Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Day to Play Down Mayberry Way!

What a bright and clear Tuesday for getting out and about!

Last week I was bemoaning to my friend Martha that I was in desperate need of a haircut, and I didn’t have anyone local. 

In the past (Well, only January – the only time in a long time I’d had a real in salon hair cut) I had taken care of it while in Winston-Salem on a run around trip of other things.  You know – get it all done at once kind of day.

In July my friend Gail took pity on me and cut my hair at the QPO while here on retreat with her group.  That felt safe.

But at a real salon? I was in such need because Gail lives 2 1/2 hours away.

Where am I leading with this?  Martha said she had an appointment with Shawna in Mt Airy on Tuesday and would I like her to check if Shawna could work me in at the same time?


And it feels SO GOOD!

You may be wondering what Mt. Airy has to do with the title of this post – what do Mt. Airy and Mayberry have in common?

Mt. Airy, North Carolina is the home of Andy Griffith.  He grew up here.  The beloved 1960s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show series is based on Mt. Airy.  In fact, if you remember references to “Mount Pilot” as a Mayberry location, the real place – Pilot Mountain – is right down the road between Mt. Airy and Winston Salem.

This day was perfect for walking downtown streets!

And for spying Barney’s patrol car!

And even some antique mall wandering happened!

It is so encouraging to see beautiful shop window displays!

These sweet gnome ladies have come home to live out their days at Quiltville Inn!

(I love that one of them is autographed!)

And what better photo stop is there than Andy’s Sheriff’s car?

Citizen’s arrest!!!

So classic!

Also classic was our lunch of choice:

ODell’s Sandwich Shop Drive In!

Martha, placing our order at the 1950s style speaker box!

We are really stepping back in time here -

Cash only, no credit cards!

This is Sonic before Sonic was Sonic!  And the food was SO good.  Carhops bring your food to you, and it was a great way to eat in a socially distant manner without having to leave the car. 

Did you know that in North Carolina, at least these parts, the best hotdogs are served topped with chili AND cole slaw?  Yum!

Back home to mountains and dirt roads after an exciting day “to town.”

Right as I pulled back in to the QPO – UPS was just leaving from dropping 4 cases of The Quilter’s Project Planner on my doorstep.  GREAT TIMING!  

Those will start shipping out today for those who are still waiting on their orders to go out.  There should be another drop off of cases in another few days. I’m hoping by Friday.

Busy order filling day ahead!

Anything fun happening for your middle of the week Wednesday?

Don’t forget to enter our September Quilty Box Gift-Away!  We will be drawing for our winner on Friday, so there is still time to enter on that post.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Drunkard's path variation quilt from the American Museum in Bath, UK.

Before responding in this hyper-sensitive politically and virally charged world - remember your response responsibility!

We are each in charge of how we respond on line and in the real world.

May our own words never leave a bad taste in our own mouths.

Have a great one -


  1. I'm so happy you posted this blog about Mt. Airy. My hubby and I travel to FL every year and I have wanted to go and do this when we come back in the Spring. I am definitely putting this on the list right now! :) :)

  2. It gladdens my heart that the sweet gnome ladies have a wonderful new home and will be able to watch many generations of quilters work on their heirlooms.

  3. Sassy hair cut! I love it!!

  4. I watched mayberry while I was growing up. It brings back many good memories.

  5. Mt Airy was fun when we dropped in a couple of years ago. We lunched at Barney's Cafe. Unfortunately in was raining pretty hard' so we didn't do much exploring. Glad you had such a fun time.

  6. Wow! I just loved the Mayberry Show and I still watch at times. I really learned a lot in your posting Bonnie K Hunter. It must of been an awesome treat for you to be in this town.

  7. We were in Mt. Airy a couple of years back; cute little town- we wandered in and out of some of the shops and ate lunch in a luncheonette right there on the main street. Glad you had a good time!

  8. I am actually a winner of one of the drawings from the project planner tour and am so excited and anticipating it’s arrival! I am totally thrilled! Thank you for sharing so many cool opportunities with us!

  9. Love Mount Airy! The Andy Griffith Museum is excellent also.

  10. Happy Wednesday, Bonnie!
    The rain has stopped, the sun is trying to come out. So, in a couple hours I will try to transfer some of my plants from their current location to my new greenhouse.

    Our best local quilt shop, that has been in business since 1939, is looking to close. SO, I got background fabric for two quilts, borders for another, and fabric for a carry on travel bag yesterday. It will be sad to see them close, but hopefully the new buyer can get a good location, and we shall continue on.

    Kasilof, AK

  11. A few years ago while we were on our way to South Florida, we ended up in Mount Airy due to a ceased front brake on our van. Boxing Day is not a holiday in the US and the Dodge dealer was so kind and got us on our way even tho it meant staying late. Was a wonderful experience and thank goodness it didn't happen on the interstate as it could have caught fire if we hadn't found a spot to stop.

  12. Odell’s Sandwich Shop was our hangout during the late 60’s when I was in high school. Wish I had a dollar for every French fry I had eaten there as a teenager. Now I’m in my late 60’s and still enjoy going and eating hot dogs & French fries!

  13. My hubby and I stopped in Mount Airy a few years ago and had fun there. We got to sit in Barney's patrol car. We ate at a restaurant that I believe Andy went to when he lived there and drove by his old house.

    Your hair cut looks nice on you.

  14. Love M. Airy! Our favorite lunch stop was Snappy’s, downtown, for a grilled pork sandwich with coleslaw. But I understand he has passed and the grill is closed.

  15. Love Mt. Airy! Reminds me of "the olden days" as my son calls them. I stop there on my way from Atlanta to Connecticut. Nice antique mall. Great haircut!

  16. How fun your day was! Mt. Airy is go on my list of places to visit.

  17. I love Mt Airy! We travel from Florida to Maryland and back (usually) a couple times a year, and always like to take the scenic route. A day in Mt Airy is always fun!

  18. Loved Mt Airy! We went to the Andy Griffin Museum when we were there. Had a bronze statue of Andy and Opie with their fishing poles outside the museum.

  19. LOVE your haircut, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing your “Mayberry” visit! My daughter and family went there recently and had fun! I would love to go someday, as The Andy Griffith Dhow was ( and still is!) one of my favorite shows..... such a slow and easy way of life.... I miss it 🙂

  20. LOVE your haircut, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing your “Mayberry” visit! My daughter and family went there recently and had fun! I would love to go someday, as The Andy Griffith Dhow was ( and still is!) one of my favorite shows..... such a slow and easy way of life.... I miss it 🙂

  21. So happy for you that you got out, got your hair cut. Those little women are great fun. And that sandwich place, oh lovely. Fun post, thanks.

  22. It's unbelievable how many TV stations we have to choose from today. Yet, my husband and I will be scrolling through the stations trying to find something decent to watch. We have very different taste in what we like to watch. "Big
    Band Theory," "Whose Line is It Anyway" and "The Andy Griffith Show" are three reliable shows that we can put on and both enjoy. Thanks for sharing the Mayberry news. At your first mention of Mt. Airy, I thought of Andy and Barney.

  23. How nice you got to spend some time with Martha and have a hair cut, looking good!
    What wonderful pictures so much fun, love your two little gnome ladies very cute.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

    Anne xx


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