Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Of Coffee Bars and String Borders -

This finally was finished last evening -

We decided to remove the second shelf from the baker’s rack we acquired in Marion, VA last week – there just needed to be more space for the drip coffee maker, the keurig to open up, and the electric tea kettle.

You can also see where the door was removed to make room for the whole thing.  The old door opened inward against the wall that the coffee bar is now occupying – a totally wasted wall as far as putting anything here went.

This is also the only wall in the back hallway that has an outlet, and as the walls are lathe and plaster, we were avoiding hiring an electrician to come add more outlets here.

I have a couple of brita pitchers for water that we can keep here as well, and those can be refilled as needed from the kitchen.

The leveling struggle is real!

This floor is part of the original 1884 side of the house and the floors are anything but level.  

We had to make 3 little shims, each a different height from each other to get the coffee bar level!  3 legs have the little risers, one is just on the floor in a high spot.  LOL!  

Whatever it takes, right?

Looking into the hall from the kitchen.

I think this will work!

And I like it just fine without the second shelf.

While this was going on – there was also much adjusting of new doors that are going into the Quiltville Post Office.  The doors to the bathroom and the old postmasters office where I have my big computer are at least 40 years old if not older -

The height of the doors needed to be adjusted and hinges added to match the hardware on the door frames – and then painted.  New doors should be installed soon!

Perhaps the most fun (and frustration) I had all day was this!

Oh Lola, you ARE a Showgirl!

Click to Play:

Laying out borders and getting them on is a challenge!

But that aqua strip just pops, doesn’t it?

All of the string blocks have bias edges.  That’s just the way string blocks go. 

All of the seams in the blocks and where blocks are joined together also make for heavy edges.  It took a lot of pinning, matching, and "EASE, BABY EASE!" to get these borders on and to lay flat.

Not to mention a lot of pressing and sometimes STEAM!

I found I had less stretch and flare on the borders if I added the inner border strip to the border first, and then added the whole thing to the quilt.

I also stay-stitched the outer edges of the borders before adding them to the quilt.  That helped save me from battling the weight of the quilt so much.

I kept the string block parts against the feed dogs to help ease in any fullness.  And Oh, there was fullness!

I’m not a huge fan of starch, sizing, best press or any chemical anything, but I think in the future I will try starching my string blocks before trimming to help minimize that stretch.

This is a very piece-heavy quilt and all of the handling just causes things to, well – behave like bias!

But the top is done.

And I think I have the remainder of a bolt of fabric I used for the backing on On Ringo Lake that will also do as the backing for this one and I can get ride of that bolt.  Or most of it.

Close up!

58 hexie stars – all found a home here.

That is this afternoon’s plan – make a backing, get the quilt loaded.  If I get that far, I’m doing good.

Because this morning – I am filling orders for those who ordered The Quilter’s Project Planner!  2 cases arrived late yesterday afternoon.  There are 2 more cases on the way that will be here next week.

Did you place your order yet?

And did you know that entries are still open to WIN ONE?!

The Social Media Tour Continues!

There are just a couple of days left on the tour.  Click to the ORIGINAL POST for the list of who to visit.  

Each site is also giving away a free copy of the Quilter’s Project Planner – so enter to win on them all! (And don’t forget to enter with me as well!)

I will be drawing for our winner here on the 18th.

Having my projects organized makes me feel like I can accomplish things so much better!

And if you are as excited about the Quilter’s Project Planner as I am (Along with Love Your Creative Space which is encouraging me all along my organizing journey!) you can find both titles in the New and Books categories of the Quiltville Store.

Anything happening in your world today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Pineapple Blossom quilt from the free patterns tab 

Follow your own muse with blinders on.

Can I get an Amen?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, peeps!


  1. I love that quilt. I ordered your pattern for Rishi Star and hope to try to make one. I certainly have enough scraps to do so.

  2. I have made a habit of basting the perimeter of my quilt before borders and then basting the border edges as well. It does help to keep things from stretching.....nothing worse than wavy edges after all that work!

  3. Lola's really come into her own, hasn't she?!! I still love this quilt but I'll be enjoying it only. Not an EPP fan!

  4. Absolutely beautiful quilt!! I however won't be making it! Too involved for me. But who knows. Maybe one day I will change my mind. Lola is a hoot. LOL Great place for the coffee center.

  5. I love your quilt but had to check no for pattern. No way I would ever finish it. Maybe a mini wallhanging with 4 blocks might be more style.

  6. as someone who has followed the squirrel & is in the process of making 108 6 1/2" red crumb blocks for a Christmas tablecloth; why wouldn't I make 58 traveling star blocks?? LOL Love your quilt.YES! pattern please. Lola looks stunning in teal.

  7. I love your quilt but had to check no for pattern. No way I would ever finish it. Maybe a mini wallhanging with 4 blocks or a table runner might be more style.

  8. LOVING the bakers rack and Miss Lola is such a hoot! :)

  9. it is a gorgeous quilt, but I bet it takes a pandemonium.... to get it finished.... and we sure never want another one of those.

  10. I think this quilt would be a great class. So many skills!

  11. I replied to the survey that I would not make the quilt but not because it isn't awesome but I would not handle all the bias well. I do love to do English paper piecing though. You are THE BEST turning scraps into beautiful quilts. I love to see the work you are doing in the retreat house. The bakers rack idea looks great!

