Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Barely Time to Quilt!

Lola, evidently holding the quilt top center from sliding off the table to the floor - 

I've been working on this project mostly off, less on, for the past several months.

It all began when I unboxed a bunch of cut red half-square triangles that were left in a bag - remnants of my Hunter's String Star.

Leftovers.  There are always leftovers!  And sometimes it is just what I need to kick me into the next gear.

Remember this one?

Hunter’s String Star is available as a PDF pattern stand alone, but also comes FREE with purchase of my book String Frenzy.

I love this quilt!  And I can't wait to have it out during the holiday season - all the way through Valentine's Day.  Because.  RED!

But what about those extra half-square triangles?  

Not to mention a BUNCH of leftover red string blocks from my Forever Mine quilt we did for last Valentine's Day!

(Yes, evidently I was planning on Forever Mine being a BIG quilt, but it ended up as a small one, and I had loads of string units sewn!)

I have made "slanted star" quilts for decades. They are what first introduced me to "Stitch & Flip" corners.  

One on my couch right now?  Smoky Mountain Stars from the Free Patterns tab. It's been there since 2005. The printer -friendly version is not mobile friendly, so if you are printing it, go to a real computer. 

But I digress!

Slanted stars on neutral strings!  DOUBLE YES!

And the leftover red string units went almost 3/4 the way around without me having to make that many.  I just needed a few more....

Lola, being the huge help that she is with choosing reds!

Just a bit more....

But everything came to a halt yesterday around noon.  There was something I needed to do, and it was a beautiful day.  Quilt progress could wait.

And I'm mulling over a name for this one - Cherry Crunch maybe?

This is my view from where I sat at CVS waiting for my flu shot.

As an innkeeper I come in contact with folks from all over as they travel and stay.  

I don't spend time with nearly as many people as I did when I was traveling and teaching, but I still spend time with folks from far away places.

I have gotten flu shots every year while traveling to teach, and I'm not going to stop now.

So while I waited - I perused the magazines - can you see the bottom right corner title?


And I realized I was.  HUNGRY.  And I made a plan right then and there that shots deserve a reward.

Chinese in Galax, VA!  YUM!

And since I was out and about I did all the other usual errand stuff before heading back.  I had a date with a tall man come 5pm:

Winterizing the Kitchen Window!

This old window may not be "original" to the 1884 house, but it is old.  The stained glass is lovely, and the two wing windows let in wonderful spring/summer/fall air when the cooking gets hot.

But in the winter months - the porch becomes a frozen wind tunnel, and the breeze blows through every gap in those windows.

Previously we only did the shrink wrapping on the inside - but you know what is attracted to kitchen lights in the twilight/night?  GNATS!

And there was a plethora of dead bugs between the window and the plastic film with no way to clean them out until spring.

So now we put the shrink film on the OUTSIDE first - mostly to keep the gnats out.  And then we do the inside too, for an extra layer of cold protection.

And because someone will ask - this is what we used:

It's so simple - you adhere it to the double stick removable tape, and use a hair dryer to shrink it taut to the window.

It will stay in place until likely April when nights no longer go below freezing.

As we left - the moon was just rising!

It got bigger and brighter - 

What you see at the left side of the photo is smoke from the burn pile at the Christmas Tree farm across the road from the inn.

This morning there are no adverse effects from the shot. Arm is not sore. I feel fine.  And there is a quilt waiting to be finished!

It's another beautiful sunny October day, and I'm going to enjoy it!

How about you?

And don't forget:

October's Boxy Bow Ties pattern kick off is a hit!

I am super thrilled with the response, and can't wait to see your projects in progress as photos show up on Facebook and Instagram.  Please use hashtag #boxybowtiesquilt and tag me @quiltville_bonnie so I can follow along with your progress!

AND! We are having a Gift-Away!

I'll be drawing for one winner who will receive the printable PDF pattern for Boxy Bow Ties for themselves AND a friend, along with this for both:

A This & That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Drawing to happen Monday 10/25/21!

You'll find Boxy Bow Ties in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store! And to kick this excitement into gear, I've placed it at 25% off through 10/31/21 at only $9.00, No coupon required!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage string quilt found in Sisters Oregon. ⁣

This I strongly believe. 

Be so busy happily creating that you don't have time to point out others' flaws. 

Throw yourself into what you love with blinders on and quit worrying about the others around you. 

Just create from your soul. 



