Thursday, October 14, 2021

QPO Re-Do!

The view from where I now sit!

Remember that big trailer unloading that happened on Tuesday?  I'm dealing with the aftermath, and it will take me a while!

However, I am reminded of what I've held on to for most of my adult life: "Just take one thing and make it better today."

Be that a drawer, a tub, a box, a tote - ONE thing makes a difference.

Tuesday night I was feeling mightily overwhelmed as I just did NOT remember this corner desk and side cabinets taking up this much space?  It has lived with me in 2 other places over the past nearly 20 years.  

Did it grow??

I laid there in bed, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking (as the mind tends to do when it can't fall asleep) as to how I could rearrange things to make ALL of this furniture make sense in a way that would still leave me floor space.

And this is it.

The corner desk is not in super great shape.  And yes, it's that press-board Sauder type stuff, but it is such a great work space that I have preferred it to anything else that I could find at the time.

This end is usually up against walls in a corner, and now it's free-standing so the back isn't that aesthetically pleasing, but the WORK SPACE!  

For me, it's always been function over fashion.  I think we are going to look for some bead board or something that we can line the back with so it doesn't just look like naked particle board.

But even that doesn't matter as much because - WORK SPACE!

And 4 toes were emptied.

And that is progress, right?

I do have a problem with ditching empty totes though - I mean - they are still good, have working lids and may be needed, so they are now in the cellar at the inn next door.

I admit it.  I'm a bit of a plastic storage container hoarder.

While the Muddy Creek Misfits settled in to Quiltville Inn - this was happening in the yard as we made the most of the remaining daylight hours, continuing well to dark.

The Chinese Chestnuts are taking over!

Lisa and I gathered and bagged up some of the nuts that were left in the grass after The Hubster blew the spikey hulls into piles to be shoveled into the trailer.

Chinese chestnuts are the sweet variety, unlike horse chestnuts and are very sweet and edible.

And we have SO MANY!  The remainder will be left for the deer.

Many trips of heinous hulls went over the cliff off of the QPO parking lot down into the ravine.

We think most of these are done falling, but there may be one more clean up to happen before winter really sets in.

In the mean time - there was the black walnut tree to be dealt with too, and Gina set about filling a bag for her own hubby to deal with - hulls and all.  He has mad plans for them.  

And in the quilt relocation documentation continuation - Click to Play:

Strip Twist has found a home!

When my brother Rick said my sister-in-law Sarah loves purple, I dug right in and chose a couple of quilts I thought they both would like.

Strip twist is one of my earliest patterns from the Free Patterns tab, and uses 2 1/2" strips in neutrals and colors.

Have you made one? ⁣

It's a stripapalooza of fun! ⁣

On the flip side!

I also love clearing out a bunch of random purples in the really fun backing! 

I need to do more of this! 

So here we are at Thursday.  This week is flying by.  By tonight I need to have all of the finishing touches done on Tomorrow's PDF pattern release for Boxy Bow Ties - I'm so excited!

I'll be spending what time I can with the Muddy Creek Misfits, and enjoying the day - we are supposed to reach 74 today, and sunny - so enjoying those last few days on the porch before it gets too cold is on the agenda. 

I have THREE quilts waiting for the binding to be sewn down, and I usually don't have that many in the queue but I have a hunch that this bumper crop of apples, chestnuts and walnuts means we just might be in for a doozy of a winter - so hand stitching will definitely be happening soon.

How about your own plans for today?  What's going on in your world?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage broken dishes in a nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Every day is a brand new chapter.
We can fill the pages however we want to. ⁣
The past doesn't dictate who we are becoming.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here's a reminder to find JUST ONE THING and make it better, whatever it is.

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!



  1. Oh boy, I am right there beside you with being overwhelmed after a move. We are waiting for floors to be laid before I can set up my quilting room and I am in withdrawal here!!!!

  2. Yesterday I bound 2 charity quilts for our guild. Finished my border for Grassy Creek (my first Mystery Quilt to actually finish) and got backing ready for my LAQ next week. Got the binding ready for a 2020 BOM that got all messed up due to COVID and not being able to get all the matching fabrics. It is really a mess so I will name it my COVID Mess and carry on. LOL Today is volunteering at the local foster place The Call and taking my 87 year old brother to get his hair cut.

  3. Going to Zanesville today. Delivering a guilt I made for friends and it's a surprise! Have not seen them since Oct of 19. It's going to be about 82 here in Ohio today.

  4. Oh my, while growing up we had 3, yes 3, black walnut trees out in front. The first hulls were a mess and the nuts were the hardest thing to crack - forget about using a nut cracker! Dad finally laid them in our driveway and the car was driven over them many times; that cracked most of the nuts into workable pieces. Dad used a hammer for the others that were left uncracked.

  5. How many will suggest you hang random quilt blocks on the back side of the desk?
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I would staple a quilt to it, it would be beautiful.

  6. Wow! I really needed to read your blog today. One box or tote to deal with a day is more than none. It is progress too. And yes, those desks grow when you aren't looking. I am sure of it.

