Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Tulip block piles are growing!

I think I am somewhere near 80 by now.

More than half way, not quite 3/4 – and so I will continue!

Yesterday was a day to run to the dentist – all fine on that front. And while I was out I picked up some necessary groceries and made a stop at Dollar Tree for some organizing supplies.  Something has to be done to sort the scraps into sizes that I am using for the current Snail’s Trail project.  I’m tired of piles. SO MANY PILES!

It was one of those downpour days – that just kept coming as if someone had left the shower head running – just enough.

I headed back to the QPO to get the mail order processing, and on top of the dismal weather, I was unable to print labels due to whatever was going on with PayPal.  It wouldn’t pull up an order by name, email, purchase id number – just NOT.  So since mail couldn’t be processed, I headed home.

In the rain.  SO MUCH RAIN!  Really, you should see what the creeks and streams are doing over here – rushing rushing rushing.  Flood warnings all over.

Here we are at May 21st and it feels like March.  Temps in the 40s? For Memorial Day weekend coming?  (Not that we have anything to do or anywhere to go but still.  MAY!?)

I went to grab my SewPad to bring it home to sew Tulip blocks, but look who I had to physically move to get it!  He is a smart cat – this thing is COMFY!

And since you are in such a link clicking mood – did you see that we have a SewPad Gift-Away happening on TUESDAY’S POST? Get your entry in!

This thing has become my new best friend enabling me to sit for hours on end piecing away at my machine in comfort.  It’s an $89.95 value – drawing to happen on Sunday!

I have heard back from Gary, the man behind the SewPad and he is so grateful for your orders!  We are blowing through his stock at rapid speed and more are being manufactured as we speak.  He asks for your patience in any delay that the shipping can cause due to these times we are in.  You have made such a great difference in the lives of the folks behind this small business, made in the USA.  Thank you!

Evening binding on our Unity Quilt Along is underway!

It is so exciting to see quilts from OTHERS already in the quilting process too – it really does feel like we have all been making this quilt together.

Some gorgeous quilting happening here!

And I love her colors – very fun.

Have you checked out our #quiltvillemystery #sewinplace and #unityquiltalong tags?

There will be much eye candy being shared over the next several weeks/months as folks continue to finish their tops, put in the quilting stitches and add the binding.  It’s my evening round of smile time to thumb through the photos and see what has been shared.

So this morning – in my rain sogged state of mind – I mistakenly deleted a bunch of photos from a google photo album that are linked here in the blog. I don’t know how it happened – but the photos that are missing from yesterday’s post are on my big computer at the QPO so I will reinstate them when I am there.

And hope that PayPal is functional so I can print shipping labels!

I spent time this morning anticipating the reopening of Quiltville Inn by ordering paper towel dispensers and z-fold paper towels for the 3 bathrooms at the inn. Also on the way are pump bottles of hand sanitizer for the kitchen, back entry and front entry, and industrial disinfectant concentrate (because Clorox wipes still can’t be found) in hopes of being ready to reopen as soon as the governor of Virginia gives us the go ahead.

I have a whole box of white flannel scraps left from covering design walls.  Could these be cut, zig zagged around (no serger here) and used as “quick wipes” when spraying counters and surfaces with disinfectant - tossed in to the wash after each use and reused?  Is this a dumb idea? 

I know that “cute terry hand towels” should not be used by many hands during this epidemic, but the thought of all of this disposable paper is also on my mind.

And I did find a BIG PACK of toilet paper yesterday morning – Whoowhooo.  Oh, the things to get excited about.

In the mean time I’m cautioning retreaters to please pinky swear amongst their groups that they will keep EACH OTHER safe by self-quarantining at home as much as possible before arriving, by being cautious and wearing a mask when out in public when they do have to go out.  

I know I can’t enforce anything, but they need to know they are responsible for keeping their friends safe.

I’m also suggesting that those driving in minimize exposure by not shop-hopping on their way TO retreat, but save it for their home journey.  That way they won’t be exposing their whole group over a long retreat weekend to anything they picked up along the way.

My friend Carri has a retreat place in Texas that is just starting to reopen and we have been in touch as I am curious as to what hoops she has put in place for the safety of our retreater friends.

My stomach is pretty much in knots over this.  But we will make it through.  One step at a time.

This is still going on!

You’ll find the pattern for my new pattern release,  Courthouse Square under the Digital Patterns category of the Quiltville Store.

And remember – ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS are 25% off using coupon code DIGITAL25 at purchase.  Code MUST be used to receive discount.  No refunds if you happen to forget.

This sale is good through the month of May.

I’m so excited that you are loving this quilt (and that fun border!) as much as I am!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

When was the last time you just sat quietly - no TV, no music, just you, your thoughts and the sweet sound of birds?

Take time to find some stillness today.

Even the rain has a sound soothing to my soul if I think about it that way -

Enjoy your Thursday, folks!


