Saturday, September 05, 2020

Simply Foaling Around!

I know these last days of Summer are going to pass us quickly by!

And yesterday proved to be an absolutely beautiful Friday with radiant blue skies and gentle breezes.  Even the morning temperatures let us know that seasons will be changing soon.  This morning it was 56 on the front porch for coffee time with Jason.


But at the same time – make the nice days still last.  The kind of Friday where a hike in the highlands in the morning, home by noon is still possible.

Why Friday?  Because it is a long holiday weekend and EVERYONE is trying to get in some out and about before we really dig into September.

This little foal is a new one to me!  There are a couple of others I’ve become familiar with over the past couple of months but this one – hello, sweetheart!

It headed right towards us – stopping to scratch its head on the post.

And Zoey is so good – no barking no jumping, just observing as the pony came closer, and closer and then – Click to Play:

It was the most precious way to start our morning and I was so glad that we took this hike!

This baby is a few months older -

And growing!

Mama grazing near by.

We passed by 5 ponies on our hike yesterday.

Some days we’ve encountered less, some days more.  But it always makes our day to connect with nature in this way.

More honey dos done by father and son!

It has been amazing having Jason here – some jobs just take two people.  Some jobs just take one younger person to take charge and say “let’s do this!”

Not only did he take on the big job of painting the old metal roof, but the Edison style hanging lights we ordered were finally installed.

I love the ambiance of a welcoming porch!

We also installed these on the porch at the cabin, and just LOVE them.  They are LED so they don’t take much electricity and will last a long long time.  I have linked them in the Out on the Porch category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

Shelving unit soon to be filled with my fat quarter boxes!

Shelving came from Sam's Club.

Another thing Jason did for me yesterday.  Not sure the shelves are spaced the way we want them, but we can adjust.  I’m just so thrilled to have it here so I can get part of the stash out of the garage.

And I have big plans on using this stash to its full potential!  I had a friend ask me just yesterday if I was “Still buying fabric.”  And I said “The jury is still out!”

Right now I am in the process of discovering pieces I had forgotten I even had.  They are “New to me!”  And I see no reason to buy more until I can’t work with what I have any further.

If a particular quilt needs a certain border fabric to finish it off, and nothing in the stash will do, then by all means.  But for all other parts – I’ll shop the stash first.  This is an insane amount of fabric for any one person to have – it needs to go into quilts instead of just being stored while I shop for more.

Let’s face it – if it were shoes, I’d eventually reach the point where I would put a halt on buying more shoes.  (Sorry Imelda Marcos!)  The the using of the fabric that gives the fabric value to me.  By itself it’s like an unopened tube of paint.  It’s much better when it does its job and becomes a painting.

(It seems I am overrun with analogies today – so sorry! LOL!)

One down, two more to go!

I’m glad I decided to just dig in and make 3 more blocks to finish the Traveling Star quilt.  It’s so easy to say “Nah – just call it done.”  But in the long run I’ll feel better knowing I did this.  Two more.  I can do it!  And then part of the quilt needs to be unsewn and resewn to accommodate these three. And then the borders will work.

Did you see we are giving a way a free pass to Quilters Take a Moment? YIPPEEEEE! If there is one virtual event you wish to attend this year, THIS IS IT!

You can find out more in Yesterday’s Post and enter to win your free pass there.  I’ll be drawing for our winner next Thursday, September 10, 2020.

For the next 4 days, through Labor Day weekend all orders $39.00 and above from The Quiltville Store receive free shipping using code FREE39 at purchase!

Code must be used at time of purchase to receive discount. No refunds if you forget, okay?

Sale ends Monday at midnight Eastern time.

And since a beautiful Saturday has dawned – I think it’s a perfect morning for a hike up Round House Road.

And some stitching – I MUST find machine time today, as it just didn’t happen yesterday.

Anything going on for your Labor Day Weekend Saturday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I am currently home alone as The Hubster and son Jason just left for an archery target shoot.

Father and son heading off together while they are 60 and 36 respectively- so many memories of them doing things like this while Jason was growing up.

It has been a wonderful week having our son here with us. He leaves on Monday and I am already dreading the distance.

Family matters most!


  1. I am so happy that the 2 of you have had this wonderful time together and that Jason has pitched in and helped get things done for you. I was so hoping that he would extend his visit for another week so that you would have more time together. i will be saying prayers for his safe travels and your heart. More memories to be made between now and then. Much love!

