Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It All Started With Crumbs!

Another quilt reached its recipient, and just in time for Utah weather to turn toward winter cold!

Crumb Jumble was started while I was still living in Irmo, SC  like so many other quilts with blocks languishing in baggies until the overwhelming desire to turn them into "Something" kicked in to gear -

And once that "IN GEAR!" thing happens - watch out world, there is no stopping until done!

I think what stumped me from the get-go was how to set them without the wonkiness of the blocks overrunning everything.

How do you calm down the chaos of a busy scrap quilt?

I used ONE setting fabric - a beautiful blue solid.  And I used ONE neutral for the sashing strips around the blocks and repeated that same neutral in the scrappy border.

See?  I CAN use one neutral when it does what I want it to do! Click to Play:

When my nephew Michael asked for a blue quilt - I knew this would be perfect for him!

I also used Entangled to quilt this one - it shows up really well on the sold blue setting squares.

On the Flip Side -

He loves it enough to send Auntie Bonnie a selfie!

I told him to use it and use it and use it until it falls apart - and he promised to do so!

Isn't it such a grand FEEL GOOD??

Yesterday was a day in the studio for me - but I spent much of my time in the office doing that "Make ONE thing better" challenge -

It had gotten to the point that I couldn't open my desk drawer without pens and pencils getting in the way, it really was a jumbled disaster.


I've been tying to do the "Make ONE thing better" challenge at home too - and in the past week, I've used that challenge to wash 3 sliding glass doors inside and out (It didn't take long) clean and polish the aluminum appliances, and hang my vintage cast iron trivets on a kitchen wall.

Last evening while talking to my dad I cleaned and dusted the bathroom.  It didn't take long either.

Not sure what my ONE THING BETTER will be today - but I'm doing it with intent, and it is helping with the stress and anxiety I feel of still needing to find space for the remains of the Wallburg house - which was put on the market this week.

Do you want to join me?  Just one thing.  Find one drawer, one box, one tote, one surface - make it better today.

Let me know in the comments below how it went!

The Scrappy Sisters are arriving from Tennessee this afternoon.  We've got a Midnight Flight weekend ahead (from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders) and it promises to be a good time!

And don't forget:
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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The words we speak, and even think become the kind of home we live in.
The words we speak set the tone for our home. Today speak kindness.
Vintage star quilt found in North Carolina.⁣

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Have been doing this to all my "scraps" -- started with colors and then sorting with sizes -- It has been feeling fabulous getting them cleaned up! Still have (4) more colors to sort and iron - but almost done!! So fabulous!

  2. I started doing a version of 'make one thing better' when I retired 4 months ago. I have one project to complete during the week and also one thing to complete each day. So - one week it might be to reorganize/straighten the utility room, with an additional project or task for each day - ie Monday- sew 4 new masks, Tues - weed flower bed, Wed - work on the quilt ladder that is being refinished, etc. This is helping me to get things done, but still leaves plenty of time for fun sewing, visiting family/friends, playing with the dog, etc. Small bites help to eat the elephant!

  3. I had leftover pencils from my children's elementary school days multiplying in drawers! I found a cheese box, and EVERY time I came across a pencil, into the box. The box was given to the elementary school for students who needed one. Satisfying!

  4. The upside is, you now know you have enough writing utensils for 30 years!

    Good job on the "just one thing". I'm a super organized person so all is good here :-) (one must be to work in the operating room-no time to search with a patient on the table counting on me).

  5. didn't your blog resonate with me this morning!!?? parts languisihing? Frolic AND Grassy Creek...embarrassing, but not so bad since you confessed!! One thing better? Finishing a friend's babyquilts... a fellow quilter becoming so frail she's "gifted" me with her UFOs and fabric!! making up the quilts and next up will be the sorting!!!! that is one huge elephant! Thanks for all you do for all of us AND yourownsweetself! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. My "one thing better" for today was to find a different storage area for 6 boxes and 3 bags of "stuff" I'm storing for our Guild. I recently moved and did not want to relegate these items to an unfinished basement where they might pick up stinky-basement odors.

