Tuesday, May 12, 2020

It Was a Very Quilty Weekend!

The Friendship Sampler Quilt – in the machine!

My weekend was full of SO MUCH quilty fun, and with yesterday being the release day for our Unity Quilt Along, Part 7 – I didn’t get a chance to share with you what has gone down. I was feeling the need for a “quicker finish” in the midst of this Unity Frenzy and I had spied a big baggie of blocks that had been waiting for “some day.”

Some day came QUICKLY! And with determination!  I posted more about this quilt in Saturday’s Post.

I spent much of Mother’s Day loading it in the machine and getting the quilting going, with Zoey Jo as side kick.

Oh, ugly backing – you take the cake!

I had been the blessed receiver of another quilter’s stash when she wasn’t quilting any more.  There are several 2 to 3 yard pieces of…ummmmm…early 2000’s fabric??  This is my current modus operandi – to piece up as many backings as I can using what is on hand.  Is there anything better during a pandemic when you need to be resourceful, anyway?  (Stay in place, not going anywhere!)

And I needed 7 yards of this to be GONE!

Loaded in the machine – quilting in progress!

I chose a light blue thread that blended well with the blue setting squares.

That backing is – well – okay, still ugly! LOL!

And this is where Zoey Jo comes in!

I go to take a photo – she moves right in to pose!

Oh, you cute peanut!

Close up of quilting -

Turn the quilt around to get a photo of the backing -


She plopped herself right down on the bottom and the whole thing pulled off the rails -

You made this for ME?  Thank you!

Actually, I made it for one of the beds at Quiltville Inn.  And after binding it will get a good wash before anyone sleeps under it. 

The binding has been applied, but I was so tired last night that I couldn’t even pick up a thimble to start the hand-stitching process.  Tonight maybe?

I’m just thrilled to have the quilting done.  My thanks to all of the students who made the comfort blocks for me while my brother Mark was so ill.  I felt your love while setting these together.

Mother’s Day evening was also wonderful!  Because we couldn’t haul off to our favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner, we cooked it at home on the Blackstone grill!

Click to Play:

This has been the most fun thing – and if the Hubster wants to cook, I’m going to let him!  The shrimp were the best I have ever had – seriously.

What will we cook on it next?

Tuesday is laid out before us – did you get started on your Unity Quilt part 7?  I’ve started in on part 8, and you are going to love it!

That will continue today (and tomorrow and on through the weekend) so it will be ready on Monday.

Leaves continue to unfurl – pollen still floats through the air and my eyes are little hot messes.  But it’s all good!

Time for more Snail’s Trail blocks maybe? We shall see!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Lone Star quilt found in Illinois.

Be gentle with yourself today!

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders and rest a while.

You are doing the best that you can!

Have a RESTFUL Tuesday, everyone!


  1. doncha love that Zoey knows she's the 'quilting poster dog'? and some of her acrobatic contortions really make me laugh (part cat?)… yes, all, let's be gentle with ourselves, a perfect reminder to me for today, sometimes i'm way too hard on myself! It's fine to be doing the best you can, but sometimes we aren't even satisfied with the best. sigh... love and health and happiness to my quilty family and again, special thanks to Bonnie for all she does for us... Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  2. That quilt is so wonderful. I love the setting color along with the yellow, and it comes Zoey approved. Oh you may be getting some orders for String Fling coming in after someone posted blocks they had done from Wild Child. There were several request for the pattern. After I looked it up and ordered it - it was posted on Quiltville's Open Studio as to where to get it. Sorry about the extra work this might cause.

  3. Your quilts are nice enough, but Zoey's goofy face as she knocks the quilt down is the absolute best! 😂

  4. Zoey Jo is the BEST pick-me-up! Love her!

  5. ZoeyJo makes your quilt bloom

  6. It's a good thing I don't live close to you or I would probably steal Zoey Jo AND some of those tubs of scraps/strings LOL

  7. Now, Mom! Who else would you want to take a picture of? Good thing Zoey is so attentive to you.

  8. Bonnie, I could smell that food, especially the shrimp. We''ll be having my Mothers Day dinner next weekend, after the opening of lobster season. I can't wait!
    Hope your day was wonderful.

