Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Sneak Peeks–Gather Your Favorite Fall Colors!

There is something extra scrappy coming to the Quiltville Store!

A little bit stringy, a whole lot scrappy – the perfect project to kick off your “Pumpkin Flavored Everything” season ahead!

And, oh you guys – I wish I could catch this by camera, but by the time I see them, I can’t grab the camera fast enough.

I have been watching big pumpkin truck after big pumpkin truck rumble past my QPO to wherever pumpkins go to be processed.

A lot of pumpkins are grown in this corner of the Blue Ridge mountains.  The hillsides are fertile, and due to our abundance of rain – fields are rarely irrigated.  Vines grow just fine uphill, downhill, over and around. 

It’s here!  It’s time!  Pumpkin harvest is in full swing in these parts.

Leaves on trees are starting to turn and some leaves are already giving up their hold on tree limbs and fluttering to the ground.

While I can’t show you everything yet -

I can give this sneak peek!

The digital PDF pattern for Appalachian Autumn will be available in the Quiltville Store within the next couple of weeks.  I’m working hard on it behind the scenes.

Start your fabric pull – think warm custard and stormy skies as your backgrounds.  Yes – you can put cream and sandy beige together with grey.  Just look at nature around you!

Pumpkin spice and vanilla candles!

That inner border?  Inspired by nearby Virginia Tech - Orange and Maroon - Hokies all the way!

For the autumn colors I pulled everything from golden mustard to orange to rust to deep reds and burgundies with some brown thrown in for good measure.

How big is this quilt?  Not huge.  About 56’’ square.  Perfect for a table topper, a couch throw, a wall hanging, or over a rocker on your front porch.

Make it bigger if you want.  Make it smaller if you want. Make it rectangular if you want.

My favorite monster neutral made it in!

These little guys make me smile -

And I am down to the tail end of this print – not much left.

Even my backing is scrappy!

I am bound and determined to sew up random lengths and pieces into scrappy backs and watch the volume of my “just sitting there” stash go down. This is close to 4 yards in the bye bye column.  What a feel good!

I finished the quilting yesterday.  Today I apply binding, sleeve and label.  Tonight I should start the hand stitching on the binding – pattern writing will begin when the binding is finished – I’ll have it uploaded to the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store hopefully before the first official day of fall.

Are you wanting to see the whole thing?  I am so excited to share it with you.  Soon.  So very soon!

Caption this photo!  LOL!

This was my view from my stitching chair last night.  Ivy is on my legs, but also on top of Zoey’s front feet.  They stayed this way for the longest time.  It just does my heart so much good!

Ivy has also proven to be very much of a thread grabber while I am attempting to hand stitch.  This made stitching the LAST hexie star a bit of a challenge last night and I only made it to about 2/3 the way done on that one….but just a bit more time and I can call it quits on the hexie stars, make some more string foundation blocks, do that applique – and finally add that last needed row to the bottom of the Traveling Stars quilt and get that bordered and ready for quilting.

I am a woman on a mission and several things are reaching the quilting stage nearly at the same time.

And what about the Snail’s Trail project?  Moving at a snail’s pace.  That’s all I can say.  I will get back to it!

Passed out.

Feet on feet.

life is good!

Did you hear about this??

You can find out more in the ORIGINAL POST. This virtual event  is going to be simply AWESOME, and we are currently gathering entries to draw a winner for a FREE PASS.

On September 25th and 26th, we’ll be featuring a series of live presentations via Zoom, beginning with “The Incubation of a Quilt” with Anna Maria Horner, followed by the debut of Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi’s Quilters S.O.S.-- Save Our Stories interview with the legendary Dindga McCannon.

Saturday kicks off with “The Quilt Keepers,” a panel discussion featuring Merikay Waldvogel, Emily Bode, Julie Silber and other luminaries. Laura McDowell Hopper will lead us on a virtual tour of the online exhibit, “Known and Unknown: Revealing Quilt Stories,” which includes quilts from Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Jacquie Gering, Chawne Kimber as well as antique and vintage quilts which have never before been shown. Tucked in between our major live events will be music by Ricky Tims, a little bit of quilt comedy, and yes, even some dancing!

Of course you can register right away by clicking the image above!
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The price for this event is $45/members or $65/non members
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  • Chance to win door prizes from our sponsors
  • Breaks to lift your spirits with dance, music and laughs
  • Quilt Alliance project demonstrations and how-to resources
I know you are going to have a ball!

Did you enter to win a free pass yet?  Click to the ORIGINAL POST and enter to win within that post.

Our drawing happens TOMORROW!  So don’t delay!

Can you believe we are at mid-week already?  What have you got on your plate for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes we can move forward in big leaps and bounds, sometimes we move forward in tiny baby steps.

As long as we are moving forward, progress is progress.

Vintage Dresden Plate quilt from the American Museum in Bath, UK.

How can it be 2 years ago already since I was there?

Whatever you get up to – have a wonderful day!


  1. Can't wait to see the whole quilt! I just bought a piece of that monster neutral - it's just too cute. Love Zoey & Ivy together. Peace and harmony is always good!

  2. for a caption I like "Don't even THINK about moving us!"

  3. I am loving the looks of this new quilt. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I just may have to work on this next while at Quiltville!! Will definitely purchase as soon as it's available. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

  4. Autumn is my favorite season, so of course i am excited about this new quilt. Plus it's a great size to make (for me). Ivy and Zoey are so adorable - it's great that they are such good friends.

