerns regardless of whether it's here or another site. Thanks again.

  9. That radio cabinet is so lovely! I love how the half-round blue patch just happens to fit neatly inside the arc of Baptist Fan stitching - serendipity! And the 'old old VIP' print is charming and sweet.

    I'm so sorry that people have been difficult re: your card processing. It's one thing to send a respectful question or request; it's quite another to harass or condemn a small business owner who is just trying to struggle with the hassles of Big Tech. Where have people put their Big Girl Panties?!? Sheesh. Thanks for putting up with all of us, Bonnie.

  10. I love your post today, Bonnie! The change re PayPal was no concern to me either way, but it distressed me that people would threaten to stop patronizing your store because of it. I'm continually amazed at what you put up with from the public. I wouldn't be as gracious as you are! I really liked the quilty quip this morning, and have enjoyed seeing you repair the Sadie tracks through the quilts.Thank you for being you and letting us look over your shoulder! We are all looking forward to mystery season.

  11. The Patch is great. Beautiful sunrise. I saw a few on our Roadtrip that had to be photographed. I am home waitinv for next week, patiently Sorry you have to deal with the meanies who send threats.

  12. Why, why, do people have to be so difficult??? Hang in there Bonnie! There are those of us that will adjust to what can work for you. The others..... They are the ones that will try to direct their own funeral.

  13. I have been following and participating in the "Just One Thing" and today was to clean off my desk. What did I find - a gift card from LLBean! Sorry about the entitled people and their empty threats....don't they realize that there is always someone who comes along, discovers Quiltville and replaces them? Have a wonderful day!

  14. Bonnie, you work so hard to keep all of us picky-picky fans happy! Thank you for your tenacious refusal to give up. I will enjoy using PayPal, but certainly wouldn’t have abandoned you if I had to use a credit card.
    Linda Witherow

  15. My husband has a cabinet nearly exactly like your radio cabinet. The big difference is that his contains a phonograph -- the top lifts up and it's in there. The bottom section contains slots horizontally at an angle for the records. It's from the same time period as yours, early to mid-1930's.

  16. Thanks for looking into the PayPal/credit card issue. I'm sure you worked very hard to make it as easy as possible for all of us to purchase your patterns and other items. Your new cabinet looks right at home at Quiltville. One day I will get to go there myself.

  17. You make my day brighter, Bonnie Hunter! So much inspiration in each blog, and I really appreciate it.

  18. Thank you for keeping PayPal. As someone whose credit card has been hacked, it's all I'll use. I do loads of shopping online as I live in a rural area. After being hacked and loosing money, I don't recommend just using it as it's a fight with your bank especially if you've bout from the same place before, which is what happened to me! 12 years with PayPal, never a problem. Once again THANK YOU!

  19. I love your challenge!!! I am going to adopt it too if you don't mind. As you pointed out, it does not have to be earth shaking crazy... clean out a drawer. As I move foward after my husbands passing(in February), know the days will be hard. And, I'm coming up with a list of projrcts which I can use as challenges. Thank you so much for your support; I feel the positivity and heartfelt care from everyone on this site

  20. Dear Bonnie, once again it saddens me that a few people have to be so selfish and unkind, unappreciative and not understanding the situation. I hope those few go away, quite honestly. The majority of the people that follow you are the kindest, sweetest people EVER. Please know that I appreciate all your work, your daily posts, your wonderful patterns and all the other things you do for us all. Hope your ankle gets better soon. Hope to see you walking the trail again in the spring!!!

  21. that woodwork between the legs is called an apron...lol

  22. What an absolutely glorious view to begin your day!

  23. Dearest Bonnie, After I read your post this morning the hairs were up on my neck!!! I'm glad I read everyone's warm and loving comments before I shouted my disgust from my rooftop! How dare people be so disrespectful...I firmly believe those kind of people are why some establishments post the sign:
    There are a few "all about me" individuals out there who have taken entitlement to a sad level.
    Bless you Bonnie, as said by Cats, Cheryl, Leah and so many others this morning you are truly a blessing and your efforts go above and beyond and we are truly thankful. As you so perfectly said "Tell yourself you are doing a great job and believe it." Now off to tackle my cutting table mess! Thanks for everything!

