Thursday, May 28, 2020

How About a Deux Studio Tour?

This is my working Quiltville Post Office Space.

It’s not that big – but as quilt room size goes, it’s not half-bad either!

I have been flipping through my facebook memories over the past few months gauging how far we’ve come in a year.

One year ago last week the replacement of the ceiling drywall was complete after fixing the leaky roof, and everything was painted, and LED ceiling lights were installed.


So much has happened in just one year!

From Jeff helping me with my counter height packing/shipping area -

To the bare beginnings of setting up.

(This space felt much larger before I filled it up!)

And moving in day happened!

I am still laughing at what it took to get my big school teacher’s desk in through the postmaster’s office door (middle door) and how we both agreed that “Now that’s in here – it’s NOT coming back out!)

Fixtures in the bathroom were completely changed out.  New flooring put in the bathroom, office and back entry – step by step this post office turned studio came together.

It was July when the long arm quilting machine made its trip up here.  There went MORE of the floor space!

It was a couple of months later when I brought up the two sewing cabinets I wanted to have back to back.  And things have been much the same ever since!

Everything I need.  Though the “main” fabric stash is still in Wallburg, NC – but we hope to remedy that this summer.

Things are generally looking somewhat like this.

With helpers like this!

And this.

Because someone (Lola) has to help keep the scraps from flying off the floor and (Dresden) keeping track of mailer inventory.

And this really has become my happy place away from home.

I was asked to participate in a Let’s Be Real Studio Tour by Gudrun Erla and Terry Atkinson – with the instruction given to RESIST CLEANING – KEEP IT REAL and have it posted to my social media with the hashtag #LBRstudiotour by midnight tonight.

Here is my little video for you to enjoy.  

Click to Play:

Visit these other fabulous folks keeping it REAL in their studio spaces!

Dresden has a vet appointment this afternoon.  He has been losing weight rapidly, in fact our big boy has gotten quite bony and I am worried about him.  Due to the holiday weekend, today is the first appointment I could get.

Our little mountain cabin in the woods.

Of course the video also includes my cabin studio space – not fancy, but just right for sewing at home.  I really do feel so absolutely blessed that I have the space to create and dream here.

I am the Princess of Piles -

With no apologizes!

I don’t believe a sewing space has to be designer perfect, or look like it came out of some home & garden magazine to be the right space for you.

I spent a LONG time sewing at the kitchen table in a single-wide mobile home for more than 10 years before I had a house with a designated sewing space.  And even then it was just an alcove.

I know abundantly creative people who sew in their laundry rooms!  Or keep everything in a small guest bedroom closet.

It’s not the size of your sewing studio, but how and what you create within it that matters.

It reminds me of that poem about the old man and the violin, The Touch of the Master’s Hand.  It wasn’t the violin that made beautiful music, but the Master who knew how to play it that made it valuable.

LOVE YOUR SPACE!  Get in there and create!

And while you are here -

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Please send all the well wishes you can for Dresden.  I know he is 13 – and life with elder pets are always a bit of a heart-tug not knowing how long we can keep their quality of life up.

I’m hoping it is something simple, and not serious.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Give yourself some extra grace and stop beating yourself up for things that you didn't know before!

The great thing about each new day is that we have the ability to move forward from here.

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


  1. Prayers going up^. Thanks so much for the studio tour, and also for all the work and the hours spent that you put into your quilting. You are a wonderful example of a modern day quilter.

  2. Will keep Dresden in positive thoughts and prayers! Sure hope it is something that can be easily and quickly remedied with medications and/or change in diet. ❤️❤️

  3. Wishing best for your kitty..

  4. Good thoughts for Dresden. The vet we went to for our cat, who died at 19 1/2 yrs, always said that cats were God's perfect animals.

  5. Maggie May and Charles are sending purrayers for Dresden and I will keep him in my heart today.

  6. Hi Bonnie: The studio cats are adorable! Always helping you out!!! I hope Dresden will be okay. You never know with older kitties. And I love your studio tours! Both are great. I like the small stash cabinet with the glass doors. Have a great day!

  7. What a lovely post! Love seeing your cabin and sewing spaces. Took me out of the house mentally for a few minutes. My heart is tugging for your kitty as well. Blessings!

  8. I am very blessed to have a designated sewing room with a guest room closet to act as overflow. My minimalist friends think I should pare down but I love being surrounded by the things I love and the things of my mother and grandmother. I don't think everyone creates the same way...if piles work for you, pile away!!

  9. Sending positive thoughts for Dresden,My old cat Buddy is the same age as him and is now taking thyroid meds and actually gained some of his weight back. This issue with cats seems to happen towards their later years.(Some of the signs besides weight loss is excessive thirst and always hungry.)