  2. So happy he was able to visit and also to help with a few things. That's what the distance make us miss. The simple things.

  3. I’m sitting here in my wicker swing, coffee in hand, on this gorgeous Saturday morning In southern Indiana as the beautiful birds fly in for their daily offerings, including the little hummer for his sugar water! The locusts are chiming in... I’m so thankful for these quiet moments in touch with God & nature! Soon the day will turn into a whir of activity at our granddaughters 5th birthday family party. She will have a wonderful surprise today... a white “unicorn pony” is coming to her house!
    I love your “then this happened” videos & pictures... the wild ponies are so wonderful! I want to go see them!
    You are an inspiration Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your life with other quilters, not only for quilting, but your thoughts on organizing, your quotes of the day which I particularly love, sharing new ideas, sharing Zany Zoe & the kitties...
    I’m so glad you’ve had a wonderful week with your sons & been able to get some important things accomplished too! I’m so sorry for your loss, but so glad your family was there with you! Almost like she waited?
    Blessings & joy to you!!
    Marci Hitchcock

  4. Love seeing the ponies! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your shelf is nearly identical to my IKEA ones and they hold a ton of FQ shoe boxes. Mine don't have wheels though. Happy for your son's visit. We had 4 generations at my house Thurs. preparing for my home painters, such a blessing.

  7. I really love that 'string of beads' neutral in the hexie star.

    Glad you're having such a great visit!

  8. Absolutely love the lights on the porch of the inn! I bet it’s so neat for people who have lived there forever to go by and see the house all lit up again. I hope there will be opportunity for more retreats!

  9. You have certainly packed Jason's visit with memories! How wonderful!

  10. Planning a short road trip tomorrow to a point near LaSalle-Peru, IL that’s halfway from our home near Jacksonville IL and our daughters’ homes in suburban Milwaukee. We will meet for lunch at a park, let the babies work off some steam, and head home when it’s nap time. As. Surprise, we’re taking Great Grandma along for the ride. She will enjoy time with Ruby, her newest great granddaughter.

  11. Putting some needle through thread today. A new quilt replication happening in Nebraska. Missing family for 8 months. 10 more months to go. Glad You had a visit with your sons. Cute to see Zoey and the ponies.

  12. Reading your daily adventures and your wonderful inspirational quotes has really brightened my "covid" They remind me to count my blessings slow down and enjoy what is before me today. Thank you for your messages they touch many.

  13. I have the same shelving unit, however mine resides in my guest bathtub, behind the shower curtain! I live in a small mobile and almost never have overnight guests. My quilting "studio" is directly across the hall and one day I kept looking in there and realized there was a lot of wasted space behind that curtain, soooo......My bathtub stash is the talk of the guild! Enjoy every precious minute you have left with Jason's visit!

  14. Thank you once again for my daily dose of calm and joy. The ponies, Zoey and Ivy, Lola, hubster and son, fabric 'friends' are the best things that make up our world♥

  15. It's nice that you had such quality time with your son. Memories mean a lot and maybe he'll decide to move to VA.

  16. Love the lights. 🌺 I’m going to presume the free shipping is for the USA ONLY. 😢🌺

  17. Love the ponies! Beautiful post Bonnie.

  18. are those Y seams in the start block?

  19. Grayson Highlands is one of our favorite places to camp and hike. I loved your pictures and video! Also, your porch looks beautiful!!

  20. I love that kind of shelving. I have found that sometimes those plastic things that hold the shelves don't stay together. I wrap them in packing tape to hold them together. Doesn't take much and I know you have packing tape. I also got a smaller version of that shelf, cut it off to about hip height and put a big board ironing board on top. I got a lot of storage under it that way that normally would be wasted space under a regular ironing board.

  21. I too have an insane amount of fabric. Just reorganized it a bit, and am perusing your books to decide on some quilts to make. I have about 7 cubic feet of harvest fabrics that are soon to be used for several quilts, after a couple more are finished. Just got a sit down longarm so I can quilt the pile of tops myself. No room for a longarm, but with some rearranging, this one fit just fine. Your walks are inspiring.

  22. can I borrow you son for a day or two?

  23. Those ponies are so cute, and I love the friendly greeting between the foal and Zoey.
    Your light look amazing,I’m sure it won’t take you long to fill it up.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs xx
    Stay safe


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