  5. Ivy has certainly made herself at home , I love her and Zoey together <3 Headed to the quilt room to pull fabrics .. yea. Thanks Bonnie

  6. So excited for this pattern and love hearing about Zoey and Ivy’s adventures❤️🐾❤️

  7. Love those fall colors. Your "foot warmers" are practicing for winter.

  8. LOVE these colors! Can’t wait to see the whole thing and to get the pattern!
    My caption for Ivy is “We aren’t in your way, are we?”

  9. Caption: Really, do you have to listen to all our conversations

  10. Ivy and Zoey clearly worship you! How sweet!

  11. I think that they both are thinking, "You love me more, hun Mom!" I so enjoy your posts each day. You have taught me so much. So glad you had this time with your son.

  12. I'm so excited to make your Appalachain Autumn quilt! I was just thinnking (now that we are having a briedf taste of cool, rainy weather here in Michigan) that i needed another fall quilt! And tah-dah - you've done it! Can't wait to get the PDF! Thank you for everything!

  13. Ivy has that "I dare you to move and disturb me!" look on her face. I think there is little as relaxing as having a sleeping cat draped on the lap. I sure miss mine!

  14. ..."you didn't REALLY think you were getting any stitching done tonight?"

  15. 1. This is going to be fun fun fun- fall/earth/warm colors are my wheelhouse, and pumpkin anything. I have been eyeing my leaf fabric pile for weeks!

    2. Caption: Human, you wiggle too much!

  16. I love gray in the autumn color pallet. Looking forward to the reveal!

  17. So funny...when I saw your sneak peak yesterday, my first thought was VT maroon and orange! My alma mater as well as hubby's (and my mom's...so those colors run thru my veins). Can't wait to see the reveal!

  18. Definitely thinking Fall about now and I look forward to getting the pattern for your Appalachian Autumn. What a great name!! Going on a quick beach trip to Fort Morgan, AL in a week and a half. Taking my sons family. My grandboys have never seen the beach to we are excited to go. Since they Homeschool this year we can work all that in with our stay.

  19. comment on zoey/ivy photo: "you woke us up-------why?????????

  20. Caption: Love you so much but please don't move!!

  21. Photo caption:
    Zoey: “Mama, Ivy took my favorite spot on your lap!”
    Ivy: Of course I did, because I am now queen of this castle!”
    I love the sneak peek of your new quilt! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  22. I love that little monster print! It's so cute!

  23. How about "we are having a conversation here (Ivy) what do you think? (Zoey)" My heart is so full of happiness for these two sweeties. We are a house full of rescues and we can't imagine life without them, and always coming in at the perfect time. Looking forward to the quilt pattern!

  24. love Zoey and Ivy. they are so cute together. cannot wait for pdf pattern

  25. I think they are both just what the other one needed!

  26. "Tell us a story, Mama" "Make it about us!"

  27. Oh, Ivy. I recognize that look.
    And Zoey? you are such an innocent.

  28. Photo comment: "Don't tell me you're taking another picture of us to share with your friends"

  29. ...caption:
    Ivy....Mom, I'm really tired but could we have a snack before going to bed?
    Zoey.....yeah mom!! How about that new Vanilla Dog Bone Ice cream with that Chocolate Kitty Litter Crunchy Topping!!!!!

  30. caption: Best Friends

  31. Caption: Ivy: You interrupted me, Mom. Mind your manners!

  32. I was going to say "Mom are you going to bed YET?" Then I saw the next picture and said to late they already went to sleep. LOL

  33. Just too cute so lovely to see ivy and Zoey snuggled on your lap, quote “ we’re not moving yet! It’s too comfy”
    Love your sneaky peek of Appalachian autumn such lovely colours sure to be a winner
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  34. Re caption, I kept hearing Donnie Osmand singing "Puppy Love"

  35. I can't wait! I am working to use up my novelty prints that have been sitting for years, this might be a great project for my Halloween prints!

  36. Cation: At the shriekiest voice possible: MOM! She's touching me!

  37. "what can you POSSIBLY have to do that is more important than us?"

  38. "Where is that other human who was here last week? Wasn't he a keeper like us???"

  39. I still have trouble when the 6 points come together at the center of a block like yours. What is the secret?

  40. I LOVE the stories of your adventures with Zoey while you explore the hills and the budding friendship of Ivy and Zoey. You have a wonderful second family there. I am also amazed with the amount of sewing you accomplish. Keep sharing, we love it.

  41. Zoey and Ivy..."We're having a conversation here!"

  42. Fall is my favorite time of year. Looking forward to the new pattern.💕 Zoey and Ivy together.

  43. Bonnie--I have a question? do you cut your triangles in half and then sew them together? I have so much trouble with getting the right size--I feel like a dummy anymore but I thought I would ask

  44. I'm loving the colors in your new fall quilt. I can hardly wait to see all of it.
    We all must be in the mood for fall and cooler weather. Here in Southern California it has been hot hot hot we are so ready for some coolness. I went out back this morning and picked a nice pie pumpkin. I cleaned the seeds out of it after cutting it in half. Then I put it in the micro wave to get nice and soft. Later it will become a pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum I have more pumpkins out back to prepare for freezing.

  45. Oh, you are such a tease with this new project! It looks delicious and I can not wait to see the whole thing. I'll be standing in line for the pattern!

  46. Comment on first pic. "Mom she's on MY quilt again!"

    Get this look quite oftern here in Rutland


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