  10. Best wishes for Dresdan. We got several more good years with our Tiger by treating his thyroid problem that caused weight loss with special cat food. We are now losing him at 18 to weight loss from kidney failure that can be slowed a little, but not fixed. Love Dresdan, as I know you do, for as long as you have him. Our fur babies are special and hard to let go.

  11. Gingersnap Marks sends best wishes to Dresden. She is 14 herself. Marilyn Marks

  12. My Mickey is 15 or so, we think. He was found by the side of the road, injured and unable to walk with a broken pelvis. He was a fully grown cat at that time, around two years of age at least. So his age is just a guesstimate. He was 19 pounds+ last year at this time when he had his vaccinations. I noticed that he was getting thinner and he now weighs 14 lb. After an examination and blood test, the vet has diagnosed him with feline HIV. He was always an indoor/outdoor cat and years ago he did have a puncture wound which needed treatment. This disease is spread through bites from other cats. I think that's when he was infected. Nothing to be done for it now except keep him comfortable and enjoy him for now. I sure hope this is not the case with Dresden.

  13. Best wishes to Dresden for a quick solution. One of my beautiful Bengals did the same thing. Thyroid problem. She gets a thyroid cream in her ear twice daily. (I don't want to pill her however, the downside is, the cream is less accurate).

    Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

  14. Prayers for Dresden!! So many great years with her so hope it's a simple remedy.

  15. I really enjoyed the videos of your studios! I saw Twiga and the giraffe panel that was bought our first day in Nairobi. I am forming a plan for the panels that Robin and I purchased on the our way to Sweetwater now. Remember how Jim and our guide Dadan took care of that "little over charge" misunderstanding? I want to go again!

  16. I didn't realize that Dresden was that age. Such a dapper gent! Fingers crossed that he gets a good report at the vet today.

    Always enjoy seeing your studio(s). I love your little PO building so much. :)

  17. Good luck at the vet today. We had the same issue with our last cat Starr, who had to be put down at age 16. They don't live nearly long enough and take part of our hearts with them.

  18. Hoping that you have some answers for Dresden by now. We had a similar issue with our boy a few months ago - turned out to be a dental issue - he always loved his dry food but basically quit eating because it hurt to chew. Some dental work, soft food for a bit, and he's back up to snuff!

  19. Our 16 year old Lily looked anorexic, but a trip to the vet revealed hyperthyroidism. Just two weeks into medication and she looks like our girl again. Blood work is needed, but not the worst scenario. Best wishes for Dresden.

  20. Sending positive thoughts for Dresden. I love your studio, your piles (I'm a Princess of Piles, too), and your daily posts. I LOVE the picture of your cabin - so much green. While I love living in the high mountain desert, I miss green. (not the humidity required to have green, though) Take Care

  21. Many prayers coming Dresden's way. We all will be anxious to hear results from vet visit. Keeping all your family in our thoughts!

  22. Best wishes for your fur baby! Your tour was wonderful! I now understand that the QPO is just in front of the Inn! It all starts to come together. You are so gracious to share your life and everything it holds with us. I feel blessed to be a part of it! Back to working on my final stars of the Unity Quilt.

  23. Loved your two studio tours, you are truly blessed to have such lovely sewing areas. I’m trying to convert a small bedroom into my sewing space but need to really get to work on it . Lol everytime I go in to sort it I just start sewing instead .
    I’ve been praying for Dresden since I saw your post yesterday, and truly hope he is ok.
    Keep safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  24. We have had 2 cats over the years who had thyroid difficulties. One was Buddy Lynn, a pastel calico, who finally moved in and made herself at home after hanging out in our front yard for six months. We think she was about 2 years old at the time. She had her radioactive iodine treatment in late 2004 and lived another 4.5 years before making her way to the Rainbow Bridge at the approximate age of 15 years. The second of our fur kids (Toby - who could pass for Dresden's twin) took thyroid pills twice a day willingly for nearly two years(how did we get so lucky!). He went to the Rainbow Bridge this past December 12th at the age of 17-1/2. I still kiss his urn every day. I highly recommend the radioactive iodine treatment. It consists of just one shot and has a 98.something % success rate. Many blessings and prayers to Dresden and his wonderful family.

  25. In your video, I saw your batting roll leaning in a corner. I do that too. I've not found a good way to store and use it. Each time I pick it up and lay the roll across the rollers of my machine, roll it out and cut a length. Then lift it again to return to the corner.As I get older, picking up that big roll is not so much fun. Wonder if your readers have some good ideas.

  26. All the best for Dresden. I love your studios tours.

  27. Thank you Bonnie for the Quiltsville Quote of the Day. I needed that today---really enjoyed the video tour of both sewing spaces too. Both are very functional and pleasant places to be. Have a wonderful day too. I hope your doggie is OK.


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