Friday, September 18, 2020

Little Gratitudes!

Things I am simply grateful for!

This was my TV from the basement studio/office in Wallburg.  Jason and I brought it up to the Quiltville Post Office when he was visiting at the end of August.

We got it hooked up, all but the sound bar (Which was already here and housed on top of my shelving units) last week, but had to wait for the wall mounts for the soundbar to arrive..  They did! 

This is nearly the “last thing” that needed completion in my working space to make it just right.

Most often you’ll find me with music on – my various favorite channels on Pandora are often set on shuffle.  It’s a weird mix, but it fits my bill.  What can I say?

What you might also notice is missing – the other “nearly the last thing” is in progress, next door to the inn in the garage/shop.

Newly painted, ready to hang!

The old doors to both the restroom and the postmaster’s office were old, kicked in and so ugly.  And we couldn’t find door knobs that would work to replace the broken ones that wouldn’t latch.  Figuring the post office was built in the 1950s, it could be that those old doors are as old as the post office building is. 

New doors are going in!

And they need to be hung soon as it really freaks me out to use that restroom with no door to close.  LOL!  Even though I know that people can’t see in through the mirrored window film and blinds – it’s a mind game thing.  I’m just not comfortable without a bathroom door that can close.  And now you know.  LOL.

The whole reason I was in the shop was not specifically to get a photo of the door paint job in progress, but because I had finished this:

It always feels like a party when I reach the last border!

7 choices!

Which one will be binding?

You’ll have to wait and see.

I didn’t want to pull the whole aqua-to-teal tub next door so I quickly grabbed an armful, and then even narrowed it down from there.  Two of these made the cut, and I had to choose.

And yes, I’m grateful that the stash is up here, even if I have to un-stack Rubbermaid tubs in the garage/shop to get to the one I want and then put it all back again.  It’s here.

And cabinets will be coming at some point.

I love how this turned out!

Closer -

That light aqua quilting thread is just right!

Today the plan is to get the binding, label and hanging sleeve on – and spend the rest of the day with pattern writing.

And we are hoping to see Jason again within the next couple of days.  He left Michigan yesterday, and wants to camp his way down here.  We are in the midst of a cold rainy snap, so I hope he hurries it up!

Shall we draw for the winner of the Quilter’s Project Planner?

I hope you had a great time visiting all of the sites that took part in this tour (Listed in the original post HERE.) and found new folks to follow, and learned some things along the way about how to put the Quilter’s Project Planner into practice in your own quilty life.

In search of entry 2519 out of 4021!

Julie Lemerond!

There is a Quilter’s Project Planner coming your way!

Please reply to the email I sent to the address you provided and I’ll have the folks at C&T Publishing get your planner right off to you.

For those of you who entered and didn’t win – you can find the Quilter’s Project Planner available in the Quiltville Store!  It’s under the New & Book categories.

This is a semi-pre-order as MORE books are being shipped to me as we speak, and when these sell out I’ll continue to get more in.

You’ll find that this book goes hand-in-hand with Love Your Creative Space.  I am using BOTH to get my studio life as organized as I want it to be.

So here we are at Friday – any Friday Fun coming your way?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Dancing with the feet is one thing.

Dancing with the heart is another.

Today I hope you take time to dance like no one is watching!

I plan on turning that soundbar up and doing a whole lot of boogieing around the QPO studio today!


  1. Love all those fabrics you have for

  2. Love all those fabrics you have picked for the binding, looking forward to seeing your final choice. This has turned out so beautiful, I would never have thought of putting the epp stars onto string blocks so much fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and safe journey to Jason
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  3. Being here in Oregon (in the Willamette Valley), I'm so glad to hear that Jason is making his way back to you. I'm sure that he wanted to get back to his place in Oregon, but with all the danger in his path, that decision is the best one. Take care and stay safe, all of you.

  4. The backing fabric is gorgeous with the quilt - if I had to guess which one made the cut (binding), I'd guess the one on the far left. Can't wait to see which DID make it....have a great weekend! Deb E / CA

  5. Today I’ll be at Bloomington Mask Drive. I’m there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    Today is exciting because it’s the first day that our student chapter will be there with us.
    30,000 masks and counting!

  6. your creative genius chose just the perfect color way to finish and draw all those pieces and strips and stars together! the aqua sashing the darker binding, and the backing... brings a hodge-podge, scrappy quilt into one gorgeous, put together, planned and need i mention the thread? piece of work!!! I probably won't ever get around to making this one, but it's such a gorgeous example of thoughtful creativity... FABULOUS
    Cats from Carlsbad CA smokey, but cooler...

  7. I LOVE the quilt and I am clearing my projects in hopes there will be a pattern. My quilt will be a throw size, I do want to try hexi making. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Quilt is lovely. Glad you are getting your space the way you want it. I guess that is something we all wish for.

  9. So glad Jason is returning to your home. The air quality in Oregon is so dangerous for everyone - even those without pre-existing respiratory conditions. Thankful that he has a safe place to wait the nightmare out. Safe travels, Jason!

  10. LOVE this quilt! Enjoy a day of dancing your heart out. Glad to hear that Jason is heading back your way. I know y'all will love having more time with him. I'll be spending my Funday Friday finishing placemats for the community service group of my guild - we donate for Meals on Wheels recipients each year.

  11. Yay for bathroom doors! I share your no-door cringes.

    The vintage quilt behind today's quote is so lovely. Those blocks are a sort of expanded cousin to your Traveling Star blocks, aren't they? It's been so fun to watch that quilt progress, and the result is just stunning.

  12. I giggled a little at the comment you made about turning the music up and just boogieing around the QPO. I could just see you doing that. And I giggled again, because I’ve been known to do that myself. Keep dancing to the joy of music in your heart!

  13. with all your fabric, hang a piece on the bathroom door jam for a temporary door!!!

  14. I love how the rows are offset on your newest quilt. All the colors and movement remind me of looking through a kaleidoscope.

  15. I love your quilt! It radiates happiness! Have a great weekend!

  16. I know your struggles with the bathroom door, I am the same. I live alone and my bathroom is situated that someone would actually have to be standing in the doorway to see in and..... I still shut the door!

    Jason made a very smart decision to come spend more time with you instead of going home. It is terrible on the entire west coast right now!

  17. My guess for binding? Second from right (or the far left fabric). Those, or the one third from the right would all work well with the backing (greenish aqua undertones). Any would work with the front — all those bright colours! Beautiful quilt. ~Diana K.

  18. Delighted for you with Jason returning.
    Quilt is a winner in so many ways!

  19. Last week I took out my Dawn's Early Light that I had started with you back in the day, three blocks got done. By the end of today, I had 8 blocks done and will keep at it until it is done, this time it is not getting put away!!!

  20. Super! And how lovely that Jason is returning. I wonder if he'll try and find a job closer to you?
    I'm the same way with loos. One house we looked at for sale years ago had an open plan bathroom in the bedroom. I hated it, my husband thought it was great - we didn't buy it! On holidays some older houses had glazed doors - that was sorted by closing the door to with a towel draped over the top of it and wedged, unless it had a hook, so towel hung over and draped over the handle. I just like my privacy - it isn't called the privvy for nothing!


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