  12. Love your quilt; the teal is perfect accent! I made two EPP doll quilts for my twin great granddaughters for their third birthdays in March and discovered EPP is not my thing! I will enjoy your quilt and marvel at you tenacity but I won’t need a pattern...😃. Love the coffee station and wish I were close enough to share a cup in the Hen Den. Thank you for sharing all the lovely details.

  13. I love that quilt, Bonnie, but sure wouldn't tackle it. But, one of yours I did tackle, the Good Fortune quilt? It got COLD at night a couple weeks back, so we added that to our bed on top of our usual quilt, and I was reminded just how much I adore that thing, with all the scrappy fabrics but consistent colors. Thanks for the fun it was to sew it, mystery clue by mystery clue!

  14. Love Lola and the aqua. Gorgeous quilt...no way I could manage it!

  15. The coffee bar is awesome - actually quite charming! And I love the quilt. Doubt I would make all those EPP stars. However - my grandmother left me a number of hexi flowers and mini dresden plates, already appliqued to white, that would work great. And I certainly have the scraps!

  16. When I saw the first block you made I was not a believer. But this quilt is a knockout. Yes, I am a believer.

  17. I think your Traveling Star quilt is gorgeous, but I also had to say no to a pattern. After two carpal tunnel surgeries and two trigger finger surgeries for 3 fingers plus having had trigger finger in the rest of the fingers and thumbs at various times and now wrist problems, I avoid handwork as much as possible. I do admire this and all your quilts, Bonnie. Please give Lola, Ivy and Zoey an extra scritch from me.

  18. A smaller version would grab my attention - such as a wall hanging, runner or table topper. Your quilt is fantastic!

  19. We wouldn't enjoy our quilting quite as much without our fur babies, would we? Love the aqua on your quilt...its gorgeous! Hope there is a pattern in the future, I'd love to make that quilt. Thank you, too, for my two new books yesterday & the cards! LOVE those books and planning the next quilt (which one first??). Hope you're having a wonderful day! Deb E from CA

  20. I'm not big into EPP, but I absolutely LOVE your Traveling Star quilt, Bonnie!! Best of luck on getting it quilted soon.

  21. Lola seems to enjoy being an only kitty at the post office. She is so entertaining to watch the same as Zoe Joe and Ivy. So glad you have them in your life and the arrangement is working well. Glad to see one more of your beautiful quilts are on the done list. Happy quilting on your next project.

  22. I love the quilt now that it is all together. The aqua border gives it the pop that it needs to make it all the different colors work together. Congratulations on a super scrappy quilt finish.

  23. I would love this pattern but probably would not make a large quilt. I love trying new techniques so I would make a wall hanging. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  24. Your quilt is beautiful - however, I don't think I would have the patience to make it - Love the coffee bar and Lola! Mine do that all the time, about the time I get one laid out to start the rows, someone comes along and messes it up!!! LOL!!

  25. Love the quilt and the popping sashing is an absolute stunner! Oh and the coffee corner, so romantic :-) perhaps an idea to put a back splash behind it to protect the wall from coffee spatters.

  26. The coffee bar is very nice. You certainly have the eye and the touch to create a comfortable, attractive and useable space for a retreat center. And Lola is cute.

  27. Is the project planner available in Canada?

  28. Love your coffee bar, and especially all the creative adjustments you made for a perfect fit. You are the hostess with the mostest!!

  29. Beautiful quilt! Who but Bonnie Hunter would think of the whole idea! Absolutely gorgeous!

  30. that is the first string pieced quilt that is appealing to me. I like the idea of using up bits and pieces; I think it remeinds me of the lusciousness of a crazy quilt.

  31. You have the best ideas! I really appreciate the helpful hints about the process, also. It helps us get through the projects faster and easier since you've already done the strategic planning.

  32. The traveling star quilt is beautiful Bonnie! I also love to listen and watch all the antic of your fur babies. Since I no longer have any it is so much fun to see all the playfulness and fun that they each have.

  33. Lola is so cute!!!! Love her:):):)

  34. I would love that as a pattern. I may substitute pieced hexies for the stars because they are more forgiving.

  35. This morning when I read your blog, there was a survey for the pattern for Traveling Star. This evening the survey is gone!
    I'm voting for a pattern. The Traveling Star quilt just sparkles and radiates happiness! The aqua stop border is perfect, and the string border is stunning!

  36. Wow! The traveling star quilt looks amazing love the beautiful pop of aqua in the border, really makes the other colours sing. I’d love to try this and can’t wait for your pattern. Lola really made me chuckle rolling in your strips the running away with them, she really has come into her own since Dresden passed.
    Your bakers shelf looks beautiful on the wall by you hen den such a great addition.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

  37. Wow and wow! Coffee station is perfect! You have such a good eye for those things. Love the quilt! The aqua strip makes it pop - absolutely lovely!

  38. Really like the coffee bar and can't believe how good that aqua strip looks on the quilt!

  39. I love Traveling Star and will certainly give it a try if the pattern becomes available.

  40. Fantastic quilt. Enjoyed watching you making and finishing it, but not something as a newbie I would tackle. The Coffee centre is fantastic. Agree with Shirley that you may like to consider a splash back for spills and splashes. Maybe the second shelf, if it is tiled, could be utilised as a splash back.

  41. That quilt is just so much fun to look at! It's happy and wacky and bright and fun. I'm so glad you design such wonderful things, and make them all your own. I admire you and I'm so glad you share your magic.

  42. Love how the borders echo what is inside that resting strip of turquoise.


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