  1. Wh what is the name of your friends retreat n Texas? I’m looking for a place near Dallas/ Ft. Worth area.

    1. https://redbootretreat.com/

    2. Encore in Lewisville is nice for a day retreat. They have space for 12.

  2. Bonnie, your idea of using the left over flannel is a good one. I have been using scraps left from cutting up t-shirts for a memory quilt, quick & better than sending them to the landfill. It seems that the pump type spray disinfectants like a generic 409, though sometimes elusive, are still easier to come by than Lysol or bleach-wipes. Wishing you the best, stay safe.

  3. I love the stillness and silence (I am an introvert). A lot of days I will quilt all day with nothing in the background, same with driving all day enjoying the sights in silence. Every morning is quiet until about 10:00am.

  4. I used an old flannel blanket - from my hubby's grandmother - and made disposable paper towels. They work fabulously for spills and doing just a bit of wiping and polishing. Have yet to decide if they'll replace paper towels - maybe some. You go for it, Bonnie.

  5. Before my first child was born I bought a yard of flannel, cut it into squares and used them as wash cloths and baby wipes. They lasted for years, through the childhood of five kids. I hemmed them, wish Ihad thought to zigzag around the edges which woud have been much easier. I washed these along with the diapers in hot water and bleach.

  6. I think that reusable cleaning cloths are great. I cut up old t-shirts I find at the thrift store on $5 bag day.

  7. While reading about the chair pad I was wondering, do you have any type of pad to stand on while at your longarm?

  8. Bonnie, I am attending a retreat in Vancouver, Washington in early June. She is doing a slow opening at the end of the month and we will be her second group. Your facilities are quite different, but even under pre-pandemic times, she has always provided a clean and safe environment for her clients. She is the original energizer bunny and we are always laughing while there. I realize you have many contacts but if you wanted to pick her brain, I know she would be pleased to talk with a fellow hostess. Just let me know and I can send her details to you. And if not, that's just fine also. Thanks for all you do and I am looking forward to retreating at Quiltville in early December!!

  9. I use microfiber cloths for lots of tasks. They wash wonderful and last forever. Great for dusting and washing. There are usually large ones in warehouse stores- I cut them in half- works well.

  10. Bonnie, just want to say that I ordered tp from a place called Who Gives a Crap. LOL 50% goes toward building toilet facilities to those that have none. I ordered the recycled paper but they also have regular toilet paper as well as tissues and paper towels. I just checked and they are sold out but expect more soon. Just thought I would pass this on if you or any of your followers would be interested.

  11. I have a whole box of white flannel scraps left from covering design walls. Could these be cut, zig zagged around (no serger here) and used as “quick wipes” when spraying counters and surfaces with disinfectant - tossed in to the wash after each use and reused? Is this a dumb idea?

    YES! The proper ratio for bleach/water is 1/3 cup to 1 gallon. You could put a container of the fluid on the counter with a stack of wipe clothes next to it. Don't redip the cloth, toss in the laundry. Super cheap solution!

  12. I would love to take Dresden if I won. All 3 of us, myself sister an d our dog miss out cats. We lost our last one 2 years ago.

  13. When I got up this morning I had a weather warning from Virginia and North Carolina about the possibility of a dam overflowing. Since I know you are near water I was wondering if it could effect your are. Now why I got this early from Virginia is curious since I live in Arkansas. Guess you were suppose to be in my prayers this morning. Working on finishing a graduation quilt to get to the quilter soon. Have a quiet and easy day.

  14. The rain has finally stopped in Michigan, for at least 36 hours. So I did make myself just sit and swing in my garden this morning. Plenty of time to enjoy the birds waking up before traffic starts on the other side of the fence. Especially since the cats (and my stomach) woke me up at 5am. Sunshine coming your way soon!

  15. Bonnie...Love you little friend! She is so cute and is a poser! LOL! I personally love flannel as wiping clothes. I serge mine, but zig zag would definitely work. I like two layers. Good luck this whole pandemic thing has sure been hard on small business! I am sure everyone will be so excited to get out once you get the go ahead.

  16. Since the "stay at home" has been in force, I made the effort to eliminate our use of paper towels and napkins. I had a fat quarter stack and cut them into 16 1/2 in squares, narrow hem and now I have 24 ugly but used daily napkins. Took some never used white wash clothes, put them in a narrow container on the kitchen counter and we now use them to dry our hands instead of paper towels. Our bath towels are white also, so a little bleach and hot water, Tide and they're super clean. Haven't used paper napkins since mid March and a roll of paper towels now last over a week. Not going back to paper!

  17. Bonnie, I, too, love the quiet, esp. in the morning. No radio or tv, just the rain or the birds, so soothing.

  18. T-shirt and flannel rags are great. I do have microfiber cloths for heavier jobs, but these can be washed and re-used, much better than paper towels.