  9. When I was a newer quilter, my mother-in-law brought me that exact quilt. She also was originally from far southern Illinois. Like 45 minutes from Paducah! What a pleasure to see it again. This must have been a kit project. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Daily dose of Zoey Jo! Marvelous! Look forward to her every day for my start-of-the-day laugh. Hubster is QUITE the chef! What a treat that was

  11. Loving Zoey Jo and her antics. Bonnie, your blog is a daily read for me and I thoroughly enjoy it. It keeps ALL OF US connected in a good way. I’ve looked and cannot find where we can put our viewing recommendations. After binge-watching “Dead to Me” on Netflix yesterday. I highly recommend this doozy...

  12. Your meal looks so good! The back of this quilt may be ugly but the front sure isn't. I did start cutting the squares this morning, had to stop my eyes were a hot mess as well. Not to sure I was doing them ok so I stopped. Them went to kitchen and made pancakes and sausage, coffee. Then to read your blog while having my coffee. Take Care Stay Safe.

  13. That post of Zoey Jo sitting right in front of your quilt is priceless! OMG!!! Honestly, I scroll through your daily post looking for Zoey Jo first....then after I get my daily dose of her absolute cuteness...then I go back and read your post. She is just sooooo dang cute! Thanks for sharing her with all of us!

  14. Zoey Jo is just plain adorable! And the quilt is beautiful too!

  15. I know time is always a factor for you, but, you used to do beautiful free motion quilting for customers. Do you ever miss it, and just want to dig in? Sometimes the artist in us screams! Or do you ever want to do specialty work with the computer?

  16. I sew enjoy seeing Zoey in your pictures thank you for sharing. My Frolic quilt is slowly coming together and I'm loving both the design and vibrant colors. I did start it in Nov. but then went to Florida for 3 months and left it in Maine. I'm following Unity but have not started it maybe someday especially if it stays cold and we have to stay home. Thanks for sharing sew much of yourself and your talents with all of us.

  17. Your quilt is beautiful (front side), the meal looks terrific, but the picture of Zoey Jo is the best. Love the looks of your girl. Patty McDonald

  18. The turquoise fabric and the yellow solid set in triangles really make your quilt. So pretty. Thanks for the idea. Great use of orphan blocks.

  19. Quilting without ironing parts is a real challenge. Got to do what I can 4368 miles from my iron and stash. New use for Dove bar stick. I need to write covid iron 2020. It is saving my finger nails. Can't wait to start unity quilt .

  20. I believe Zoey was smiling for the camera!!

  21. I love the UGLY backing fabric, and especially how you admit that it's ugly, and that you still use it proudly!!! I've got plenty of ugly fabric myself...and you make me feel PROUD to use it!!!

  22. LOVE seeing ZoeyJo in your pictures. We have 8 dogs on our farm but the one named Rascal has to be in the middle of EVERYthing! What you post about Zoey sounds just like Rascal! Love the doggies---and the quilts!

  23. Love Zoey's smile. Oh, and your quilts too!

  24. Love seeing Zoey. She reminds me of our dog Fred. Their markings are very close. Thanks for all you do.

  25. Bonnie, I love what you did with the blue squares and the yellow setting triangles! You really stretch my design mind.

  26. Can't you just hear a little thought balloon hovering above Zoey Jo's head- "My Quilt. Mine Mine Mine!"

  27. Zoey did a great job....so did hubby

  28. I love Zoey in the quilt pictures, and she may well think that this is her quilt.

  29. Bonnie that quilt came out beautiful!! My 2 dogs always are right on top of any quilt I am making also :) Thanks for all you do for us fellow quilters and I hope you and yours stay safe in this crazy time.

  30. I love Zoey Jo too. She reminds me of my tiny cornish rex Princess. always standing on my stuff, or crashing things down.
    Enjoy this lovely Thursday


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