Monday, September 21, 2020

What a Weekend It Was!

Three of us tackled the Virginia Creeper Trail on Saturday!

Things are still lush and green, but starting to turn a bit yellow – early fallen leaves are starting to cover the trail – and oh, the smell of nature, the richness of it – it just fills all of your senses as you pedal and coast your way from White Top down to Damascus.

When I am riding like this – I feel 12 years old.  It’s just wonderful, and I am grateful for a body that still functions well enough to be able to ride like a child.

That is until I pedal my pedal right off!

There I was…just a going down the trail and all of a sudden I had no left pedal.  It literally flew off!  I have never had that happen before.

luckily Jason had his tools in his backpack and we were able to get it back on, and get me going again.  It would have been a long walk otherwise!

Such a gorgeous day!

The temps have sure changed as well – I rode with a long sleeved tee under a zipped hoodie.  The breeze was crisp to perfection.

Making the most of every day we have together!

Chillin’ down at the bottom!

I don’t think I’ll be able to ever downplay the day I rode the pedal right off my bike.  LOL! 

Father and son enjoying the deck fire pit.

We aren’t sure how long Jason is staying.  He wanted to camp his way back to Portland, but – the smoke and the fires are keeping him away. And then there is the weather issue.  It’s starting to get colder – so he may travel west by staying more south where it is warmer, but that isn’t anywhere near where he wants to be.  He had hoped for Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Tetons – He may have to settle for southern Utah and do Brice Canyon and on up.  The jury is still out.

This is my friend Allison’s Appalachian Autumn block!

Isn’t it gorgeous!?

While all of this weekend out-and-about stuff was going on, the Quiltville Store was blowing up with orders for my newest PDF pattern!  I am ecstatic over the response. Truly.

And since orders were still floating in this morning when I woke up – I have decided to make my own rules along the way and continue the sale for ONE MORE DAY!

Appalachian Autumn measures 56 x 56 and is the perfect size for a large table topper, couch throw or wall hanging.

To celebrate I have dropped the price 25٪ to just $9.00. No coupon code needed!

The price reverts back to $12.00 on Tuesday morning my time. That's TOMORROW! So hurry!

The PDF pattern includes 9 pages of instruction, full color photos and abundant graphics taking you through each step from units to blocks to sashings, borders and more!

Click to Saturday's post  for all of the release info.

Or head directly to the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.

Yesterday’s post had all the hints on downloading if you are trying to find just WHERE files end up on your iPad.  For what it’s worth – the ONLY trouble folks have had is locating where files automatically go when downloading to an apple product because you can’t choose where they go. They just go there. Once you know – you are good to go!

Yesterday’s post was also our September Quilty Box Gift-Away post!  Did you get your entry in?  The Warehouse District fabric bundle is just to die for – I am in love with the colors and textures of this fabric!

So – here we are at Monday, a brand new week ahead.  Have you set any goals for your week?

Mine all has to do with the organizing of the stash and making things better at the QPO.  More on that tomorrow.

And I am mourning the loss of photos by something stupid I did to my google photo albums to try to change the cover photo of the album which in turn - messed up my whole September photo file and I've lost the photos for all blog posts for the month of September.

Let me restate this - the photos are still in the folder, but the links to post them to the blog have somehow changed and I can not go back and attempt to redo all of the embedded photos for the posts for the month of September. I'm heartsick.  This has happened once before, but I thought we had it solved - and I honestly don't know what did it. 

I don't know how. they just show as boxes with a - symbol. And since life is too short to go backwards, we go forwards from here.

I may not be using google photos to post my photos to my blog in the future. There is just too much to lose and I am heartbroken.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Thank heavens for the laughter and the humor!

I really miss hugging people, shaking hands, being closer.

What a happy day that will be when we don't have to do this anymore!

Have a wonderful Monday, folks!


  1. Love your recounting of the bicycle trip. I have had my pedal fly off. But I was much younger and had been doing a lot of pedaling while standing going up hill (going around the loop in Cades Cove, TN if I remember correctly) Sure can't wait to move back down to that area.

  2. I hope that you are right, that someday will come. With CDC announcing now that C19 is airborne, who knows. Loved your bike trip pictures. I still love to bike but not as sure of myself as I was as a kid, sad to say. Have a great week, stay safe.

  3. Love to start my morning with your blog, always great inspiration. Ordered my Appalachian Autumn pattern looking forward to making. Love the way you embrace life. Cindy

  4. Your walks and bicycle adventures make me long for the days when I could do these things, so I live vicariously through your beautiful photos and mourn that my husband, who could never do them, is even more limited now. The view of my four walls is expanded by your vistas of the Virginia mountains.

    1. Ditto for me—I can still do water aerobics though

  5. Thank you for the laughter today! Oh how I remember the "I wouldn't touch". Ha,ha,ha! I too miss the physical contact. I am so Blessed to have a wonderful husband at my side. So glad Jason again visiting with you. There is nothing like being with family. We were shopping the other day and parked facing an Uber car. Rick said "I wonder if he knows Jason?". LOL.

  6. I am so happy for you that you got to spend some more time with your son! I wonder with all that we have given up during Covid, if that loss makes simple things like a bike ride a greater joy. I am trying very hard to be more grateful during this time and that helps me so much. Thank you sop much for your blog. Susan

  7. I got my pattern the first day it was available. If I don't get my quilt made this year there's always next year...hopefully. Now I'll be digging out some fall fabric and grays. May actually have to order a few grays and some more creams. I've been hitting the creams hard lately. Sorry to read about the problem with your Sept. blog pictures. Anything to do with computers will go haywire sooner or later. I just can't trust the darn things!

  8. Bonnie, one of my quilting buddies is at Yellowstone right now. The pictures she's sharing with us show no smoke or fires at all. Your son might want to call and check in with the rangers there.

  9. I got my pattern on Saturday and yesterday dug in my stash for fall colored fabric. I made some string blocks. I plan to make a small table topper at this time. But want to make a lap quilt eventually. I had to take my Babylock to the spa today as I kept having issues with the feed dog and then when I tried to FMQ the last few times it kept shredding my thread. It is going to take about 5 weeks to get it back. So I will be using one of my singer machines to do my piecing. But hopefully will be able to get everything ready to quilt when I get my Cresendo back. Thank you again for such a beautiful pattern Bonnie.

  10. I love your new Appalachian Autumn quilt pattern and ordered it in PDF version right away. I'm not usually much of an 'orange person' but your quilt speaks to me and scrap quilting is my favourite. Thank you.
    Min, British Columbia, Canada

  11. My youngest is just now coming home from a drive to Portland and down the CA coast. She said Portland was the worst! as far as smoky and air quality. but she did like some of the camping she did before she got there.
    Hopefully your son will enjoy most of his trip when he gets started.

  12. Best wishes for Jason's safe journey.

  13. If Jason hasn’t been to Bryce Canyon, he will love it. I went with my two adult sons last year and would love to go back!

  14. Wow I’ve never heard of anyone peddling the peddle right off a bike lol, so pleased your lovely son was equipped to repair it for you.
    Nice to see you all having fun together, and the picture of your hubby and son by the fire pit is so nice.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx


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