  7. I started weeks ago just trying to finish one thing at a time. Even going back & finishing to do projects that I ran out of time on. Feels great to have drawers & etc. things done the way I really wanted them. Pencils & pens multiply in drawers, some take longer than others. I love cheese boxes.

  8. Oh, 'make one thing better' sounds great, I just have to pick something! Actually I cleared part of my kitchen counter after the coffee maker acted up last week and I am still figuring out what to do with a few more items that were there. I also went through the overflowing takeout containers in my cupboard (some were on the counter, too). Most of the odd sized ones went in the recycling so I had about 8-10 all the same that could stack together. It was a big win. Another size that I had a bunch of ended up in my sewing room to sort scraps into. These are only practical for small scraps. I used the bottom of a container for bigger pieces that were long and I stacked multiple covers bottom side down on top with an empty cover on top. all are in a large shoe box now sorted by size and some by value.

  9. Thanks for the motivation. Some times things can get so overwhelming that it's difficult to get motivated. A little nudge is always a good thing. I like what others have said too. Now to find homes for so much that is no longer needed, both quilting and household items.

  10. My one thing from yesterday was washing just one window inside and out. I chose the kitchen window. In see it the most. Looking at all the windows that need cleaning is overwhelming. I felt good after that one window was cleaned complete with outside scrubbing and hosing of the screen, ready to be stored away. A good mantra to focus on!

  11. Our one thing today was to take advantage of the warm weather by getting the bucket off the tractor & getting the snowblower mounted on it. Team-work was needed so it was satisfying and stands us in good stead whenever it does decide to get snowy.

  12. Hi Bonnie...love your quilts...with the chilly weather coming I know it is close to Mystery Quilt time...yeah!! When will you post information? Thanks so much for all you do...

  13. I'm down to 4 quilts that need quilting!! But 1 is a flannel/ wool applique quilt. Might have to quilt that by hand this winter. Feels good to empty a tote as you know. Ha.

  14. my Make One thing better project was to clean out the drawer that houses my threads. Neutrals always seem to be in short supply. Well I found about 5 spools when I cleaned out that drawer. I pitched several spools with the last few yards of thread on the them. But I feel like I accomplished something. Now there are four other drawers in that chest that need the same treatment.

  15. Love Crumble Jumble.....is there a pattern available???

    1. As mentioned in my post - Crumb Jumble is found in my book String Frenzy.

  16. There must have been something in the air as I started the"'make one better each day" about the time you mentioned it in your blog. Maybe it is because we are changing seasons? Anyway, it is such a good feeling even if it is just one shelf or one drawer. Is this a part of our nesting nature?

  17. Thread... not just for social media! No pics here, but I used an over the door SHOE ORGANIZER and hung it on the back of a door... I just gained about 4 feet of flat space. I had threads I had accumulated, mine, my mama's, my aunt's and two of HER aunts... LOTS of poly thread, lots of wooden spools. What a joyful feeling to make THREAD (the one thing) better... at least less messy! Sorted by color of course... made my OCD happy too. Thanks for the challenge Bonnie! Blessings,

  18. I love that you are sending quilts to loved ones. I try also to make one thing better each day. Have been downsizing and decluttering for a long time. Recently I donated many travel toiletries and got that pile down to one small shoe box.

  19. Wow, love the blue scrap quilt! I had a zillion hst left over from my quilt still on the design wall cuz I did not like the diamonds as the border. I am making the rest into diamonds and using blue with them in an Asian-inspired style. I am reassured seeing how beautiful yours is. I have 70 diamonds, 94 is my goal.
    I have been doing one fix up daily too... Definitely in the air. I look around and it still seems impossible but my sewing area is getting better organized and reducing my stress. As I fit in my partially underground she shed projects, it is also finally noticing progress. One bite at a time is much easier for my old self.
    I think my new border fabric will finally be in tomorrow to complete the design wall project. I added english paper piecing templates :-/
    Seems silly but I am very pleased about this new form of stash busting.

  20. Love all your quilts, the pumpkin patch runner has me taken.


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