  19. Scored a 5 pack of Clorox Wipes at Costco late last week. It's the little things!!

  20. I thought this is a great alternative to using the sanitizing wipes. Just make your own. https://happyhumblehaven.com/homemade-disinfecting-wipes/

  21. Your quilts are lovely, the tulip blocks are cute and the participant Unity version you showed is beautiful, but all my mind could fixate on is "where did she find hand sanitizer?"!!!

  22. Starting to see laundry sanitizer (Lysol) back on store shelves here in Western Washington. Might be a great Retreat Warming Gift. Stay dry and stay safe. Gathering fabrics for Straits of Mackinac quilt.

  23. Sure wish we could have some of that rain!!!! Rain hopes all last week with not a drop. Again today, cloudy but no rain. Ugh!!!

  24. Using your flannel pieces as reusable cleaning towels is an excellent idea. Early on in this pandemic, when you couldn't find paper towels at all, one of our local quilt shops did a video on serging flannel squares and using them as reusable "paper" towels. They even said there's a youtube video that shows how to wind them up on an empty laper towel tube.

  25. You could just use pinking scissors or a pinking blade on your rotary cutter to cut the flannel. Not even zig zagging necessary.
    You must be racing Mother Nature to get your tulip blocks done before she pops hers up!!

  26. I think using the extra flannel for quick wipes is an awesome idea. .

  27. Dresden certainly likes to find the most comfortable spot to rest lol.
    I think your idea of reusable cleaning cloths is great and environmentally friendly as well so win win.
    I think I’ll have to check out all the old T-shirt’s my hubby is throwing out and make some to use here.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  28. I use batting scraps as sanitizing wipes. Sometimes disposable; sometimes I wash (in a mesh bag). Just another thought. . ..

  29. Hi Bonnie,
    I can't find a size for the Wanderlust table runner. Can you tell me the size?

  30. Thanks you for the UNITY guilt along. It helped the time pass fast. It was my first sew along. I liked that it started in the centre and was completed as you go. I make quilts tops for Victoria Quilts and it was easily adapted to their size. (I resized from week 4 forwards as their max is 53 x 73). It was a great challenge and a real learning experience. THANK YOU.

  31. Anytime we can repurpose leftovers is good.
    Love following your blog.

  32. The flannel will make great wipes for counters or other cleaning and are washable! So yes, go for it! Less paper waste. Could even be used for "family cloths" instead of TP. Keep a bucket (with lid) half full of water and a little laundry soap by toilet. Drop them in after use. (Save the TP for "#2" wipes and use the fabric for just moisture wipes. So much less waste!)

  33. I want Dresden along with the pad. Beautiful cat.

  34. We here in the Atlanta area are having very cold weather for May! Have not even had the AC on yet! Unheard of here to not have had it cranking for at least a month now.

  35. "Could these be cut, zig zagged around (no serger here) and used as “quick wipes” when spraying counters and surfaces with disinfectant - tossed in to the wash after each use and reused?" NOT A DUMB IDEA. When couples are getting married, I do this and add it to their gift. Some have looked at me with a 'what?' but I have found it very effective in sharing how important it is in saving paper. Mine are for cleaning and I call them Rag Savers. Thanks for your daily quotes!!!

  36. No, that's not a dumb idea at all. In fact it's a very "green" idea, the disposable wipes are used for a task and out they go in the trash. I have a stack of wash cloths that have become thin or have started to fray along the edges, and I use those as cleaning cloths. I use 409 or clorox spray or ammonia/water in a spray bottle(but not clorox and then the ammonia in the same task), and toss the wiping cloth into the wash. Saves on paper towels and disposable wipes, they have their place too of course.

  37. Still need Scooby Doo? Foundation on fandom stitches.com
    Keep going, Bonnie, inspiring us all in UK!

  38. The Sew Pad sounds perfect for my sewing chair. I am still finding blocks and UFOs in my sewing stash that I am trying to finish. I don't even remember making some of them. I also like microfiber cloths for clean up projects. They wash well and are very reasonable to purchase.

  39. "When was the last time you just sat quietly - no TV, no music, just you, your thoughts and the sweet sound of birds?"

    This afternoon and evening! Finally got my greenhouse constructed after 13 years of the kit being in storage. Potting up seedlings with a glass of wine and the birds still singing is way better than TV. Then coming inside when it gets dark to make dinner, and then consider what pattern will inspire the next quilt. Ah, heaven.

  40. Hi Bonnie, Here's a suggestion to protect yourself, legally. Here in Florida I've seen in news reports of businesses opening up that they putting up signs up in their establishments saying customers enter at their own risk. They are advised top do this by their insurance carriers. This is to avoid a lawsuit should someone carry this plague in with them and another patron gets sick. I'm not sure of the exact wording, but I'm sure you can find is on a google search. I'm all for protecting ourselves and our businesses as much as we can. Thank you for your wonderful blog and I really enjoy reading it every day. Love the adventures of Zoey Jo and all your wonderful quilts. You really tire me out with how much you get done every day!


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