Thursday, September 17, 2020

Things Under My Needle -

The quilting is happening on my Traveling Star quilt!

I chose a really cute pantograph called Orange Blossom Special bringing a more contemporary texture to the quilt. I know the stars and the strings are more traditional by definition, but these fabrics are anything but!  They are EVERYTHING.

What I also find fun for the eyes is that the stars are 60 degree angles, appliqued on top of 45 degree angle (roughly) string blocks.  It’s a juxtaposition of the unexpected.

This all happened after the morning mail rush was done -

When I got back from the post office run, I pulled out that bolt of backing fabric – one I had brought up with me from a recent run to Wallburg in the great moving of the stash event (Still on-going though most of the fabric stuff is up here now) along with several other bolts.

You might remember this fabric from our On Ringo Lake mystery – I used it as a backing (and some of it in the front) on that quilt as well.

Using it on this quilt left very little, and I was able to just fold the remainder and it will easily on a shelf, no longer requiring a bolt that takes up space.

My thread color?

Light aqua, about the same shade as the inner border.

I wanted something that blended in – and there is just enough aqua scattered through the quilt and present in the inner border to make that the perfect “to go with” thread color.

I am not a fan of white or cream thread marching all over a colorful quilt – that’s just me.  I generally try to find something that blends in yet accents a bit.

And yes, that is Scooby Do’s foot in the lower left! LOL!  When I said that anything and everything goes in this string quilt, I wasn’t lying.  That was left from the making of Casden’s quilt.

That includes college sports fabric!

The West Virginia WV fabric came from a retreat I taught at in WV a couple of years ago!  The brown floral next to the text print in the star came from my friend Sarah, given to me when I taught in Utah a few years ago.

I showed the photo to her and she commented “It belonged to a friend's mother. I know it was old because it was only 32 or 28 wide from selvage to selvage.”  She also sewed it into her Tumalo Trail quilt.  This fabric has stories!

And isn’t it funny how we can remember where we got something, what we were doing at the time, who we were with, what we had for lunch (HA!) and yet – anything NOT quilt related goes right out of the brain?

Yes, I am loving that aqua thread!

Next batch ready for the USPS!

While the computer was running the long arm, I was close at hand filling more Quilter’s Project Planner orders!

I have blown through the planners I had on hand.  Another round will be arriving in a few days.  A third round will be arriving in a week or so.  This has been so great, and I know you are going to love your Quilter’s Project Planner!

Today is the LAST DAY TO ENTER to win a copy!

Today is the last day of the tour.  Click to the ORIGINAL POST for the list of who to visit.

Each site is also giving away a free copy of the
Quilter’s Project Planner – so enter to win on them all! (And don’t forget to enter with me as well!)

I will be drawing for our winner here Tomorrow morning, September 18th.

The Quilter’s Project Planner goes hand-in-hand with Love Your Creative Space!  Both are on sale for $19.99 each. Read more about Love Your Creative Space in my original post.

Orders are shipping out as more Project Planners arrive on my doorstep. Packages are filled in the order in which they were received.

I will get things out to you as quickly as is humanly possible! And I thank you greatly for your support of the Quiltville Store during these trying times.  It really helps.

Zoey this morning -

Yes, I had to turn the gas fireplace on.  it’s chilly in the basement!  It’s a rainy, drizzly kind of day which is throwing a wrench into my photography plans for the Appalachian Autumn quilt. 

But since we’ve got nothing but time on our hands these days, and since the aftermath of Hurricane Sally is boss and we don’t mess with Mother Nature, it’s safe to say that I’ll be inside finishing up the quilting on the Traveling Stars quilt, and wandering over to the stash cave (aka the garage/shop next door) to locate something sufficient for a binding and get that process going.

Anything happening on your Thursday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sue and Sam quilt found in North Carolina.

Sunbonnet Sue: The social distancing version. Lol!

These three things have been at the forefront of my quarantine journey over the past 6 months.

They are crucial in keeping my bearings, my emotions and my every day doings headed in the right direction.

I miss hugging friends and extended family, but we will get through this!

Yes, we will!


  1. Your blog is wonderful. Thank you so much!

  2. Great message today in your quote - wishing more folks would take this to heart. Loving your quilt projects, can't wait to see Appalachian Autumn. The Project Planner is just what i need to help me stay better organized with my projects (several happening at the same time). Enjoy your rainy day - we need rain here.