  7. oh, Bonnie! I know the feeling lying in bed thinking, thinking, thinking (usually about quilting, but not always)problem-solving while sleep eludes me... I call it my hamster on the wheel... brain just keeps turning and turning and usually not making much progress!! Until i take myself for a walk on the beach and look for shells! That seems to work for me!!! All those totes empty??? wow, how about as a home for all those boxes of shirts? Not that you need problem-solving help, LOL, if shipping costs weren't so dear, i'd suggest sending y our quilts off in them! sigh... whey does everyone have such good ideas for other people to carry out? Hoping your weekend and the retreaters have perfict weather ... and you make one thing better for yourownsweetself.. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  8. I don't think you are a plastic storage tote hoarder. You've paid good money for them and if they are in good shape why not hang on to them and reuse, I do! You have a great place to keep them and they are readily available. Went to get car inspected only to find out the inspector wasn't going to be in today so it will be another trip tomorrow morning. Working on Straits of Mackinac and looking forward to this one coming together. Have a great day!

  9. I'm hearing Farmer's Almanac-type rumors that this winter might be a doozy here in the Midwest, too. I just got an order of batting, making sure I have what I need to hunker down and finish some projects this winter. Can't stop it happening, can only try to be prepared, I guess!!

  10. Do you have a bookcase that will fit in that space under your desk that the "marked" totes could go on? Or you could put peg board so you could hang things.

  11. The teacher in me - aka also a hoarder of all good plastic storage tubs with lids that fit - saw the backside of that corner desk as a perfect place to add some shelves...to hold more plastic storage tubs! You use your spaces so creatively and share so generously that I am anxious to see how you finally choose to modify that corner desk!

  12. I remember the great black walnut fudge my dad made. He would collect the nuts while out at Scout Camp, bring home and crack them with a hammer on the basement floor. Then using a nut pick he would spend many an evening picking out the meat. ALL for Christmas fudge for the family. I miss him and the fudge.

    1. We did that with wild pecans. I loved going into the woods and picking them up.

    2. I remember sitting in the basement cracking and digging those walnuts out of their shells. They sure made good cookies. Since I seldom bake anymore, we let the squirrels have ours. ;)

  13. I've been commenting on other posts too about the huge walnut drop we have this year! We have lived here for 35 years and this is the largest drop ever. So we filled our bin and many compost bags (only half full; so heavy!) and left them near the garage for pickup day. The squirrels all said "Wow! they collected them for us!" and ripped open all the bags! We are not happy. But today I'm working on my flannel Christmas quilt and hope to at least get the top made this year. It's a multi year project.

  14. Love the corner desk, great work space. Can't tell how much of space is behind/ under but instead of closing it off can you build some shelves to store supplies? Cones of thread, or pegboard and hooks for hanging things? I am always thinking about where I can put things for easy access.

  15. Bonnie, I love the back of Strip Twist! Just beautiful, and you inspire us to see what can be done with backings.

  16. You are working hard Bonnie! Sit down & sew your bindings on....back to quilting mountain majesties!....Blessings.

  17. Just an idea, but not sure enough space is available, how about some shelves even if not deep ones! Shelves are always needed. Love the new furniture layout, great space. Hubby is very creative, sure he could work some magic!

  18. Thanks for the reminder to find JUST ONE THING and make it better, whatever it is. That is so what I needed to hear today. My house is utter chaos because we tore it apart to install some new storage cabinets right before the pandemic started. Then I had to leave to take care of a parent and was gone for over a year. Putting things in order while recovering from the parent's death has been glacially slow. Thanks for reminding me that the elephant can only be eaten one small bite at a time.

  19. I, too, hang onto empty totes. They don't usually stay empty for long. Good advice about 1 tote or box a day. If I stuck to it, I might eventually tame the chaos of emptying my late mother's house. As it is, I wound up being solo in charge of a church women's retreat for this Saturday (And we wonder why us retired people never seem to have any time?). I had no idea that the administrative part would take more time than the programming side.

  20. I have that same desk! It's an awesomely large work space. I have a serger on one end and my Pfaff Creative Performance on the other end. It takes up a lot of acreage because of the Sew Steady table or the embroidery unit, depends on what I am working on. I wouldn't trade that desk though!

  21. Hang on to those plastic tote boxes. I'm a firm believer that within two weeks of getting rid of something ("I won't need this again"), a need arises!! It's happened to me too many times.

  22. I found a similar desk on Facebook Marketplace for $25 but it’s metal and has a permanent keyboard shelf that perfectly fits my Janome6500P. I’m short and it makes it very comfortable for me and I can place my acrylic extender on it lays perfectly even on the table top. I have always struggled finding the right height to try to avoid backaches. Also love your one box a day idea. I think most women love anything that organizes.

  23. Congratulations on the empty bins! Love the new arrangement in QPO!

  24. A girl can never have too many see-through plastic bins, as I repeatedly tell my granddaughter! There is always a (re)use for them.

  25. "Just one thing" was good to hear today. Any progress is progress.

  26. you could put peg board on the back. that would give you space to hang rulers, patterns, etc. I love my peg board!

  27. The back of your corner unit would look wonderful with a couple of "painted" Barn Quilt Squares ! :-)

  28. I am moving into an independent apartment where my husband is in memory care. I have been downsizing my sewing room. What a job! I got a two bedroom so one could be my sewing room. I hope it all fits. I also am using lots of totes. I threw away 100’s of quilt magazines. Why in the world was I saving them, I never went back and read them! Get rid of them if you have some!

  29. Bonnie - had to laugh -- when I saw the backside of your "corner" piece, I didn't see particle board, the first thing I thought was "Yipee! more storage space" -- and I see you now have the extra bins to fill and use under that storage space!


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