  24. Wow! What an amazing, glorious start to your day! Your sunrise photo is spectacular. Thanks for sharing your life with us. And so sorry some people can be so mean spirited. Like my dear hubby used to say, "their panties must of been in a wad". I do everything through paypal when I can, but would never berate you for dropping it. It has saved me lost money in that they stand behind their guarantee on purchases. What was supposed to be an official website for Singer, wasn't. My order was never filled but they took the money and ran. Paypal reimbursed me 100% after I filed a claim. Took them only one week to have it resolved. Just to give some positive feedback. Had you not been able to get it back, rest assured I would have continued to buy from you. That is not worth my time to be upset about. There are other small business owners that don't have paypal and I buy from them as well. I am a firm believer in it's your business, you run it how you want. Not up to every Mary, Jane, Karen and Sally to tell you what is best for you. Love everything you do. Can't wait for Saturday.

  25. I'm so sorry that some people have been so nasty because you dropped Paypal. I prefer to use Paypal when it's available, but I would never dream of threatening merchants who choose not to offer it. I'm glad you were able to arrange to have both, but I'd order from you even if you wanted me to send dollar bills in the mail :-)

  26. Love the cabinet; the fact that the woodworkers back then did all that work with tools that were not motorized... they actually did it with hand tools. Brilliant! I have a small cedar chest that belonged to my great grandmother... (whom I never met) and then my grandma used it too, but it too is lovely.. all sorts of intricate and delicate carvings. It means a lot to me. I think about what my grandmothers used it for and what they put inside.
    You did such a good job mending the quilt, when you asked if we saw the mend mark on the bottom center; I had to go back and look. I hadn't seen it the first time. It really blended in well. Not that that matters in this case at all. Either way you have lots of memories and that's what matters most. Our little 4 legged friends sure grab our hearts don't they! So sorry that you are still having people act so rudely. Hopefully they will figure it out that what goes around comes around. Hugs... to you and your wonderful family. Jean in Utah

  27. The connectors between the legs of the radio cabinet provide a vital structural component by keeping the legs from breaking when the cabinet is pushed or pulled, especially with heavy item(s) in the cabinet. So not just dust collectors! HAHA It is very beautiful!

  28. I wanted to thank you for posting your binding method on your blog. I have always sewn bindings down the reversed way of yours and decided to try your method. Well, I can hand sew the binding so much faster now and my hand doesn't start hurting (old hands!) like it used to do. So now I no longer dread that work and am getting quilt bindings done so much faster now.

  29. Goodness all that abuse just trying to make a living. So sorry people can be so mean! Just remember most of us are so grateful for all you do and give away with a generous spirit. Thank you Bonnie.....don't let the turkeys get you down!

  30. I don't have PayPal and I have purchased from you. Last year when I used Paypal to purchase some shoes, I got scammed and they wouldn't refund my money so I stopped using them. Your radio cabinet is beautiful. Could you store quilts in it?

  31. Bonnie,
    love the radio cabinet the woodwork is so pretty. Thank you for finding a work around. I use paypal mostly because I am overseas from you but can use a dedicated card for purchases. These people who abuse you are just wrong. You have my full support and it is lovely to read your blog.

  32. Love your sunrises they are beautiful. To see that view every morning, what can I say. I know it’s only fall and winter you can see it, but hay that’s almost half of the year. What a great view to look forward to when your in the middle of summer. Love your pets, they put a smile on my face when I see their pictures. Keep doing what your doing, we appreciate it. My one thing I did today, was do my living room floor and rearrange the living room funiture. I think I like it better this way. Blessings to all, Ratchell in Arkansas.

  33. Dear Bonnie,
    Some people need to quit trying to run other people's lives. I would send cash to you if needed also. The first thing I noticed in your pictures was the lamp on the radio cabinet. It's not an antique but my Mom had the exact same lamp she used on a round library table. She passed in 2011 and it brought back fond memories. Love your critters. Polly in Florida

  34. In the south we have a saying,: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So sorry you have to deal with mean words and wishes. I wish you all the BEST with your business and Thank you Bonnie for all you do. Your kindness dows not go unnoticed!

