Sunday, September 27, 2020

When You Can't Find the Sunrise -


Just because you can’t see the sunrise, doesn’t mean it isn’t there shining brightly!

Yesterday morning I went upstairs to find both Jason and the Hubster on the back deck – sending their drones up in various directions.

What was the point?  To get above the fog that had settled in all around us.

The morning fog had tucked itself all around our trees and woods, that late September morning chill making itself known.  But that morning sun knew it could outshine the fog!

They took some absolutely gorgeous shots - and had fun doing it in the process. And I think there has to be a life lesson in this photo, don't you?  

Something like "No matter how gloomy things seem below, rise above!"

It is so amazing instantly seeing our property from above.  It’s going to be even more wonderful getting overhead views of the leaves as they turn. 

Look closely!  One drone caught the other drone on camera - can you see it at the top of the photo?  I believe this is Jason's catching Dave's.

By this point, the sun has won the game, the fog is just about gone, but will be back another morning for another round of “find the sunrise.”

Boys and their toys.  Like father, like son!

Oh autumn, you are magnificent above the fog! 

How about stitching up a little autumn color of your own?

You’ll find my Appalachian Autumn PDF pattern in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store!

As PDF patterns do not require shipping, digital patterns are available to everyone, everywhere!

You can click Appalachian Autumn to go directly to the pattern, but you’ll also find it in the NEW and digital patterns  categories if you feel the urge to poke around and see just what the Quiltville Store has to offer.

This is where I left things at the QPO yesterday afternoon.  Yardage is now where it needs to go.  And there is breathing room in the cabinets after I culled a bunch of stuff destined for backings, charity quilts and some to be stripped down into my Scrap User’s System.

I worked at stash folding while watching and listening to Call the Midwife on Netflix. Every episode leaves me weepy in a good way. I really love this show and watch it by myself just for me. Are you a fan too?

There is still so much to go through. There are still bins of holiday fabrics, novelties and children’s fabrics, big yardage for backings – and my thought is I will go through that a little bit at a time over the next long while to sort and cull and fold and reacquaint myself with what is really there – but the biggest job is DONE.  The other stuff has no hurry.

This coming week I need to SEW.  I need machine time like fish need water.  The only way I can deal with this “too much fabric madness” is to get back to sewing it up.

And I’m still thinking on what all of those “light mediums” can do as some backgrounds for dark darks – but I need to focus on the other projects that are already in the works so I can clear some room on the to make list for future things.

I spent the evening feet up in the comfy chair finishing the binding on Traveling Stars.  Just the sleeve is left to stitch down and that will happen tonight.

Today is going to be a tough one emotionally – we are saying goodbye to Jason who is beginning his return journey back to Portland, Oregon.  I hope that things are better for him by the time he finally arrives back to his own home.

He is taking his time, wanting to see national parks and wonders on his way.  He is in no hurry to get there, and I am excited to see what he captures by camera and drone as he continues his journey.

How are things unfolding for your weekend? Do you have anything to share about what is going on in your world?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 25 patch quilt in cotton and wool found in North Carolina.

Now isn't this the truth?! Especially during 2020.

Always remember - if you can't see the sunrise, rise above!

Have a wonderful Sunday, folks!


  1. I love the new mantra, rise above.😊😊😊

  2. What beautiful photos! Love the quote. Safe travels for Jason and a hug for mom and dad. Enjoy your time sewing today.

  3. Beautiful pics by the guys! Rainy here today in Northern Ontario, so my golden leaves on my crabapple tree are looking kind of droopy! But the ripe apples smell so good! Sewing time for me too today - the 100Day 100 Block challenge is my current nemesis - FPP Kinship sampler. I love the blocks - in oranges, yellows & shades in between!
    Have a good day Bonnie & give Jason an extra tight hug! Our boys are never too big or too grown up, for hugs. 🇨🇦❤️

  4. While you’re sorting your stash, could you show us a photo of how you store your scrap user system? I’m trying to figure out a system that is easily accessible, stacking drawers perhaps? Right now I have plastic boxes stacked on top of each other and I’m not happy with it because I constantly have to move them to get to the bin I want. Suggestions please!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Bonnie has a link under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog to an older post where she explains her scrap user's system: https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/scrap-users-system.html.

      It makes a great starting point and then customize to what fits YOU! :)

  5. We're had some clouds interfering with our sunshine, too. Hmmm, is it just clouds, smoke from the western fires, moisture from the storms off the Gulf? The trees have begun to change to their gorgeous colors here in Iowa. We were biking for a few days and went north into MN. It's amazing how just a few miles can make a big difference in how much the trees have changed.

  6. Love your stash! I’m inspired to finish mine. Had a good start and then COVID hit and mask making began. I, too, love Call the Midwife and tear up with each episode. No sewing this weekend as we are moving my parents to assisted living. Love your blog, Bonnie. I read it every day!!

  7. I love Call the Midwife. I read there's one more season coming. I started making the string blocks for Appalachian Autumn. Did I mention how much I love string piecing? It's just the right sized project that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

  8. Safe travels Jason. Bonnie I just love your stash. It's so BEAUTIFUL. Such a feeling of accomplishment. I bet you just sit & gaze lovingly at it; Just thinking of all the wonderful quiltyness that will come from it. Enjoy it's beauty.