  3. Traveling Stars is just gorgeous and vibrant. I would never have come up with that creative idea, that 60 degree on top of 45 degree, like you said. So original!

  4. Thanks for sharing your day with us, Bonnie. I love your traveling star quilt - amazing design, and vibrant color. I'm working on a row on my first round robin row quilt project with a group of friends. It's fun trying to come up with ideas to add to other's quilts. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Completing a charity quilt that was set aside while family was visiting. Also preparing fall colors for a new project! In grays, browns and all shades of the season. Delivering a quilt to the longarm quilter today or tomorrow. Other in progress quilts can be reviewed for completion, what will be next or worked on at the same time.? Back to the machine, coffee break is over!

  6. I love when I spy a fabric in your quilts that I have in my stash, I have that lime green with daisies! This is beautiful and reminds me that there are no rules that have to be followed.

  7. It's raining here in coastal NC as well but a muggy kind of day. Car appt work early this a.m. and errands while that was being done. Now hoping to work on some FMQ Academy and to finish a charity baby quilt. I think a rotisserie chicken is on tap for dinner! Love today's quote as well- simply said buy important to remember!

  8. Beautiful quilt! I love all the angles of stars and strips. Your quilting design is perfect for an allover look. Virtual hugs to you.

  9. Love the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Haven’t seen that version of Overall Bill. The templates I use have Bill in profile but this back view is cute!

  10. Bonnie, Zoey is so precious enjoying the warmth! Thank you for sharing his puppy love with us daily...it lessens the pain of losing my little guy. I commented I didn’t need a pattern for Traveling Star but every time you show it I feel a little “make me” spark....seeing it on the quilting machine turned the spark to a gripping ripple...I’m in the sewing room with a big basket pulling scraps for some stars.....you do keep us challenged!!! I delivered three charity quilts to my long arm angel yesterday so my table is open for a challenge...the long arm backlog is three months....safe to say the quilters in our Central Valley have been social distancing behind our sewing machines. Thank you so very much for all your great inspiration!

  11. Just happy to read and see the work of a fellow Virginian!

  12. I’m working on getting some old (maybe antique) basket blocks from my collection of old blocks and tops made into an actual quilt. I had to make two more blocks for the setting I wanted. I raided my stash of vintage fabric for those.

  13. I love hearing your voice on Quilt Cam. Are we not having them anymore? Did I miss that post?

  14. Bonnie, may I ask what computer system do you have for your Millie? I am considering upgrading to one, but am still researching. I love traveling stars. Such a happy quilt! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Zoey, such a cutie! I keep trying to get my sewing/craft room set up, but things keep happening to keep me from it... mostly watching grandkiddos for their busy working from home momma! We had the youngest (3yo) overnight and she wants to sew today! 😂 Sew, we will see how that goes, once she wakes up and is ready for the day! I have two quilts to label, the first and second ones that I made... and many future ones to get cracking on! 😃 Have an awesome week! I love your blog and all the tips, tricks, tutorials and quilts you share! You are one busy lady!

  16. The traveling star quilt is beautiful. Enjoy your blog. I

  17. That pantograph with the turquoise thread is an absolutely beautiful choice, looking forward to seeing this one finished.
    Sweet Zoey looks so comfortable in front of the fire bless her
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

  18. I've been envying the rain you're receiving there. We have so many wildfires here right now that our view is mainly smoke & has been for weeks. Woke up this morning at 5:30 to let the dogs out, and rain was starting. Knew it wouldn't last long (it didn't), but a big 'thank you' went up to God for the break. It's wonderful for the spirit! Have a wonderful weekend! Deb E / CA

  19. What am I doing today? Well barring more covid stuff, Thursday's are QUILT DAY for our group Rocky Ridge Quilters. It has been a hard time for us, but we persevere and quilt on. Scrappy quilt, Autumn quilt nearly a year in the making, lots of fun when we gather, potluck and best of ALL QUILT!. Thanks for all you share with your precious furkids. Love that Lola the Showgirl and fun loving Zoey. So beautiful. Ivy is missing in action? Hope she is adjusting to all the changes in her tiny life :) Quilt On!

  20. I love the secondary zig-zag that appeared when you set the blocks together!

  21. When I married in 1967, I already had a credit card in my own name. When I notified the company of my name change, they immediately cancelled the card and closed the account but said that they would be happy to open a new account and issue cards in my husband's name. Women today can get credit in their own names without their husbands' "permission". Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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