  35. I really like the blog and I hope people will have a new blog, thanks for the blog

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  36. The cabinet is beautiful, it looks like something my grandmother had, and fits in so perfectly in the space.
    Sorry about the abuse, I stopped buying from a site because they only took Paypal, and would not take my credit card. I have an account now but only use it if there is no other option. My credit card has been hacked a couple of times, but my credit card company has always taken care of it and I have never lost money.
    I got my order from you the other day and am amazed by the quilt patterns in Addicted to Scraps. I will have to dig out and cut some "scraps". Fortunately, I have enough stash to probably make all of them and have leftovers.

  37. Why do some people have to be so petty-minded?! Why can't they just be kind and polite, or just stay quiet!
    On another note, the sunrise photos are beautiful, Bonnie! And your photos of Zoe always give me a smile :-)

  38. Ooh Bedroom 2 brought back such great memories of my recent time at QUiltville LLC Inn. Thank you for a very welcome and wonderful time with the Sewciologists. Best retreat ever!
    See you next year.


  39. Your sunrise vista is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all you do to keep us inspired.

  40. I never get the blog until the next day, so I wonder if my comments ever show up at all. But me, I am a gabby writter and I just like to "hear myself talk" I guess so I will keep posting comments. We had a Sadie too, she was a Labradoodle who lives=d with us for 11 years before passing away one night when we were in Florida. Sadie was the absolute best dog we ever had, and we both still miss her. We did however get another doodle. A Black one just like Sadie, but she has more Lab in her while Sadie had more poodel. WE debated about this beause we are both in our 70's and did we want to go through puppy stage again. WE decded we did, maninly because a dog keeps my spouse actie she walks her everyday, and that is good for both of them ( I can't always go, because I have both a bad back and a bad heart) But that is another rant. So the new pup, Molly is of course completely different personality than dear Sadie was. And we worried in the beginning , during her puppy stage whether we could deal with her. But she has turned into a wonderful dog, and I often think Does she say to herself when we are comparing her to Sadie, Who is this "Sadie" they are alwasy talking about.

  41. A beautiful sun-rise, a great repair to your quilt, a big BOOOO to those unkind and vitriolic 'people' who can write such nasty words. Have a great weekend with all your new retreat visitors and hope the sun keeps shining brightly for you :)

  42. It was thoughtful of Sadie to chew right in the center of the bottom of the quilt as it looks like a design idea. lol Can't wait until Sunday for the colors!

  43. Holy beans! Fussing about how to pay? Ugh - I'm just thankful that I have the ability TO pay for your awesome patterns :) In fact, I think I'll go shopping on your website right now. Paypal? Another way? It'll be a surprise. Thank you Bonnie, for all you do! I hope you have a great weekend - don't imagine you get any trick-or-treaters :)

  44. Love, love Sadie's quilt. The colors so bright after all the years, and the hand quilting really shines. Beautiful. Simplicity at its best!

  45. We have a quilt like the one today's quote is on... Made my husband's great grandmother. I even see some of the same fabrics! What a treasure!!

  46. I click on your site and enjoy daily news. Loved the sunset photos

  47. LOVE the hand quilted texture! You also have my sympathies over your payment problems. As a former quilt shop owner, I know well the troubles that can come from issues involving payment. So glad you seem to have found a good option. You go, girl!

  48. Oh Bonnie - I can't believe you have to deal with this! Never would have thought to complain. I love the convenience of PayPal, but totally understand those who don't want to use it too. I am willing to go either way. Happy Halloween!!!

  49. I am not one of the ones who commented either way on the check out process but do love pay pal because of the reason you stated, not having to type in a credit card, mainly because of all the hacking of credit cards going on I just feel safer having pay pal have my card and not take the chance of typing it in and having some hacker get it. I also understand the other side of the coin and am glad you found a solution to please everyone. Now if you could find a solution for the automatic phone systems when you need to speak to a human which stops me many times from calling for information instead of going on line that would be one huge feat. Happy Saturday....

  50. Thank you for Pal Pay. I would have used the CC. But to those people out there who think Pay Pal is totally safe, beware! My son in law had his Pay Pal account hacked and the hackers bot airline tickets with PP. So nothing is safe. Of course the police met them at the airport! Lol.

  51. Wow, love the fire-y sunrise photos. And the string quilt and patch-work fix. And Twisty Zoey, how does she get into such contortions? And Lola in her cozy spot in the sun, with her paws keeping it out of her eyes. Thanks for your creative inspiration.


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