  9. I love the thought to Rise above! You lift us with your memes. Thanks. Big Hugs to Jason as he travels back to Portland. I'm missing the PNW and all my family there. I got some stitching in this week and how much better the week goes when I can do that. I watched some cheesy movies on Freeform while I sewed yesterday. I got the Autumn pattern, I'll need more autumnal colors for it. I started Lori D's new SAL. Happy Sunday!

  10. What spectacular photos the guys captured on with their drones, Bonnie. I'd love to create an art quilt from that one at the top of the page! Your stash cabinets made for a lovely photo, as well.

  11. I've spent the last 3 weeks going thru tubs and scraps and sorting them by color. Then put them in plastic bags and one huge tub. This way I can pull out a bag and cut to size while we are camping or when bored with my quilting. Today is a trip to the book store. Will review quilt magazines and check out diet cookbooks. Going Keto and losing weight, lowering blood pressure and controlling sugar. Guess you cold call me busy.

  12. Do you, or your husband or son, have any recommendations on buying a drone? I thought I'd get my son in law one for his birthday or Christmas. I think he would thoroughly enjoy one, but I haven't a clue...I'm glad you had time to have so many adventures with your son while he was home.

  13. can't wait to see what you do with those medium toned fabrics. they have been an issue for me as well. take care

  14. I crack up every time you take a picture of Jason...he has his mouth hanging open...😂😂😂. Hope he has safe travels and enjoys his slow trip back home. The national parks out that way are beautiful! And enjoy playing in your stash!

  15. Anonymous11:49 AM EDT

    Have retreating for the past 5 days. Driving home this afternoon. Was able to layer 3 quilts, 2 of which were Bonnie quilts - Garden Party and Midnight Flight. Love being away but looking forward getting home to family.

  16. Beautiful photos, Bonnie! I really miss seeing the colors change since moving to FL 15 years ago. Enjoy your journey, Jason. That is something I would like to do. I'm working on HollyAnne's FMQ course. It's nice to see improvements.

  17. Your blog always cheers me up-the pretty quilts,the beautiful countryside, inspiring quotes (on antique quilts no less), ZOEY and IVY and LOLA (my husband who sometimes reads over my shoulder calls her ScrapCat since she is always in your scrap basket) and the positive attitude. I always read your blog last-it's leaves me with a good feeling that I try to hold onto all day.

  18. Love the pic of guys and their toys, and that saying is oh, so true!

  19. Those are certainly the Smoky Mountains! My husband and I have loved the times we visited thee. Thanks for the drone pictures.

  20. The light mediums could do a background dance with cream similar to the gray and cream background dance in Appalachian Autumn! I love how you and your family pack so many memories into each day! Sending up prayers for safe travels for Jason!

  21. if it's not one thing, it's six more.....

  22. I am curious to see what you come up with to use those light mediums/dark neutrals. I finally pulled them from my stash recently, as I always avoid using them. Now I have a stack waiting to be used and I'm having a tough time deciding. I was thinking maybe darks and brights together with them but I haven't come up with the perfect design yet.

  23. By the time Jason gets back to Portland, the air will hopefully be good again. It was truly the worst air in the world from the many fires on the West Coast, but I went there yesterday and it was a sparkling fall day. Safe travels to him.
    I don’t envy your stash. I have just a fraction of that and have trouble keeping it under control. I always want the newest and coolest.

  24. We just got back from enjoying a beautiful fall weekend in northern Michigan. Maples are showing color and the sky is blue. Your misty mountains look beautiful too! The drones seem to be lots of fun for all.

  25. Check out the blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict. In her post on 9/25 she showed a quilt she's started with all medium to light fabrics. It reminded me of an old quilt that's been washed many times. Perhaps you can do something similar with your medium fabrics.

  26. Beautiful pictures from the drones and fun that one caught the other.
    I pray Jason has a safe journey back to Portland, big hugs to you Bonnie it’s always hard to see our birds fly the nest.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  27. What beautiful photos!

  28. Hi Bonnie: I understand the pain of parting ways w/ sons.
    Our leaves have all ready begun the color changing, and most of the Aspens, Birches are golden, orange all ready. The red of the fireweed foliage is beautiful, too. We had a big storm last night, so a lot of leaves blew off the trees, especially in Anchorage.

    I have been moving plants into the new green house, so they can finish their ripening, maturing under the protection of a warmer, drier climate. I have one more planter of lettuce and herbs to move yet, then can start the process of moving berry bushes and apple trees to the temporary greenhouse for winter shelter.

    I have a couple serging days this week, then next week start two new quilting projects. Soon I will be turning my attention to winter quilting, and gardening will be done till March.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been rainy, but this afternoon was dry.

  29. Thanks for showing me a part of this beautiful country that I've never been to!

  30. Your stash cabinets inspire me to 'get on' with my own moving. Have to make a trip back to MS next weekend to get more of my fabric. I need to get my 'sewing mojo' back to use some of this. Aerial photos are wonderful.

  31. I also love call the midwife. Hope they extend it for another season.

  32. I too love
    Call the midwife and just finished all the episodes. I am always curious how they film the newborn babies as they help them into the world.

  33. why not put shelves between the white cupboards (above the heat vent) and put the shoe boxes of neutrals there?


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