Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Little More Red, Please!

I've been gravitating toward red for what seems like ALL. MY. LIFE.

I love the vibrancy of red, and what it can do to tie a whole mass of other colors together.

Red is magic.

It has been my go-to, first thought for a long time.

So much so that I have to force myself to try other options.

Such was the case with my 25-Patch quilt, recently finished and still waiting hand stitching.

My first thought was RED!

And then I reminded myself how much I use red.  And I challenged myself to try something else - perhaps a sour apple green.

And I ended up with a yellow stripe!  So far from red - but where does my eye automatically go in this photo? To the red bits!

As you can see from the top photo in this post - I have gone for a softer version of red, choosing a red wonky dot on a cream background so the red is there, but it won't upstage the red diamonds from the main quilt design.  

Red for the win!

And I have been hiding something from you, started much earlier this summer.  May, maybe?

And surprise!  RED!

I've gotten far enough to start the assembly.

And I am using the weirdest loudest neutrals in the string piecing, and the oldest of bright reds in the strip stash.  Some of these are even older Christmas prints from the 80s, 90s, and perhaps early 2000s which still feels "current" to me even though it is more than 2 decades past now.

Rows upon rows!

What am I going to be doing with this one?  I'm unsure!  I thought it might make a fun Christmas throw size for the couch.

I don't think it will be ready to release by next month - besides, we've got all of this mystery stuff coming up, so why am I spending my time on this?

Well, because.  RED!

Yesterday papers were digitally signed to get the Wallburg house on the market.  That was the BIG THING yesterday.  Well, one of the big things.

At 5pm when he got off of work, The Hubster drove the very full trailer over to Quiltville Inn so we could unload some stuff, including my big corner desk from the Wallburg basement studio.

My plan was to put it in the QPO and set it up so I could make better use of my space - 

THIS THING IS BIGGER THAN I REMEMBER!  So I will have to do some rearranging of sewing stations in there because I just lost my design floor space.  LOL.

We also moved my tubs of recycled shirts to where I can get at them for more creating, along with bins of other stuff to go through. (Why did I save every magazine I have ever had a mention in or an Addicted to Scraps article or quilt pattern?)

I will be spending this winter going through tubs and rehoming, donating, disposing - It never stops, does it?

But the best part of all - in those tubs I found:

All of the paper pantographs I had promised to my friend Lisa when she got her longarm a couple of years ago, and then couldn't find! LOL!

There are so many great ones in here - I may have to replace them with the digital versions.

May they live happily ever after in HER studio.

EVEN BETTER - can it get any better?  YES!

Lisa is part of the Muddy Creek Misfits who are arriving at Quiltville Inn for retreat TODAY.  Talk about good timing and complete serendipity.

But the heaviest thing of all on that trailer?

My Accuquilt Studio Station!

This is an IKEA kitchen island, about 8 years old and discontinued.  I'm sure they have something similar even though they don't make this one any more.

I have a second one in the cabin basement studio here that I use as a cutting table and for storage of all my tools, etc.  I love these islands.  They are the right height for my 5'9'' self.  Just love them.

I am happy to be rid of the folding plastic hollow-core table that did the shimmy-shake every time I needed to cut something.

What else?

Oh yes!  THIS!  Click to Play:

Quilt relocation documentation! ⁣

Boxy Stars (Free Patterns tab ) is now in the home of my niece and great niece in Arizona! 

I hope they make many happy memories under our and use it up until it falls apart!  

Finishing touches are under way on my Boxy Bow Ties PDF pattern release happening Friday!

Boxy Bow Ties is super scrappy and strip-square-jelly-roll friendly! 

Yes, there will be introductory pricing!

And yes, there will be a gift-away including fantastic fabric rolls from Cotton to Quilts!

And hooray - NO TRIANGLES!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I find it hard to create when I am stressed out or feeling pressured.
It's times like these when I need to take a long walk, pet the fabric, clean up my space and organize a bit and work my way back into creativity.
Do you feel this way too?

Have a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Yes I do! Those are the moments I tidy and organize. It helps me get back into creative mode.

  2. I love, love, love the fun neutrals in your "secret" red maybe-Christma- throw!!!!

  3. Your secret/surprise quilt is really fun! And Cabin Corners still blows me away. Red isn't usually the first color I think to reach for, but you remind me again how effective and powerful and lovely it is.

  4. IS that a Raisin Bran piece of fabric? You find the funniest things! Love it!

  5. someone said the first half of life we acquire and the second half we discard...and ruthless is the word when downsizing...lol!

  6. I have always gone for the plain neutrals in the fabric store. Now I find those 2 drawers so BORING! Thanks for opening my eyes to the quirky and fun. Now I must either use them or gift them. Gifting them sounds best. I have a new quilter friend that fits the bill. Thanks Bonnie!

  7. Why did you save magazines - well, because they are part of your history!!! I suggest keeping them..... somewhere along the line Bonnie Hunter is going to be in quilt history and some curator would love to have the mags to work with.

  8. Oh, I love those fun neutrals! (I've got a piece of that Kellogg's fabric in my scrap stash, a donation from my sister who gives me all her leftovers.) And I love the way you chose to construct these scrappy Elongated Stars. I will be waiting patiently for this pattern. (Only problem is, I never seem to have that many neutral scraps, strips, or strings.)

  9. Red is my favorite color. When picking out my arm cast color I decided against red. It’s a vibrant, happy, active color and that’s not how I feel with a broken wrist and inactivity! 😆 I went with calming blue.

  10. What a fun bunch of Wild Neutrals! I have been sorting through a few drawers myself this morning. Little spools of Threads are everywhere. Amen in the saving Magazines. I've been looking for a 2010 issue of American Quiilting & Patchwork. It's in here...SOMEWHERE! Working on a special little Quiltlet for my friend in Nebraska. Deadline is looming for that one. Mystery Time means a big sort to shop my Stash. Happy Wednesday from wet Walla Walla!

  11. Love that Ikea island. Lucky enough to have one. It is sturdy and does not move!

    1. I have one, too, and just LOVE it! It's a tight fit in my studio in our new home, but I wouldn't part with it.

  12. I find if I'm stressed, I cannot create at all. Great to hear you're moving on from your other home & making life easier!!

  13. I have the same Ikea island! Ours has moved from the kitchen to the basement as a worktable, but so sturdy. I love it. Good luck with the house!

  14. I decided to quilt some of my quilts until the mystery starts...I have a tubful of them ..blessings.

  15. Bonnie, do you use Electric Quilt? Do you like it?

  16. I have a question about using red. I had trouble with a recent small project using a red print and it bled on the adjoining white when I steamed it. I was able to get it out fortunately but I guess I should have prewashed the red fabric like I used to do when I was making children’s clothing. What’s your guidelines about prewashing? I’ve not been doing that since I started quitting.

  17. I have every quilt magazine I have ever gotten, and for a while I was getting 6 different ones a year. I have cut back to two, but still love to look thru them. I bought magazine holders (plastic ones to go on shelves), filled those and still have boxes of them stashed all over. Ruthless is not my cup of tea unfortunately.

  18. Spent some time going through my Quilting/Sewing/Enbroidery magazines and being realistic about what patterns I am likely to make, scanned those patterns then donated the magazines. A few of the patterns were just so beautiful I still scanned them, even though I know I know I will never make the pattern, but they have become eye candy & inspiration in my sewing room. Wonder if I should have collected more stash fabric and fewer magazines and patterns ;).


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