  1. Love today's quote, actually enjoy them every day. Love your ?Cherry Crunch?, have been wanting to make that pattern for a long time. Maybe this winter. Looking forward to this year's mystery. My #1 reason to enjoy Halloween....
    Keep up the great work/play.
    MaryAnn in Oregon

  2. Love the red quilts!

    Regarding the window plastic....in my house, a rhyming word was our problem...Cats! Our first two kitties were expert plastic film shredders :)

  3. I love the way you've been selling patterns online this past year! I love your books, and have them all. But this way I can have a new pattern from you at least once a month, and I've bought just about all of them! It's a quick Bonnie quilting treat, and I deserve it! Thanks for the fun, and keep them coming! Kathy in Texas

  4. Loved seeing your furry helpers! Loved seeing how the 'leftovers' from one project morphed into yet another beautiful project! Good for you on getting your flu shot - I've had mine, too. So important to be prepared - whether for flu season or cold weather sneaking in thru the window!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! That is my hope. It takes SUCH a long time to publish a book or get something in "paper" form. I'm so happy you are happy with the PDFs!

    2. You must know i am a fan of the PDFs... if i get to make even half of them it'll be a miracle, i love being able to pick one and not the whole book and i bet you love not having to send the whole book... works for me and hopefully, there are many more of us... since I already have all your books!! anyway... I got my flu shot yesterday too, seem to be fine this morning, although i did the extraordinary sleep fest, until 8 o'clock!!! that neverhappens!!! Next up as soon s Moderna gets ALL its approvals, i'll be getting the booster, i do not come in contact with nearly the numbers you do, but I deserv e and need as much protection as I can get and others do too! Thanks, again, and always for your contribution to my life and others, give yourownsweetself a big hug... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Loving the PDF patterns! My Books app on my iPad has a large Bonnie Hunter folder! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  6. Loving the PDF patterns! My Books app on my iPad has a large Bonnie Hunter folder! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  7. I like "Cherry Crunch" a lot. Great use of neutrals too and they fill the space so nicely!
    Regarding shrink wrap windows: until we replaced our old windows we did this for years. It works really well, and if shrunk correctly, is almost invisible.

  8. I love red too. I have a bunch! I love the red quilt and I love the PDF patterns too. I got my flu shot also. no reaction, no sore arm! I have been getting them for as long as I can remember. My day is going to be a busy one. We are having a new circulating hot water furnace installed in our basement. The old one is 30 years old and tired! I am also taking lunch to my grandsons that are home for this week, the school is shut down because of Covid. I made them a pot of hamburger soup and a loaf of beer batter cheddar bread. I think it will be a hit.

    1. Theresa, that bread sounds delicious! I’m going to search for a recipe.

  9. Today I am working on finishing my three entries to our local quilt show in Issaquah the 2nd weekend in November. One needs binding, two need sleeves, so I am getting there! Also today getting my TSA pre check! Yay! To make it easier to get through security at the airport with my sewing machine on my way to Quiltville Inn! Big love all around and keep on quilting, love to Cats in Carlsbad ❤ Thanks Bonnie!!!

  10. My hubster and I get flu shots every year too. Better safe than sorry at our age. Debra in Ma.

  11. I too have been enjoying your PDF patterns. I have all your books, but I love being able to get new Bonnie Hunter patterns so frequently. I can hardly wait the pattern for your scrappy red & neutral stretched star. I am already stockpiling neutrals from my string and strip drawers. I think I may even ask my friends for donations if that's not the sort of thing they save and use.

  12. Absolutely LOVE all the red/white/neutral quilts!!! I've been dying to make one (or three! lol they're all in my head still), but I have so many other projects to finish first and I keep telling myself I will NOT begin yet another one..... okay.....you know what happens then :P BTW I also absolutely love your proposed name for the new one (i.e. Cherry Crunch). Hmm....now visions of fresh, warm cherry pie are tempting me....

  13. Speaking of gnats. This has been the worst year ever for gnats at our house. I even had them in the fridge. I think we have narrowed the culprit to the banannas. we eat a ton of banannas here and sometimes we have a good supply on hand and they go in the fridge. I think that is how the gants got inside the fridge. But my daughter made up some of the gnat traps and they actually work and I have not seen any for a few days. I have friends who also had this problem this year. Annoying little buggers aren't they.

  14. The Chinese food looks great - sure hope you brought some home for your hubby.

  15. Love the red hunters star I think that will be my first quilt in the new year. Red is one of my favorite colors. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.


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