Friday, October 08, 2021

Straits of Mackinac with Irene's Sewciologists!

We dug in to Straits of Mackinac from String Frenzy yesterday morning as rain continued to pelt the world outside.

Quilting, friendship, and being cozy inside?  Perfection!

Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than walking up the front steps of the inn (Where I can see that all of the lights are on, and there is already much quilty activity happening in the sewing room!) opening the door with a "Good Morning!" and finding myself surrounded by yummy smells coming out of the kitchen, and the sound of machines and laughter filling the space.

We were ready to dig in to some fin string piecing as the base for the large star blocks!

Everywhere I turned - tubs, bags, bins, boxes and totes full of gorgeous strips ready to be sewn to foundation papers!

(And sewing of other projects happened late into the night before as evidenced by more projects on design walls!)

Get those strips ready, girls!

They are pros at it already - diving right in!

Workshops present much more information that a book pattern can ever give.

There is no way to include all of the options, hints, tips, tricks and methods in a written pattern.

And I am sharing 3 ways to make the star point units - And then letting them choose which one gives each person the most success!

Demo using Tri-Recs instead of paper piecing the whole thing!

Since I have these gals all the way until noon on Tuesday, we are giving demos and class time on Thursday (Yesterday), Saturday and Monday - giving everyone LOADS of time to produce the units they need to have several blocks together by the time retreat is done.

No one will feel rushed.  No one will feel left behind or that they can't keep up.

It's so nice to do this over the course of several days instead of trying to cram it all into one 6-hour class session. 

By the time I left in the evening - this was what I saw on design walls:


Love the blues!

Love them next to the Punkin Patch blocks!

Oooh!  Now this is going to be a stunner!

And this kind of shop fun is going on!

Can you see the String Time strip pack at the upper left?  Folks could enhance their string stash with Irene's pre-cut multi strip pack from Cotton to Quilts!

And all of the other color rolls are available too - I grabbed one of those neutral rolls right off and ran with it - the prints in each bundle are adorable and perfect for enhancing your scrap stash.

While you might not be here to grab them in person, head over to the Cotton to Quilts website!  They'll be on your doorstep in mere days.

More autumn love coming from my drive.

The leaves are falling fast on this one - I should have photographed it a few days ago!

I got my socks wet for this!

I pulled off the highway and walked through a bunch of weeds to try to capture this.  I love where the trees are growing out of that rock face - and the photo doesn't capture all of the radiant colors -

Click to Play:

Do you remember this quilt?

It has a new home!

This is the antique Wild Goose Chase quilt that inspired my Geese on a String quilt from my book String Frenzy

I purchased this quilt while living in North Carolina and it has spent many years living with me, but due to downsizing I am happy that this quilt has a new place to live where it can be enjoyed by many! 

If you like unusual, wonky and unexpected vintage quilts and o find out more check out @roderick752 on Instagram at instagram.com/roderick752 and give him a follow!

I was so inspired by the string geese in the original antique version that back in January of 2013 I was obsessed with making some of my own.

Were you reading me then?  Do you remember? Did you start this project too?

This was my finish.

(The coral color is not true in these photos - it's the lighting.)

Close up.

It's the perfect quilt for fall - and those shirt fabrics still call to me - Oh, if I didn't have so many other things going on right now I'd be digging into them!

The pattern for my version of Geese on a String is also found in my book String Frenzy.  SEW MUCH FUN!

The rain continues today - and that's okay!  We have things to do inside!

I've got another round of pattern writing to attend to.  Graphics need to be drawn out.  It's going to be a designated desk day for me, with intermittent visits to the inn next door to check on the ladies.

How about your own Friday ahead?  Are you gearing up for some weekend fun?

All the way through the end of October, my Punkin Patch Runner  PDF pattern is half-price at only $5.00. No coupon required!⁣ 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I'm finding that the benefits of downsizing a house, are similar to the benefits of downsizing a must-do list. 

Let go of things that prevent you from having the time for things that matter.⁣

It sounds so much easier than it is, but it is worth it!⁣

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! 



  1. This old house must be soooo happy that you gave it a new life and filled it with laughter and love and quilting! It gives me goosebumps to see your dream come true! Such a good idea to have a workshop spread over days to really enjoy it.

    1. It made it very enjoyable and easier to remember everything. It gave us more time to work on the section that Bonnie taught us.
      : )

  2. Excellent advice in today's quote, Bonnie! I know you are having fun with those retreaters. Stay cozy and dry at the Inn this weekend!

  3. Hey Bonnie, I have a question. I purchased the cute pumpkin table runner pattern when you very first released it and I've made it and love it. After seeing the pretty quilt hanging on someone's design wall today, it made me once again want to make the pumpkins into a bigger quilt. I've searched through all my downloads and can't find my pattern. I searched 'punkin patch' and generally everything else. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    1. The full quilt pattern for Punkin Patch is found in my book String Frenzy. The runner pattern only includes runner instructions. Thank you!

  4. Fun fabrocs, I would run with the neitrals too. Gearing up for next Mystery. Gotta get the greys done to put Grassy Creek together too. Weekend fun coming up after a Pre-wwdding haircut.

  5. Love the orange and blue block as well! great combination!
    Can I ask how you are mailing the quilts? I have to get a quilt to my best friend in another state and am trying to find the most cost efficient way. Any hints? thanks and Happy Quilting...PS: going to order one of those neutrals as well! :-)

  6. I'm making 2022 the year of all scrappy quilts. This Scrappy String flying Geese is now on the top of the list. I LOVE IT! My scraps have exploded in 2021 because I have been busy making quilts - I'm at 32 with several more to get done for holiday gifting. I don't do the quilting, so I'm grateful for longarm quilters. many of my quilts are donation quilts, and my guild is fortunate to have longarmers who volunteer to quilt those. I have several of your books which inspire my goal of scrappy quilts next year. Have a great weekend.

  7. I love the SOM with Aqua as the neutral. I went over to CTQ website and order some orange facets and some aqua strings. I was hoping to find orange strings too but others beat me to it! So much fun!

  8. Love the one with orange points. Hope the owner posts when they have more done.

  9. Your quilts are stunning! Can't wait for the Mystery..Im working on Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks...easy peasy! Thank you. Debra in Ma.

  10. I WAS reading you in 2013, and I DO remember you working on Geese on a String! :)

    I have a couple of shirt-string projects on the 'to do' list, and want to make this one after those are done - it will be great for using up some of the smaller, leftovers of leftovers pieces. It was fun seeing both the original and your version 'side by side' again.

  11. The Suwannee Ciubty Historical museum in Live Oak Florida has become the home to many if my antiques. I feel so grand about items shared with people that I have collected over 50 years. Laces, doilies old sewing kits, mini children sewing machine. Embroidered dress from a Progress kit. 30s fabrics . Share for historical preservations.

  12. I favored the blue blocks until I saw the orange and teal ones. What a great color palette!


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