Sunday, May 17, 2020

There is Quilting Commencing!

This finally happened yesterday afternoon!

I have been trying to “get ahead of the game” for weeks – and every time I thought I could get far enough ahead to have a completed quilt by the time we get the final round on our Unity Quilt Along – something would happen.

The BIGGIE OOPS that happened a week ago really threw me for a “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!” and I have learned a great lesson.

It’s not enough to have a computer diagram of what you think a project will be.

I HAVE to have a completed quilt top at least before I start presenting anything because there is no leeway for twists and turns and roller coaster “How did THAT happen?!” stuff to occur.

BUT – I have made it this far!

My backing adventure started with this -

The samples sent to me by Spoonflower. 

How could I not use this in the back?

And did you notice what is printed on my red fabric?  It’s called Chinese House.  I’m calling it Wuhan Quarantine.  LOL!  (Okay, not a laughing matter, but if we lose our sense of humor, it’s game over.)

I had YARDS of Chinese House – I had purchased a couple of bolts of Chinese themed fabrics for use in our Good Fortune mystery, and then ended up using something else all together (isn’t that the way it goes with quilt options?) and what better project to use it as a backing than this one?

I inserted the other two samples as well!


And I’ll share the rest after the quilt is quilted – because there is a story to what ELSE went in here as well.  Oy Vey.

And quilting is happening.

And it feels wonderful to finally be at this stage.

And you will soon be, too!

I didn’t get much farther than this – you see the call of the nap was strong, and I admit to wandering over to the inn and much like Goldilocks, crawled into one of 13 beds and promptly fell asleep for a 2 hour nap.  BLISS!

Last night’s binding attempt. LOL!

You would be proud of me – I actually completed ONE long side last evening before this happened.  I was able to just relax into the whole thimble, needle, thread thing after a nice long soak in the hot tub.  Again, no race – but I will want to be getting this one done so I can bind Unity when I am able.

(Not by tomorrow’s Part 8 release – but that’s okay!)

More Tulips have Bloomed!

The bottom one reminds me of my friend Patty.

She worked for the Girl Scouts for many many years.

I gave myself an hour or so to stitch these this morning.

There will be more waiting for me when I come home.

Son Jeff is coming to mow the lawn at Quiltville Inn today, and I have a care package for him to take home to Jonesville. Because that’s what moms do.

The Scooby Doo quilt is on hold for just a while longer – Ashlyn has some fabrics she wants to get for me to include.  She tried to order from JoAnn.com but they were also out.

(I’m in search of 5’’ charm squares of Scooby Doo fabric – if anyone has any, would you like to put a couple in a regular envelope with a standard stamp? Bonnie Hunter 12615 Wilson Hwy, Mouth of Wilson VA 24363  THANK YOU!)

I am also going to include some bob the builder, trucks, motorcycles, paw patrol and other “little boy” things.  It should turn out really cute.

And with that – I’m on my way to go meet up with my son, smell that wonderful aroma of freshly mown lawn while I quilt the day away.

I’ll also be writing Part 8 of our Unity Quilt Along so it’s ready for tomorrow’s release.


Quiltville Quote of the Day-

I'm not the most patient person. But I'm working on it. And boy do I have time on my hands to be working on it!

The best thing to do while waiting is to find myself happily busy with something else. And I am so glad there are projects a plenty to throw myself into!

Scrap Crystals quilt from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders shared by Allison.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Your patience comment is oh so true...

  2. You seem a little more at ease today. Probably the results of the Hot Tub, hand binding, puppy love and getting to see your son today. Have a blessed day.

  3. WonderWoman you are!

  4. Have a beautiful Sunday Bonnie! ❤

  5. I've searched your site, is there a 2020 Leaders and Enders Challenge?

    1. Our next one starts in July! So check back!

  6. Thanks so much for all that you do. I know that you want to have everything ready before you start sharing, but for us it has been so important to have something positive to work on. Thanks for Unity!!!!

  7. I am loving how your Tulips are coming along. I so appreciate you sharing your quilting journey!

  8. I love that you quilt your own quilts as so many quilting professionals don't! Zoey Jo is the perfect binding assistant--it has been fun to see the joy she is experiencing as part of your family. I can't wait to see the reveal of Unity--I didn't join in, but I am saving the directions.

  9. Bonnie - Thank you for your uplifting quote/thought for the day. I'm always eager & curious to read your daily blog - to hear about your day, your life on the mountain with the QPO and the Inn, what you are working on quilt-wise, and of course the adventures of the kitties and Miss Zoey. Please know that you are appreciated and that your blog brings laughter, joy, spurs creativity, and draws us into the wonderful community of quilters.

  10. Love your quotation today! Your Unity quilt top AND backing will be a great remembrance of the patience we exercised during the 2020 quarantine in years to come. Thanks for designing it and for sharing the pattern with us.

  11. Behaving well, yes indeed. We all need to practice being content within our own heads. Learning patience takes a long time and isn't always easy to practice. Your daily blog helps so many of us keep our sanity. Thanks so much for that and for our daily dose of Zoey fun♥

  12. So glad to see you're feeling better from last weeks crappy stuff :)

  13. I will be sending you some scooby fabric tomorrow 1 print but enough
    for 4 squares

  14. Happy to see you're feeling better since last weeks crappy stuff!

  15. I have some Paw Patrol and Spiderman fabric if they are of any use to you.

  16. I used to have an apron that said "God grant me patience and I mean NOW" I loved it abd wore it out,

  17. I have some cute little boy fabric I used for my grandsons quilt and will pop it in the post this morning hope it gets to you quickly but it’s a long way from the Channel Islands. I love all you do for us and it’s a pleasure to be able to help you.
    I too love the smell of freshly mown grass it reminds me of the fun sundays we had as kids helping dad mow our big back garden, thank you for the memory .
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  18. I just can't put enough emphasis on my words to tell you how much your daily blog means to me. I feel like I have a dear friend right next door AND you make me a better more contented quilter! Thank you Bonnie for sharing and caring, you're a treasure to so many of us. ❤️

    You mentioned Scooby Doo in an earlier post and i pulled a kit i've had on hand for a while!! but didn't know where to send it or if you would need it since you usually get bombarded with scraps anytime you mention looking for something
    I will be posting it to you tomorrow the only problem... its in 4.5 in strips because its for a trip around the world (YOUR Pattern in the Free ones)that i've made several for donation . I also have Pink panther but its in brown, pink ,and purple?? kind of girly. If these strips wont do let me know . will check to see if I have yardage. not sure on Scooby have Pink panther
    PS its kind of camo background pale greens and tan The Scooby fabric
    You've done so much for us it tickles me to actually do for you. Thanks hope I am not too late with this post

    1. Sherrie, if you find this message, you can email me by clicking the email icon below my signature at the bottom of the post (all those little icons click to something) My mailing address is included in the post above where I asked for the fabric. I would love to adopt your Scooby Doo fabric! Thank you!

    2. posted this afternoon, hope it fits your needs,
      i have followed you a very long time and the email in this rely is no longer valid , i have closed the store, converted leftovers to a massive stash in my new She Shed lol, cant seem to change the email , new one is SheBoy64@gmail.com


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